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Today Would Have Been Her 12th Birthday…

Fenway Park a week before about a week after Sophia’s first birthday.

Beautiful ‘Coach Me Maria’ Yummy Heart,

Every May 12 is different. Some are celebrations. Some are uneventful. Some are sad. Some just slip by… This one SUCKS, in fact, it’s been sucking for weeks now. The heart-wrenching sadness, I thought time would take care of, has had a resurgence this year. I’ve been crying for weeks so much so that my eyelids might be in a permanent state of puffy. Why? Well, it’s partly the deplorable state of the world… partly that even babies on this planet die… mostly because I wish I could bring her back.

Our beautiful our beloved Sophia died suddenly on June 22, 2006 for physical reasons no one, even today, understands. It was completely unexpected. It gutted us. It was extra hard because our little girl had just joyously celebrated her first birthday!

What a GLORIOUS day that was! Sophia was the happiest kid and it was super easy to fall in love with her. She had Downs and that just brought her level of LOVE to a whole new level. IT WAS SOOOOOO AWESOME TO BE AROUND THAT KIND OF LOVE! People literally came from all over the world for her birthday! Her life was a HUGE CELEBRATION… a month later Sophia lay dead in our arms. This can be such a cruel planet! A total gut punch that seems to revisit me whenever the mood strikes it. It leaves me heartbroken and in pieces.

Quite honestly, I am sick of crying. Occasionally I blocked the crying because what’s the use? Will it bring Sophia back???? After a while it’s just plain depressing and quite honestly lonely. Dead babies. Who wants to talk about that? And who wants to be around you when you are that sad? To be honest, the answer is not a lot of people. I am tired of hiding my feelings because people are so very uncomfortable about death, especially a baby’s death. They don’t know what to say. Many avoid us. They think we are “weird.” The reality is, they are right. It’s true. We are! When your child suddenly dies something in you shifts… in “icky” ways… but also in “magical” ones.

I realize I’m not honoring anyone by focusing on the icky so I begin looking for other ways to give meaning to Sophia’s amazing life. Parents often find ways to honor their beloved’s child life… like create a scholarship, dedicate a bench or start a race/event in that person’s honor… These did not feel like things that would honor Sophia’s short life.

Way before Sophia was born I had been an international business and life coach. After her death I became a different kind of coach. I started channeling… and processing some AMAZING information having to do with our energy body, which most people know almost NOTHING about. It’s the kind of information that people so desperately need right now. As I say in my book Finally FULL Of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA “Pain is part of life, suffering is optional.”

For almost ten years, my way of honoring Sophia was to write a blog. That blog was seen by Oprah Show producers and that was one of the reasons I got to be on two Oprah Shows! People were so very inspired by the blog that I kept writing. Every Friday for five years I wrote through pregnancies, temper tantrums, snow storms, clients, miscarriages, broker exams, arguments, business meetings, breast feedings, vacations… At first it took me the whole day to do the blog. By the end I could write a really powerful one within 20 minutes. Isn’t it amazing what happens when we FOCUS?

I wrote NO MATTER WHAT, because it was my sacred time to be with Sophia. I felt I could honor her, by helping others. It felt indescribably amazing when people, even total strangers, would write and say that what I had written changed their life. Breath-giving!

From all that writing came a calling to write a book. I was really bad at that too at first… So bad that I burned the first, second and third fully written manuscripts I had written, because they were not in alignment with the magical connection I have with Sophia… Finally, after 10 years in November of 2016… just days after the election, Finally FULL Of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA was unleashed into the world! It is the book that was calling to me!

For 10 years, I could not understand why it took so very long for the book to “come” but when it came out just days after the shocking election of the 45th president of the United States, I knew that everything is indeed divine… even when it does not make sense to us! Finally FULL Of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA captures the love vibration that Sophia and I still share. It’s a gift to the world downloaded here by me… an accidental writer with a big, sensitive heart and a geeky personality. #geeksunite #scienceisreal

This life is ugly, very ugly… but it is also magical. When we get stuck in the ugly… we live the the curse side. When we are able to shift our focus, we can live out the gift. That is the core definition of happiness.

Look, let’s be clear… happiness is not a straight line. Ugly still happens. Ugly will never not happen. It’s a part of this planet but it does not mean I have to move in! Each day I feel what I feel and remember to choose my focus. I invite you today to do the same. Take a moment… especially when the UGLY hits… and CHOOSE.

So today as I am reminded that I GET TO CHOOSE THE GIFT… I suddenly realize as I write this that this is the first birthday that the book Finally FULL Of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA is done… not almost… or just another re-write… or just one more round of edits… but DONE, DONE, DONE!!!

This is not about a product, it’s about a legacy. It’s a tool that helps people realize why they bothered to get a body in the first place! Countless people have told me how much the book is making a difference in their lives!

