THE PEOPLE YOU RUN INTO TODAY….missed lessons or precious information?

First, yesterday we had more hits than EVER before, almost 70 in one day! Thank YOU for helping this precious information get out to the people who can use it. Ultimately I’ve even gotten emails from men and women with no children who get something out of it and that is wonderful! No matter what we are all human beings who want to be seen, heard and understood. Now onto the good stuff y’all….

There is a woman, let’s call her Caroline, that I have run into several times and each time she sounds incredibly stressed. She asks for unreasonable things (like impossible deadlines), calls last minute for things, always speaks very fast, is always rushing/late, complains a lot,  and seems like she is out of breath most of the time. Caroline is an ADRENALINE JUNKY. That usually means that there is a lot of drama at home. After an incredible weekend at the Solstice Healing Center I felt extra grounded around her because she felt so ungrounded.

Be Open To Life's Little Unexpected Adventures

Our relationship has always been professional so I did not know anything about her except of how she appeared to me in the world. Yesterday when she rushed in I stopped her, hugged her, looked into her eyes and shared that she seemed extra stressed out. Caroline burst into her story which described a woman who lives in a very mentally abusive relationship. The example she gave were stomach turning. I listened with an open heart. I believe she felt heard because she calmed down signifcantly and no longer seemed to be in flight or fight mode.

Caroline had given her power to someone else. Even the creative outlet she had, the one thing that made her happy her husband had treated to “cause more trouble that she could ever imagine” if she even just MENTIONED it to him again. Let’s call her husband Patrick. Caroline lives in fear.

I shared that her children were watching and one day they would imitate the same behavior. True enough she said that had already happened. Her daughter is in her mid-twenties bi-polar and weighs over 300lbs “because of the abuses she suffered by her dad”. (breathe now. you are safe.)

Here is the pivotal point of our own development. At this point in the process we can do one of three things, judge, ignore or learn. Those are the options. This woman is going through her own development. It is her journey. I let her know that it was not ok to put up with that kind of treatment, that no one deserves that, that this planet is not about being miserable but ultimately this is her choice. “YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER BUT YOU CANNOT DROWN IT TRYING TO MAKE IT DRINK.”

Also if you run into someone like that in your life one of the options is to learn from it so the question to ask is: “What has this situation, woman, man, child come to teach me?” A key element here is not only to ask but also to be open to getting the answer in whatever form it comes. Many of us either don’t or when an answer comes it is not in the form we expected so we reject it waiting for the answer we do want……I know you never do that right 😉

Ahhhhhhhh, fellow ButterflyMoms, the world is such a wonderful place! As I’m writing this the birds are singing in the trees, the sun is shining, my girls are playing with their toys, I’m writing in my precious writing nook surrounded by our family’s art supplies and some of my favorite books, I am breathing, I am happy. I feel grounded because I’m doing my heart’s calling.

Today as you walk, run, crawl, sit, lie, roll, fly, ride on your journey today notice all the messengers who come into your life, even those for a brief moment. Our tendency is ignore or judge, today be open to learning and sending more love into the world.

Wishing you a day filled with wonder!

Great big hugs,