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Portugal at night… Lisbon’s skylight at night… STUNNING!

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

In about 10 days I’m off to my year-long sabbatical to Portugal with my girls!!! It is a very strange feeling to be on the precipice of a dream that is about to be birthed. It is simply just as exciting as it is terrifying. Many people who see my life from the outside in are often amazed at how many “lives” I’ve lived within this one. When they hear the stories of things I’ve done their mouths drop wide open.

When I was a little girl I lived in a world that was very constrictive, erratic, deep and dangerous. I felt like I was like a bird in a gilded cage that could see the outside world but could not participate in it. I somehow KNEW I would one day be able to leave this cage so I spent my time studying people’s actions and their consequences. I endured what I did because I knew things would not always be this way and that what I was learning was teaching me something that I did not understand but would be invaluable to me later on…blind faith.

The town in Portugal we will be living in, just outside of Lisbon, where I was born! 🙂

When the door of my cage finally opened, I noticed I had a very different perspective from many others around me. My philosophy was pretty basic and intensely personal. After graduating from college I would spend my 20’s exploring as many career choices as I liked. My thirties would be about getting my Master’s degree and honing in on the career choice I had chosen. I also knew from a VERY early age that I wanted children so that was something that I always had on my mind, as was attracting a faithful, strong, kind, smart, really good-looking partner. 😉 (no pressure)

The icing on my cake was always TRAVEL. I am a gypsy at heart. For me to be in one place for a very long time was not how I lived most of my life. I have the best results when I observe certain patterns in my life instead of judge them. I noticed for a long time that I was unhappy living in Holliston because I was not really present. I was in the LAND OF WISHING I LIVED SOMEWHERE ELSE. I had no power living there, and almost impossible to manifest anything from there. Once I decided to stay fully here in Holliston, amazing things started happening. I started the Facebook group I’M HOLLISTON HAPPY which has ignited this little town of ours and helped build one of my favorite things…community!

ButterflyMoms One Day Retreat at the Peace Abbey. MAGICAL!

During that time I also magnetized my dream of being a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and from it began this magical group that has evolved to The ButterflyMoms Soul Support Group! It was only because I was grounded that all this could happen in my life. Funny thing is that once I did ground my wish of living in Portugal came true… By letting go, the details effortlessly worked themselves out…So if you are struggling right now with something, work, not on the problem, but on getting grounded. There are many ways to ground yourself. The easiest is to take off your shoes and walk barefoot outside (no matter what season it is). Your spirit is not of this planet but your body is and it needs to connect to its “mother”, mother earth, to rejuvenate itself.

Me in Chicago as a guest on THE OPRAH SHOW. Oprah is in the background! 🙂

In the middle of all this adventure I got an email from The Oprah Show asking if I want to be in the audience of her Lifeclass series, which that and her Soul Sundays are FANTASTIC! (If you want personal growth check it out on your TV or online!) So Doug and I are flying to Chicago on Sunday for a little trip to see one of the most influential souls in my life, Oprah Winfrey! J She is a beacon for me.

This is a great time of awareness on our planet. It is a time for us to shed the life that is not working, much like we take off our winter coats when spring arrives. It can be magical or painful. We are the ones who decide. For me, my ride is still pretty bumpy. I don’t ground or protect enough but the good news is that I now get IMMEDIATE feedback from the universe. Maya Angelou says we all do the best we can until we know better and then we do better. I hope that after reading this blog you have received the gift of “knowing better”. 😉 The adventure continues….

Great big hugs,




PS There is only ONE ButterflyMoms meeting left… PLEASE COME! Thursday at 8pm! It would be great to have you there! See below for details.


√  THE LAST BUTTERFLYMOMS SOUL SUPPORT GROUP is Thursday, August 16th at 8pm. Only two groups left! It is a wonderful way to come feed your magnificent soul!… The ButterflyMoms Soul Support Group grew out of the amazing experience had of being on of THE OPRAH SHOW’s very last guests. Now it’s your turn to come to this safe place where you can work out your blocks and talk about your dreams!!! Held at the offices of Brick House Realty (783 Washington S, Holliston, MA). Plenty of FREE & EASY PARKING in the back lot… and come right in the back entrance. Only $25, or just $20 if pay through Paypal! Bring your friends!!! PLEASE RSVP to maria at butterflymoms dot com. THIS IS THE VERY LAST ONE!

√  I have space for thee more coaching/healing clients. If you are interested send me an email maria@ We will be working virtually through video conferencing and phone from Europe. For those who want something to shift in their lives this is a great time!!!

