My beautiful friend Joscelyn who died a few years back. She taught me to listen to my soul by how she lived her life. I feel her around me all the time!

Beautiful ButterflyMoms!

Sometimes I wish I could learn things faster so that I would not hit so many bumps. What I am learning is that in life’s journey, as you begin uncovering and letting go of your EGO (and things that no longer serve you), you start to FEEL. Sometimes those feelings can be overwhelming. During these times make sure you get plenty of sleep, plenty of water and eat the best you know how to eat. As you shift, your body will also need your help shifting. Be kind. Journal. Notice. Feel…ahhhhh that’s the word we sometimes try to avoid…FEELING. We feel the ICKIES so we numb out/avoid with _________________(fill in the blank with food, drugs, sugar, television, gossiping, shopping, cheating….you get the idea, right?) We have all been there. The POWER comes from admitting it!

When kids cut themselves... simply to FEEL... take that in for a minute.

Why do so many of our children today, why do they CUT themselves just to feel. When I was a kid, I don’t remember hearing a lot of that kind of behavior, certainly not like today. Last night’s ButterflyMoms workshop was incredibly powerful! We did several exercises where participants could see how putting yourself last can have a very detrimental affect on one’s self. I gave the analogy of Princess Diana’s wedding dress. Imagine that your life is like her stunning wedding dress, but that over time you keep wringing it out more and more as you sacrifice who you are as you almost exclusively give to other people. Over time the dress becomes more like the lace curtains you see in the abandoned houses with the broken windows.

Princess Di had one of the most famous wedding dresses of all time with silk taffeta, ivory tulle and lace, and a 25 foot long train.

We act like if we just stay OUT OF OUR BODIES our lives will magically transform. What they will ACTUALLY do is they will SYSTEMATICALLY FADE AWAY. The world is full of examples of people who followed what they were told and shut themselves off. They let the voices of those outside of themselves be more powerful than their inner voice. For those of you who are FEELING A CONFLICT INSIDE YOURSELF REJOICE! Rejoice that you are still FEELING! Be THANKFUL that you are still getting FEEDBACK from your TRUE/AUTHENTIC SELF letting you know that you are still in there!

In your own life, look at how others before you, both men and women did what they were told and completely neglected their inner voice, their inner light. The best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about how cemeteries are filled with people WITH THEIR MUSIC STILL IN THEM!

Where is your “music”? Think of the little girl (or boy) inside of you. RIGHT NOW…How do you treat her (or him)? REALLY PAY ATTENTION HERE. What kind of time do you make for you inner child? What kindness, space, attention, love, do you show? How do you feel about your inner child? NOTICE! Last night at the 20th ButterflyMoms workshop (YAY 20th!!!!) We played with a little exercise where the women who attended were given an assignment…Let’s say you have three kids. You would usually not completely ignore one of those kids and give everything you had to the other two, well since most of the women in our group do have two kids I asked them to try this exercise: Add one more kid to your list of children, add YOUR LITTLE SELF as one of your children. Make time for her as you do your other children. Time to dress, time to teach, time to listen to, time to hear, time to acknowledge. Just like you would not leave one of your own kids behind learn to not leave YOUR SELF behind, otherwise the lace curtains that hang from those sad, abandoned houses will become an analogy for where your life is heading. (DEEP BREATH) :)! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YES! :)! Write me with questions or comments if you need help removing this block from your life.

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