The BEST MEAL EVER!….Would YOU enjoy it?

Imagine that after an especially tough week one of your best friendsĀ  surprises you and says I’m taking you to your FAVORITE restaurant anywhere in the world! You pack your bags and head to the airport! Arrangements for your children have already been made so you are all covered there too. There is a beautiful limousine to pick you up and drop you off at the airport. You have a wonderful time on the plane catching up with your friend and feeling like a queen after the on-flight massage, pedicure and manicure (hey, we can all dream, right šŸ™‚

When you land a limousine is waiting for you and your friend. It whisks you to your favorite restaurant. It’s the kind of place that has 8 courses of the most scrumptious food anyone has EVER tasted. Just reading the menu makes your mouth water. Take a moment to think of your FAVORITE foods. They have ALL of them, exactly like you like them! You and your friend order. As the servers begin bringing in the wonderful dishes you take each oneĀ and stick it in the blender in front of you. As soon as every dish is regally delivered to you, you turn on the blender and let it do its thing.Ā  Drink up, right?

WHAT?!!!! WAIT!!!! If someone gifted you with this experience is that how you would want to eat this fabulous banquet? NO???? Then why would you do it with the way you life your life? When we live a life without boundaries that is exactly what we are doing. Even if each piece is perfect, without limits andĀ boundaries it becomes basically GUNK!

Ask yourself if you are living a GUNKY life! If the answer is yes then take your first step and acknowledge it. Being “mind-full” is paramount. Just like if you’ve ever meditated (or tried to ;), it’s all about GENTLY bringing your attention BACK TO AWARENESS. AWARENESS is your gate-keeper. It is built into you. It’s is one of the gifts you get when you are born. Those who use it have a much “fun-er-er” time on this planet! Don’t miss out on the fun! How are you feeling right now? Sit with whatever feelings come up. Never judge. Just feel. Just be. Wherever you are is exactly where you need to be. You are safe. Feel and let go. Feelings come from somewhere, bottling up or ignoring those feeling cause the death of your soul. Chew on that! šŸ˜‰ (Pun intended!)