√  Here is the magnificent ButteflyMoms interview on Nancy L. Cantor‘s Dream Factory Television Show… I hope you watch it and that it feeds your soul! !

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Take a moment and FEEL YOUR LIFE for a moment. Let the ICKIES fall away. Embrace the love. Forgive yourself for not living the perfect life your mind has tricked you into thinking you should be living.  Just be. That is all that is needed for happiness.


ButterflyMoms is a community of people who realize they are souls first and human being second. They want to explore more about themselves, to find out what makes them happy and how they can lead a life of purpose. It is simply about FEEDING YOUR SOUL. Although it has the name “MOMS” in the title it is more about being nurturing to your own transformation, as the butterfly is to its own metamorphosis. This community is led by Maria Salomão-Schmidt whose transformation was ignited by the birth and death of her BELOVED thirteen month old daughter Sophia (Sophalicious), the original butterfly.

*Every Thursday Night we have a BUTTERFLYMOMS SOUL SUPPORT GROUP at 783 Washington Street in Holliston, MA at 8pm that feeds your soul. They started after Maria manifested her dream…with the help of Sophia…to be a guest on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW and every week since she had done the SOUL SUPPORT GROUP on Thursday nights. There was only supposed to be one workshop but people kept asking to be able to come the next week and the next week and the next week until a whole year has gone by!!!!Any questions call my cell at 617.877.3616. The last workshop will be August 16th.

*Every Friday Morning, as a way of honoring her daughter Sophia’s soul, Maria gets up at 4:30-5:00am to write the weekly BUTTERFLYMOMS BLOG. Hundreds of people read it every week to feed their souls. Maria started writing the blog in May 2009 and has written EVERY Friday since. Tell your friends…


The Magic of Elliott Spreads…

Good Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

You’ll never guess who called me last night!? Our beautiful ELLIOTT from last week’s post! I wish I had the technology know-how to take the message from my cell’s VM and transfer it here but for now I think you will get a kick out of me transcribing what his sweet voice said…”Hello Maria this is Elliott. I just wanted to call you and tell you that I read your blog and it was a very nice blog and I was reading the comments. It was very sweet. I guess it does make a difference, you know, encounters like that. As I mentioned it makes ripples and it affects people and those people affect other people. I told my wife about it and she was very pleased. She was very, very pleased. Anyway, I hope to speak to you again and perhaps see you at Starbucks (chuckling) and continue or conversation. You take care and thank you very much, bye-bye.”

It just gives me goosebumps to hear that message again this morning. WOW! It seriously feels like touching MAGIC and the only way to touch magic is to BE PRESENT. If you chase it or try to grab it *POOF* it disappears. The blog last week was one of THE highest rated ButterflyMoms post so far. It touched a nerve in people. It contains what we all seek, L-O-V-E, True Love. To truly LOVE one needs to be fully present. In that moment, Elliott, my daughter Mialotta and I were FULLY IN THE PRESENT HAVING FUN, and that rippled to the baristas behind the counter, and then to all the ButterflyMoms who rippled it to….you let us know!

LOVE is contagious! It’s fun! Many of us  spend hours thinking about the fear of not having enough money or time but how much time do we spend being present with our LOVE. Love for and of anything around you. Many of us cannot access this without realizing this point so we, especially in AMERICA, we hoard. Oh yes we do. Someone observed to me that American garages are filled with sports equipment from every sport you can imagine but do the people really use it, well, no, not most of us but we keep the stuff because….I have been writing ButterflyMoms long enough to know that you can fill in your own answer. YOU KNOW THAT TOO! Each of us has our own answers, we just need to be in the present moment and open to hearing them. Oftentimes we pay others  A WHOLE LOT of money to either confirm what we already know or cover up what we desperately don’t want others to “find” out.

My Four Living Children in Newport for a Day Trip...Did you notice the words above Christopher's head?

Allow me to save you some time and heartache, most people, on some level, think they are either “NOT ENOUGH” or “TOO MUCH”. Some can even feel both things about different parts of their lives. 🙂 When you feel this way and you don’t address it in the present, you will live life in the LAND OF SHOULD filling it up with as much STUFF as you can to find THAT ONE THING THAT WILL FILL YOUR EMPTINESS.

The magic of Elliott has continued growing I wonder where it will take you next…

Great big honkin’ hugs sishtah- friends! (and those brothas from anotha motha who faithfully read ButterflyMoms EVERY Friday! I see you!),



ButterflyMoms founder…YAY!