It makes my heart sing for joy to know that each time someone buys, recommends, gifts, opens, underlines, remembers, quotes, shares, reviews, learns, posts, lends, orders Finally FULL Of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA the LOVE VIBRATION on Mother Earth grows just a wee bit more! (That’s why I’m always writing LOVE RISING in my posts!)

Took this birthday photo this morning. We have this butterfly gate in front of our house in honor of our sweet girl Sophalicious!

I feel the information in the book is my way I’m honoring Sophia. In her name, I get to help make the world a better place one heart at a time. It’s sometimes ugly/messy work but so well worth it!

This weekend is also Mother’s Day in the States (last weekend in Europe)… and I could not think of a better post that this one to share with you. When I started it I had no idea where it was going… (I’m getting better at surrendering to what shows up) … but it ended in LOVE! HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sophia! I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to be your mamã. I LOVE YOU with all my heart! Beijinhos amor! Parabens!

Weirdmaste,                                                           Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa de Lourdes Cerveira Salomão-Schmidt                                                                            The birthday girl’s mamã  🙂


HELP SPREAD SOPHIA’s LOVE… I turn 50 on May 29th and I have a goal to get at least 50 Amazon reviews for Finally FULL Of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA. Guess what?! We’re up to 42!

GROW THE LOVE by leaving your review. It’s super easy!…


Where to buy Finally FULL Of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA…


  • Amazon…
  • Barnes & Noble…


  • Barnes & Noble or any bookstore… Call to pre-order. Takes about 2-3 days.


  • Cambridge… The Harvard Bookstore  
  • Holliston… Coffee Haven and Fiske’s General Store 
  • Medfield… Holistic Wellness Center 
  • Medway… TC Scoops and The Enchanted Fox 
  • Natick… Five Crows 
  • Newton… Boston College Bookstore                                                                             
  • Walpole… She Breathes 

If you have a favorite local bookstore suggest they carry it. I’d love, love, love to come do a book signing and/or workshop at your local bookstore!

This is a grassroots LOVE MOVEMENT that only grows when you spread the word.

Read it! Review it! Share it!




Artwork by Isabella Schmidt at age 5

Dear Coach Me Maria Fans,

Don’t have a lot of time today? GREAT! That is why I make these videos short, sweet and powerful!

What a beautiful day to be alive! So many of us wake up and condition ourselves to focus on the HALF EMPTY LIFE… The consequences of that are horrifying. That is the road to living a boring, painful life.

Got two minutes? Then watch today’s CMM video and get yourself out of your icky ‘unnatural state’ and back to your yummy ‘natural state’ of LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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PS Do you LOVE this video? Then share it with those you Love most. Give them the gift of themselves! 🙂

WHAT IS HAPPINESS ANYWAY?… Is anyone really happy, really?

What is Happiness?Beautiful Coach Me Maria Community…

Anyone else struggling with HAPPINESS? What is HAPPINESS anyway? Where do you find it? Where do you let it find you? Today’s short, yet sweet, video will help quickly re-direct you!

If you don’t know what facilitates or creates the by-product of happiness in your life you will never attain a life worth living. If you want to let go of your unhappiness check out this week’s Coach Me Maria video blog. It will help you light your way to your life’s purpose! Nothing feels better than that because your life is ALWAYS calling you! The pain you feel is not being able to answer the call. If you are reading this it’s time to answer it… Start today! Start here! Start now!… because you were born to live out your life’s purpose!

Great big hugs,




PS One way to find your way to your happiness… check out the HAPPY ME RETREAT… it is designed to challenge your fears and uncover your joys… WARNING: Following this formula leads to finding and living your life’s purpose. It is only for those who want to really live life out loud!



Which Glasses Did You CHOOSE This Morning?

Happy Friday Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

Am I the only one noticing a rather large amount of UNUSUAL events going on around us? Each day we get up we put on our “glasses”, sometimes we put on rose-colored glasses, other times the ones that see everything is unfair. There is an endless option of glasses to choose from. The interesting thing is that most of us don’t even CONSCIOUSLY remember that we have that choice. We just let our brains, luck, whatever side of the bed we woke up on, determine how we CHOOSE TO SEE OUR DAY. How we see our day determines what information we filter in, and what information we filter out. A bunch of these days strung together equal a “phase” in our life and a bunch of phases equals a lifetime.

What are you doing with YOUR lifetime? I know it’s no shock to you but even if a doctor has told you, you only have ____________ moments left to live, NONE OF US REALLY KNOWS how long we have left. It could be short or it could be long. How have you been doing with the moments you have? How have the glasses you have chosen to put on in your morning affected your life’s direction? Be kind with your answer. This does not mean lie to yourself or sugar-coat, rather it means to be honest and gentle.

