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Maria Is...

… a passionate tsunami of love who swoops down to awaken your life’s purpose, Maria uses her magnificent super powers to help common folk escape their life-numbing existence and re-focus that energy on vibrantly accessing and activating their own innate superhero qualities!

Maria Salomão-Schmidt, MBA was one of The Oprah Show’s very last guests!!! Maria’s gift is to cut through the bullshit and get right to the heart of the matter, odd thing is that she does it through her unique brand of humor, intuition and zaniness. She is a powerful international life coach, speaker, author who helps ignite her clients’ life purpose. Maria is a graduate of Boston College, Simmons College Graduate School of Management and the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Healing. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and expert in several other modalities including NLP, EFT (tapping), Chakra Balancing and Full Spectrum Healing. Her book on how to use your energy to dramatically shift your life came out last fall. It’s called Finally FULL Of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA and hit Amazon’s top 100 books on Happiness!


Maria's New Book Now Available!

Finally Full of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA

Finally Full of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA by Maria Salomao-Schmidt
Paperback – Published November 13, 2016

To be full of yourself is often meant as an insult, but if you’re not full of yourself then what are you full of? Ever wish for a clear guide of what to do? This ground-breaking book is that guide, meeting you where you are, taking you to your next level, opening your heart to your life’s calling.

In Finally Full of Yourself, Life Coach Maria Salomão-Schmidt talks straight about discovering how to: -Turn your stuck points into flow points -Access your own spiritual DNA -Shift out of suffering for you and those you love -Magnetize the answers you seek -Create a life of purpose, freedom and flow -Understand the feedback your life is giving you -Deal with energy vampires -Learn what your energy body is and how to use it -Live more fully present -Uncover why you bothered to get a body in the first place Known as the Tsunami of Love, Maria Salomão-Schmidt has been an Oprah Show guest and worked with Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup of the Soul, Jane Goodall and Mikhail Gorbachev. Her life’s purpose is to provide powerful tools that cultivate peace from within, so you don’t live in an empty state of without.

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I have been so incredibly blessed and I don't know if words can alone express what Maria and the retreats I have been honored to attend have taught me and helped to turn me into an incredible woman that I feel I am morphing into. I have learn so much about myself and where I fit into world. I have also come to realize how family is bigger than the tribe defines it. When you meet Maria you are drawn into her spirit and you just can't disconnect not because you should want to but because you don't want to. She gives her heart, introduces you to wonderful teachers and is my angel that I will carry with me in my heart always.

Annie D'Esposito Aurora, IL December 23, 2014

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MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE: Top Experts Share Strategies for Success

by Maria Salomao-Schmidt, Molly Klipp & Grace Keohohou (Authors)
Paperback – Published January 1, 2011

The success of your personal and professional life comes as a result of more than just talent, commitment and hard work.

With this book, you will quickly learn from other successful mom entrepreneurs who will assist you in juggling your responsibilities for both work and family. Top experts in each of their respective specialties, have joined together to give you powerful tools to support your optimal success and capabilities, as both an entrepreneur and a mom. This book currently has a FIVE-STAR RATING both on Amazon and GOOD READS!


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Psssst… nothing changes until you choose to wake up!

— Maria Salomão-Schmidt

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