PS We BUTTERFLYMOMS have won our FIRST AWARD!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! (standing ovation!!!) We won the “IRRESISTIBLY BRILLIANT BLOG AWARD given by Rev. Melissa Bennett who writes the blog “Pen, Paper, Prayer”.This is our very first blog award and I am so thankful to Rev. Melissa for thinking of us. In the spirit of generosity, I have also been asked to confer this award upon ten blogs and authors whose work inspires and moves me. Next week I will post our top 10 list. If you have suggestions post them below so that we can promote people who are living their passions! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FEELS AWESOME!….like touching magic 😉

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Here is where the books have gone to ButterflyMoms…



Sacramento 1


Ashland 1

Holliston 6

Hudson 4

Medway 1

Worcester 2

New York

Scarsdale 1

Stony Brook 1

Rhode Island

Newport 1


Wien, Austria  2


Rome, Italy     3

When you buy a book you represent your area. Let’s see where all the ButterflyMoms live!!! :)! This is FUN! To buy your copy Click here now…

PPS Lots of LOVE being sent to the ButterflyMoms of Wisconsin! :)!


Have Tea With Your Fellow ButterflyMoms EVERY Friday!

Good Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

It feels soooooooo awesome to connect with you again today! When I sit down to write I literally do it as if we were sitting here together having an iced or hot tea (depending on your mood and location ;). It is another way I practice connecting to the universal energy that we all come from. It feels AMAZING, FAMILIAR, NURTURING, JOY-FULL, and even FUN! Thank you for your part in this wonderful formula we call ButterflyMoms!


If you have ever tried yoga (and I highly, highly, highly suggest that you do!!!) many teachers begin and end their class with the word “NAMASTE”. It is a Sanskrit word used as a greeting, but one that calls your BEST and HIGHEST good, as well as the BEST and HIGHEST good of the other person! Each time you greet someone you are saying, the God/Goddess/Love energy in me sees the God/Goddess/Love energy in you! “NAMASTE” calls you each back to your core essence, back into your zone! Your zone is not my zone BUT when each of us is in alignment we have true peace. In this space there is only LOVE. TRUE LOVE, not those mushy Hollywood myths that people love to mirror. 😉


For the next week either out loud or to yourself when you see someone instead of just saying “HEY” , “HI”, “HOW’S IT GOIN”, WHAT’S SHAKIN’ or HOW’S IT HANGIN’, how about you take a deep breath and say NAMASTE, even if it’s only in your mind. Think of it as a sweet, sweet alignment for your soul….it’s free and fun and is also a deep, magical gift to the others you come across in your day. 😉

Tuesday was my husband Doug’s last chemotherapy appointment for this round. He has an ornery auto-immune disease called vasculitis that has been getting our attention for the last two years. So

Give Your Ickies to the Rocks

while the last round of snow storms hit we were at Mass General in Boston getting his infusion. At the very same time my books were finally delivered. It was 308 pounds of pure DREAM  REALIZATION and its name is called Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire! WOW! WOW! WOW! Dream Realization Feels Good y’all!!!!! REAL GOOD!!! 😉 The book did not come in the way I thought it would but I was open to the way it did. The result is that this New Year I got a break from putting down “WRITE A BOOK” as my new year’s resolution!!! 😉 (only took 20 years!!! 😉

For over 20 years I have dreamt about these 308 pounds. Imagined in my mind what it would feel like to finally publish my first book. I pictured what it would be like to hold it, smell it, turn the pages and autograph them for people. In those 20 years I’ve also taken lots and lots of shit and ridicule from those who did not believe in my dream. You may find it surprising that most of those people were not my enemies but actually close family and friends. Many of them love/like me but I was messing with their comfort zone of what was APPROPRIATE DREAMING and what was not. In their minds they were doing for my own good….to keep me safe ;). GENTLE REMINDER TO BREATHE HERE, LOOSEN YOUR SHOULDERS and MOVE YOUR JAW AROUND….AHHHHHHHHH! (Remember from last week’s blog to give your “ickies” to the rocks so that you can clearly see the message for you without all the crap-ola!!!! 😉

(SIDENOTE: Notice that I wrote “taken lots and lots of shit and ridicule from”. What that means to me is that I actually did let it affect me. To say it did not and that I was fully focused is a lie. I let it do the opposite of NAMASTE. I let myself (many, many, many times) fall back into the “I’m not as good as ____________________” (fill in whomever fits), especially if my ______________ (boyfriend/girlfriend/mother/cousin/grandfather/sister/uncle/dad/brother/aunt/teacher-whoever it is for you) says so. One of my favorite Eleanor Roosevelt quotes is “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  Well, I gave my consent because I did not know that I was enough. I grew up in a VERY Portuguese home/community where acceptance is paramount.  I cannot tell you how many times I heard, “what are the neighbors going to think” At times I thought that I needed their approval in some way to feel whole, some days I still do, it’s a habit that is growing weaker ;).

