WRITE ON…A Tribute to My Avózinha!

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Here are this week’s important ButterflyMoms updates…

*The AWESOMENESS CONTINUES! Word about the ButterflyMoms workshops is getting out and people keep asking but WHAT is it? Well, it is really an open forum for whatever you need to come through. Each week I have something planned and within that much more emerges. Yesterday we did a visualization exercise that had us all in awe of what we have access to and most of the time don’t’ realize it! We’re meeting again next Thursday, July 14th, 8pm at 783 Washington St, Holliston. This time we will be talking about chakras. Plenty of FREE parking in back. Only $25 at the door or just $20 if you drop off a check or pay through Paypal… http://bit.ly/mS7c70 . 🙂 (We will miss you again Ms Gaynor…have a wonderful vacation!!!)

The Incredibly Dynamic Nancy Cantor literally DREAMED about her company... and then formed it!

Coach Extraordinarie Nancy Senior makes the world a better place through her company FRONT PORCH HEALING

We just had our sixth ButterflyMoms Workshop and this one brought in some very wise souls. Thank you Nancy, Denise, Kerri, Nancy and Susan and Karen, Raquel, Ellen, Maria, Karin, Hilde, Christine, Donna, Jess and Gaynor who were there in spirit! We were honored to have visits from Life Coach Nancy Senior of the amazing blog Front Porch Healing http://frontporchhealing.com and another Nancy too, Nancy Cantor, the superstar women’s networker, coach and trainer who runs The Dream Factory. Check out the next Dream Factory event for lunch on July 14th… I will definitely be there! http://www.cantorconsulting.com/Programs/tabid/298/CategoryID/68/Default.aspx.

*Again my computer and website issues are still a work in progress. Please keep sharing the site to friends. I apologize for the hiccups.

*No new books sold for MOM ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE this week. Second week of no book sales. Just because your dream journey is not what you expect does not mean you drop it. I just keep putting it out there. Keep putting your dream out there too!


*We had our VERY first ButterflyMoms blog contest and picked the winner last night at the ButterflyMoms workshop. (drum roll) Envelop please…And the winner is…. the beautiful JOANNE GOUGHAN of Holliston. YAY! How wonderful that Joanne won because she has been reading ButterflyMoms since the very beginning! She is a VP at ARBONNE and has four great kids (who are all still little). Joanne is a total superstar and now she is a superstar with a brand new DVD that the whole fam can watch, YAY! We are having another contest this week so keep reading. This could be your week! All you have to do re-post the ButterflyMoms blog. EVERY time you post it or come to the ButterflyMoms workshop, you get your name put in the “hat”. (we actually used a basket) 😉 So if you re-post it on Twitter, LinkedIn, FB and come to the workshop, you get 1, 2, 3, 4….4 pieces of paper with your name on it go into the “hat”. It’s a fun, free way to feed your soul by playing in the world!

Now onto the ButterflyMoms blog…

If you asked your grandmother if she ever “journaled” she would most likely lean her ear towards you, bend down and say something like, “Pardon?” Ahhhhhhhh writing, most of take it for granted. Kids no longer learn how to write “cursive” in school and there’s talk that one day in the not-so-distant future kids will not be taught how to write anymore because everything will be speech recognition or typing….wow! I would not wish that on my kids because there is a wonderful joy in writing. I have find it ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING that I can make a bunch of symbols on a page and someone could come along a minute or 16 centuries later and be able to read what I wrote! Savor that for a moment. Think about how very cool it is that you have the ability to WRITE! WOW! J Most of the type of writing we do is RUSHED WRITING, a note for school, a quick thank you card, a check. We don’t even think about the fact that we CAN WRITE and how VERY COOL THAT IS!

My gift of noticing WRITING came from my grandmother on my dad’s (“Pai” in Portuguese) side. My querida (sweet) Avó Maria NEVER went to school, EVER. She could not read or write. To see her sign her name was one of the most life-noticing moments I’ve ever had. My Avó would squint her eyes, stick out her tongue to the side of her mouth and grasp that pen with all her might, almost as if she the tighter she held it the better it would come out.  It would take her a full 3-4 minutes to write it out “Maria Oliveira”. When Avó was done she would sit back look at it, nod and pass it to the person who had asked for it. She oftentimes apologized for how it came out.

Those scenes, now memories, strike at my heart’s strings. They left deep impressions on my soul that shaped how I lived/live my life. I do not take it lightly that in just two generations things TRANSFORMED deeply. I have a bachelor’s degree from Boston College in Communications and French, a master’s degree from Simmons College in Business and several other certifications, awards, etc. I have lived all over the world and travelled to 26 countries. I speak several languages and have given workshops and worked with some amazing people all over the world. I have been a guest ON the Oprah Winfrey Show!!!! My grandmother lived to see most of these things. I could see in her eyes the deep love she had for how I have lived my life. It was as if all her struggles and efforts had paid off because her beloved granddaughter had achieved what she could NEVER even dream existed! BUT ALWAYS THERE WAS LOVE! For many decades I was her only granddaughter and we had a magical bond. She helped me be the woman I am today! :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The legacy of lessons and love that she left me is what I pass on to my girls and Christopher.

When you write things down you bring them one major step closer to MANIFESTING! We all MEAN to journal. It’s on many of our TO DO lists but oftentimes goes un-done. KNOW that it is a powerful tool for YOU to use whenever you wish. KNOW that there are no “shoulds” of how often or when. Use it as you need to…just know that the MAGIC of being able to write is a gift you possess! REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE IT! Use it when you need to bring something to life or let go of something else.

WHO Wants To WIN This Week's BUTTERFLYMOMS Prize?

Since this week’s post is about writing this week’s ButterflyMoms contest is contains three beautiful writing books as the magnificent prize: a simple notepad, pretty notecards and a small, stunning, simple pink mini journal that will fit in your bag/purse. To win simply post this week’s ButterflyMoms blog on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn….etc. Let the rest of us know you have by leaving a comment below of where exactly you have posted it. For EACH place you post it your name will go into a “hat” .  Next Thursday night, July 14th, at the ButterflyMoms workshop, I will pick a winner. You don’t have to be present to win. If you live far away I will ship it to you, free. If you live close I will bring it to you myself. 🙂 How’s that for FREE fun?

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