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Bigger Boobies, Getting Approval and Chasing The Dream

Dearest Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

First some housekeeping issues…

*My motherboard is still in Wisconsin getting fixed…with manuscripts of my next two books and I’m still going through my 8,000 emails from when I could not access my computer. If you sent me an email and I did not respond please don’t take it personally, I could only access emails through an iPhone and it was impossible for me to do that with such a high volume of emails. Shifting through them now.

*The website is still a work in progress. Thank you for bearing with me as right now the blogs are not all there and it makes it a bit tricky to read prior blogs (for those who want to really experience how very amazing this journey has been). It will get better. For right now it is what it is. ;)…Gentle reminder again to SURRENDER! 😉

Now let’s enter into the heart of today’s ButterflyMoms blog….As you enter today’s blog I offer a gentle reminder to take eight super-deep BREATHS! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 aaaaaand………..8! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Breathing makes the journey juicier…and gives you more ENERGY POINTS for your day! 😉

This is the first morning in a long time that I can write again without having to give an Oprah report. She is still, very much, a guiding light for me. Now, I just move forward knowing that her energy and this latest experience is something that propels me forward into my destiny. Whatever that destiny is, is what is written in my heart…the trick is to get your brain to either TURN OFF or ALLOW you to start going towards YOUR path. Manifesting your destiny is not just a cool “new age” phrase. It is your soul’s plan for being on this planet.

Think about that. Most of us lead “under the radar” lives. We do what is “expected” of us. We worry that it is not enough. When we feel the ICKIES we STASH them deep inside…quick before anyone sees what our true feelings are. We are jealous of others who we PERCEIVE as prettier, wealthier, smarter, better looking mate, more kids, less kids, thinner ankles, bigger boobs, smaller boobs, better house, better zip code….the list is pretty much ENDLESS. Guess what?  On planet earth you will NEVER get 100% of EVERYONE’s approval! EVER! Even candidates who run for office who are super, super, super popular NEVER, EVER, EVER get 100%of the votes for that is simply not how the world is wired. The BIG difference between people who go for what they want and those who don’t is this….People who go for what they want FEEL that NOT GOING FOR IT is MORE PAINFUL than just maintaining their current life.

For me, pre-kids, I THOUGHT I was on a pretty good projectile. I THOUGHT I was GOING AFTER my DREAMS and I was. I was CHASING. CHASING. CHASING. Energetically when you chase something it runs from you even more! We’ve all seen that in some form in our lives. It was a very cool life in many ways, but also one FULL OF LIVING JUST OUTSIDE MY JOY…NEVER QUITE THERE.

This tremendous Oprah Show experience has brought MY “THERE” into my “HERE”. Take that in for a moment. How can YOU bring your dreams, passions, desires into YOUR “HERE”, the only place it can really be SAVOURED…and quite frankly, DEVOURED! 😉  YUMMA-LISH Y’ALL!!!!!!! 😉

Yesterday, I had my first workshop since the Oprah experience and it was FANTABULOUS!!! I hope the people who were there will leave a comment below as some have on Facebook because it was such an awesome experience! The energy was simply fabulous. We got to the heart of issues. We shifted energy around to where it better served us. We learned some TOOLS to help us cope with life’s ickies. We learned how to call our power back. We moved ENERGETIC BOULDERS that were on TOP of us under us so we could stand even taller! It FELT soooooooooooooo amazing to be with these ButterflyMoms! WOW!

They have asked that we meet again so I’m extending this invitation to you. We are meeting next Thursday, June 9th , 8pm at 783 Washington Street, Holliston. Easy to get to on Route 16 with plenty of free parking in the back. Cost is $25 at the door (you still need to pre-register though because space is limited) or just $20 if you drop off a check or pay through Paypal…

I am personally inviting you to this workshop to help YOU get back to the HAPPY YOU! It’s food for your soul…like a triple-dose of the ButterflyMoms blog!  Come play with me and some of the other ButterflyMoms! Simply sign up here…

I am deeply grateful and deeply humble by all the LOVE LOVE  LOVE! It is there for all of us to partake in. Just scoop up a great big heaping spoonful of LOVE and rub it on like lotion! Imagine the day you will have by doing that!! Have a RUB A DUB DAY!!! 😉

Great big hugs,



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My Mommy Is “BUSIER” than your Mommy!

A reminder that before you rush into reading this that you take a nice, deep, gorgeous breath so you can take it all in… (no cheating now ;)…..There! Doesn’t that feel “bettah”? Get ready to be inspired. You will feel lighter after reading this, promise!

I have one of the most fantastic neighbors in the world! Victoria is a very kind, funny soul whois always there when you need her and knows when to give space too. She is one of my biggest ButterflyMoms fans. Even though she lives next door and we have this amazing bond, I have not seen her in what could be weeks! Two days ago I sent her an email. It read, “Just so you know. I really, really love and miss you! I think about you all the time. Just not enough hours in the day for all that I’m trying to cram in so I’m uncluttering my time.”

When I read it back it shocked me. The words “crammed” and “uncluttering my time” hit me. What kind of life am I living here? What example am I giving my children? Here I was thinking I have a grip on my life’s flow and BOOM, sudden awareness of how I am not aligned with my desired life.

Moments like this are what life is all about if you want to live a happy one! Just like in meditation the goal is to focus on finding your goal(in this case wanting a happy, meaningful life) and then letting go. When your mind starts to wander GENTLY (Do not judge your behavior) bring it back. “Life” is the same way. When your life starts to wander GENTLY bring it back. Tomorrow I will write more about this topic because it is incredibly important!

In the meantime take wonderful care of yourself! Your children are learning how to treat themselves by WATCHING how you treat yourself!Red, Mama, Mia and Olivia


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