Our Journey on Earth is about Learning How to FLY!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhh, my ButterflyMoms, we are our own prison guards!!! Really take this in. On “Amazing Home Makeover” (the show on ABC) there was a beautiful young man who was in college when his sister and mother died so instead of having his niece and nephews go into foster homes he quit school to take care of them. Even against huge odds he believes, “THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN STOP YOU IS YOU!” Take it in, really take that in. What does this mean for you?  I invite you to fire your guard or at the very least start giving him/her some well-deserved TIME OFF!!!) He/She has served his/her purpose and now they can also be set free! SET YOURSELF FREE!!!!!!

When you don’t have a lot of support, you have the opportunity to create your own support systems that work for you. That is what the ButterflyMoms community is to me. It is a wonderful support system for those who want to FLY!!!!!! Tap into this support and create other like systems throughout your life that allow your soul to grow and expand. It is fun to explore the possibilities. The more you question your “SHOULDs” the more you will EXPAND your JOY!

Great big honkin’ hugs to YOU!



ButterflyMoms founder…YAY!

PS  In continuing to follow my soul’s dreams I ask for your help to get me to my goal of selling at least 300 copies of “Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire” this year. So far I have only 11 orders…two from my mom ;)! If you feel inspired buy a book or two. I sign every book and wrap it with lots of love! You never know what magic comes to you when you create magic for others! To order now go to


Dearest ButterflyMoms,

My journey of 1,000 miles (literally) begins with this email!

DEEP BREATH! Lots has been going on! I have found that the more I write the more I figure out stuff for myself, and bonus – for lots of moms and dads out there! It is SUCH a cool gift to share with the world! Well all this along with my finishing my first year of the Rhys Thomas Energy Medicine School has completely helped me hear my soul’s calling. Sharing with you is part of that wonderful gift! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)! Things can only hurt us if they are in the dark, festering. Thank you to all those who shared publicly and privately their deepest ickies and triumphs. We have been inspired by what people have written and it has fed our souls.

Well, this path has led me to a place I could never have imagined. I have shared it with very few because I’m been trying to give my brain time to process it. The “orders” came from my soul… J! I promised I’d let you know what big brewings were coming our way and now as Rafiki, the wise baboon in Lion King, says, “It is time.”

When I got back from my retreat, I sat down with Doug and watched an Oprah Show he had taped for me. Again I got that longing feeling to be ON the show.

SIDE NOTE: Key Point Here: When we a longing we don’t understand, we tend to divert our attention or numb out with TV/getting busy/cleaning/shopping/shop lifting/cheating/over-eating/drugs/alcohol…you get the drift. It happens to all of us. It is a coping mechanism when we don’t actively use it as a tool for bringing awareness to a feeling. The feeling feels icky so we numb out. Next time that happens, ask what that feeling has come to teach you. Take out the JUDGEMENT of yourself, just as you don’t judge how well a baby walks when she first starts. Think of how “silly” that would be. Be kind with yourself, as this is new to most of us because in this culture we are not taught how to hear our soul. Most of us are just learning that we even can!)

What I have learned is that LONGING to be on The Oprah Show was from my soul. My brain could care less if I get on it. I have a sneaky suspicion that it has even been blocking it because it does not want to feel the rejection if it does not happen. The soul feels no rejection because it just lives in LOVE and ALIGNMENT!

Now back to sitting on the couch with cutie pie Doug 😉 He suggested that I email the producer at The Oprah Show that I’ve been working with and get an update. I went right to my computer and did. The producer emailed me right back with the following message:

Hi Maria,

Everyone was touched by your story. Trying to find a show in which we can feature you.

Will keep you posted. Please keep checking with me.


I loved that he responded right away but it was not good enough, or rather I knew that was not FIT for me. I sat back asked the universe what it would take. I have found that this really works…you just have to be ready to listen to some “interesting” answers….The answer I got back was “If you really want to get on the Oprah Show simply start walking.” I immediately knew that meant LITERALLY walking to Chicago. I know that is the answer because I could hardly sleep all night! I was soooooooooooo energized by the thought. I have held it in for over a week. I even checked it out with my doctor and have started training

Ok, so, Chicago is 1,000 miles! So although I’m still playing with what this is going to look like I am planning on leaving October 5 after my beautiful niece Emily gets married in Key West. I will be biking and walking doing about 35-40 miles a day. I added the biking because it would normally take someone about 3 months to walk to Chicago. It is a HUGE sacrifice for me to be away from my kids, especially my youngest who is only two so I’m adding the biking and maybe even a ride on “THE DOG” (Greyhound bus if things get out of hand) so I can keep it to a month. Just like when you go into labor, you have a plan and then are open to what will happen.

While on the journey I plan on interviewing Moms asking them what they do to feed their souls. I will be sending at least daily updates of where I am. I am leaving my family so that I can follow one of my deepest dreams. It will be cold but I will have all of you to keep me warm! :)!

I used to be in public relations for almost 20 years so I will be sending out press releases with the help of my friend Heather. Another friend knows several very large media outlets and has even put in a call a friend of his, the governor of Illinois!!! Things are just falling into place. I can totally see this being something that is picked up which is awesome because it’s all about LOVE! WOW, I am in awe of all that is unfolding! Soooooooo cool! (and SOOOOOOO VERY SCARY TOO – just like when I jumped out of a plane at 10,000ft – the only way to do it is just go on instinct and turn the brain off 😉 FEEL the FEAR and DO IT ANYWAY!!!

I need your help beautiful ButterflyMoms. You have been sooooooooo instrumental in this whole journey! We have created an incredible community here and I love that. I call upon your intuition now. If you have any ideas, suggestions, contacts I’d LOVE them. I need someone to lend me an RV so someone can drive while I walk. If you know anyone who wants to buy/sell a house (for those of you who don’t know I own Brick House Realty). I need to make as much money as I can, so any leads (even out of state –where I could do referrals) would really help. If you know anyone in the sneaker or athletic apparel I could really use some donations there too. If you know anyone at Whole Foods or Trader Joes who could donate healthy food. If you know anyone who does bodywork and can help direct me in the best way to plan my walking/riding stretching, etc. If you know of any appropriate sponsors that would be awesome too! What am I missing? I’m open to seeing how it unfolds.

People have asked me if I will be supporting a cause. My answer is YES but not a monetary one. I want to remind Mommies from Boston to Chicago and all over the world to nurture their souls. My goal is to walk the walk, literally and figuratively. I will keep moving forward towards my goal of Oprah (walking/riding a bike) while doing yoga, reading, interviewing/connecting with people, blogging, doing interviews, eating nutritious foods. Part of the journey is to live life as I dream of it. It is to BE THE FIRE THAT IGNITES PEOPLE’S SOULS, especially moms. I will be sharing the stories of my adventures and those of who I meet with you. This is my warrior’s journey and I’m soooooo thrilled that you will be sharing it with me! (if you want to, of course!)

Great big hugs,



Reaching for the STARS with a Broken Heart!!!!!!


Hey Beautiful ButterflyMoms!

First I want to apologize for being M.I.A. for a couple of days. The blog software was acting VERY funky. I wrote an entire blog and when I tried to download photos it would not let me. I tried for hours (yes, I’m stubborn that way) and then the software glitch of the photos “ate” my blog (YUP! That is the technical term for it ;)) Needless to say I was bit bummed, especially because I had no time left to do another one. (These blogs take at least a couple of hours to write each time.) Now onto the real part of the blog…

WOW! I am completely humbled by the outpour of love and support a couple of days ago at the four year anniversary of our Sophia’s death. It was an emotional few days. Each year I never know what “flavor” the day will take. This year I wanted to ride the energy of this time of year and do something I’ve been dreaming of doing since I was a child. It all started when I got an email from a friend saying I should apply to the Oprah contest for having your own talk show. I was busy. I get a lot of emails. I added it to my TO DO PILE where things go to die. 😉 That same day I get another email from another friend about the same thing. Wow! Two in one day! That was cool and I wanted to do it but my screaming kids and work were still pulling me harder than my dream. The universe, forever patient, kept at it. Over the next three days four more people (who don’t even know each other) emailed me the Oprah contest with a chorus of “YOU should do this!” or “This would be perfect for you!” or “I can totally see you do this!” Six people!  How could I resist, I ask you? I decided then to unpack a dream I had kept deep inside of me, cocooning until all the right circumstances would arise. In these moments you want to pinch yourself because there were days when you could not picture your dreams coming true. Since I was a little kid I had dreamed about having my own talk show. I love the camera. I love people. I had no idea how I would do that. You don’t exactly go to talk show university so other things got in the way and my life played out the way it has. I started realizing when I was in Chicago a few weeks ago that many of the careers I had were all to prepare me for this. That thought was a WAVE OF KNOWING that washed over me as I was in the lobby of the Chicago Sheraton. It felt wonderful!


The whole process/journey together seemed overwhelming so I broke it down into steps. First, I tried to find out how much it cost to get it professionally done. It was WAY too expensive, especially just for a 3 minute video. Plus, I would have been disappointed had I not done it myself. I think creativity is a vital part of this journey.  Our spiritual side is made from ENERGY and CREATING is what energy does. It loves doing it! If you are not doing creative things in your life you are cutting off your “spiritual oxygen”.

BTW, your mini assignment today is do something CREATIVE. You must use items you already own and that are around your office or home. Paint, glue, color, cut, Lego, draw…pick your creative outlet and have at it. If you are having trouble starting just tell yourself you will only do it for 15 minutes and see what happens! Give yourself some extra FUN energy! It’s even more powerful than caffeine!!! J

Second, I had to find and HD camcorder (translation: HELLO WORLD! HERE ARE ALL MY LINES & WRINKLES!!! HOORAY!!!! ;)). I was reminded of the power of ASKING for what we want. Out of the blue three kind souls offered they magic creating machines to me!

One of my number one fans!!! 😉

Thirdly, I requested/begged a designer friend of mine to film at Brick House Realty’s office. Now the cool thing is that I have been on a few television sets, been on TV and done modeling so I understand a bit about what one needs to bring. I had a little MARKETBASKET plastic bag with two simple changes of clothing, two necklaces, mascara, eye liner, lipstick and my Italian red patent leather hoochie mama shoes. I have not worn make-up in a year or more but learned the basics a long time ago! I had forgotten that and it felt good. Since I don’t usually wear make-up when I do people think I got a facelift or something! It’s very funny! J

Next, the contest rules are VERY specific about lighting, sound, etc. We filmed for about two hours. When I reviewed the tape I was disappointed to find that the lighting was not the best and the street sounds were picked up during the filming. We realized we could not film there. We asked a local photographer friend of ours if we could use his photo studio and he agreed. The four hours of film footage we got there (two cameras rolling simultaneously) was awesome as was the sound.

There were many side roads and tribulations in this whole process so far, times when I just thought that maybe quitting was my next direction. I knew I’d regret that so I kept on keeping on, as they say in American folk songs. 😉

This whole process was about asking for what I needed. It was a wonderful series of exercises about going with the flow of what is there and not what I wanted to be there. I realize that part of being happy on this planet is to know WHEN it’s a good time to PUSH ON and NOT ACCEPT what is going on AND WHEN IT’S TIME to GO WITH THE FLOW!

Two nights ago I pulled an all-nighter so I could edit the video. This entire process has been an act of L-O-V-E!!! You are now officially a direct part of making this dream come true because you have been so supportive! Oprah is having a contest for people who want their own talk show. I made a video that just went up two days ago Tuesday night and therefore we are way behind the others who have millions of votes because they started in May!  I worked really hard to create this video and now comes the stage where I need help promoting it. I know you are super busy but I humbly ask for your help in making this miracle happen! Here’s how:

The Opera Winfrey Network (OWN) contest is designed for people to vote multiple times at once (like 101) so please go back & vote as many times as you can every day July 3! REALLY NEED YOUR HELP to continue the momentum of the SNOWBALL WE HAVE CREATED so please:

  1. Vote as many times as you can-at least 101/day would be awesome 😉 (BTW, they only update votes every hour so when you vote the number won’t change to you but it is being counted)
  2. Send friends an email offering them to be a part of this adventure 😉
  3. Post it on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.
  4. Make it a game and involve others. We only have a few days to attract this miracle! :)!

THANKS for helping me live my dream! This is FUN…thanks for being a part of it!!!! Let’s build the momentum of our SNOWBALL but reaching out to others and voting! Our goal is 2 million votes by July 3.

My friend Corinne wrote, “Please read below, view clip, VOTE-VOTE-VOTE… FWD-FWD-FWD to others striving to achieve their goals and PRAY-PRAY-PRAY.”

Here’s the link….

If the link doesn’t work go to “ to” “your own show” and look up “THE MARIA SHOW” by “Maria Salomao-Schmidt”!

Thank you for being part of this MIRACLE!

Great big hugs,






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