This human being thing is not as easy as it may seem. There is a whole lotta pain and hardship on this planet, a whole lot. Seems like if you look at what is going on there are some cataclysmic events going on all over the world happening VERY CLOSE to each other. There is definitely a MAJOR SHIFT afoot! You don’t have to be psychic to see that! What will you do with that information? Will it close or open you?

I find that everything that is COMING AT ME in life is a lot easier to process if I’m in a frame of mind of being kind and gentle with how I’m doing. If I make an “icky” choice I get both “good” and “bad” consequences, but if I’m kind and gentle with myself I get to MOVE ON from the experience. On the other hand if I judge and punish my choice then part of the “bonus” with this option is that I get stuck in that one choice. I get to replay it over and over and over again. Seems silly when I CALL IT OUT like this doesn’t it? I don’t know why I do this but awareness brings light to the situation. With the glasses I just realized I could put on (instead of the ones that automatically put on without thinking) I see this lesson. It is time to stop and LET GO, for without LETTING GO I don’t have SPACE TO EMBRACE all the MAGIC, ADVENTURES and LOVE of our ABUNDANT UNIVERSE!!! OK ABUNDANCE COME AND GET ME! I’ve decided to stop playing hard to get! 😉 How about you? 😉


Great big hugs,



The Beautiful Maria Amelia...What an Incredible Soul!

PS Today’s ButterflyMoms is dedicated to the BEAUTIFUL people of Portugal, the land of my birth and of my ancestors. There is some heavy-duty financial instability, the prime minister literally quit yesterday and the government is on the verge of collapsing. A special love prayer goes out to my beautiful Aunt Maria Amelia who has worked hard all her life and now lives on a pension that is so ridiculously low that even though the cost of living is basically the same as here in the States, you could not pay your monthly phone bill with how little she lives on. My heart goes out to her and the other amazing people of Portugal.  I ask you for your prayers and good vibrations. May our good energy bring them much solace!

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The Magic of Elliott Spreads…

Good Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

You’ll never guess who called me last night!? Our beautiful ELLIOTT from last week’s post! I wish I had the technology know-how to take the message from my cell’s VM and transfer it here but for now I think you will get a kick out of me transcribing what his sweet voice said…”Hello Maria this is Elliott. I just wanted to call you and tell you that I read your blog and it was a very nice blog and I was reading the comments. It was very sweet. I guess it does make a difference, you know, encounters like that. As I mentioned it makes ripples and it affects people and those people affect other people. I told my wife about it and she was very pleased. She was very, very pleased. Anyway, I hope to speak to you again and perhaps see you at Starbucks (chuckling) and continue or conversation. You take care and thank you very much, bye-bye.”

It just gives me goosebumps to hear that message again this morning. WOW! It seriously feels like touching MAGIC and the only way to touch magic is to BE PRESENT. If you chase it or try to grab it *POOF* it disappears. The blog last week was one of THE highest rated ButterflyMoms post so far. It touched a nerve in people. It contains what we all seek, L-O-V-E, True Love. To truly LOVE one needs to be fully present. In that moment, Elliott, my daughter Mialotta and I were FULLY IN THE PRESENT HAVING FUN, and that rippled to the baristas behind the counter, and then to all the ButterflyMoms who rippled it to….you let us know!

LOVE is contagious! It’s fun! Many of us  spend hours thinking about the fear of not having enough money or time but how much time do we spend being present with our LOVE. Love for and of anything around you. Many of us cannot access this without realizing this point so we, especially in AMERICA, we hoard. Oh yes we do. Someone observed to me that American garages are filled with sports equipment from every sport you can imagine but do the people really use it, well, no, not most of us but we keep the stuff because….I have been writing ButterflyMoms long enough to know that you can fill in your own answer. YOU KNOW THAT TOO! Each of us has our own answers, we just need to be in the present moment and open to hearing them. Oftentimes we pay others  A WHOLE LOT of money to either confirm what we already know or cover up what we desperately don’t want others to “find” out.

My Four Living Children in Newport for a Day Trip...Did you notice the words above Christopher's head?

Allow me to save you some time and heartache, most people, on some level, think they are either “NOT ENOUGH” or “TOO MUCH”. Some can even feel both things about different parts of their lives. 🙂 When you feel this way and you don’t address it in the present, you will live life in the LAND OF SHOULD filling it up with as much STUFF as you can to find THAT ONE THING THAT WILL FILL YOUR EMPTINESS.

The magic of Elliott has continued growing I wonder where it will take you next…

Great big honkin’ hugs sishtah- friends! (and those brothas from anotha motha who faithfully read ButterflyMoms EVERY Friday! I see you!),



ButterflyMoms founder…YAY!

PS We BUTTERFLYMOMS have won our FIRST AWARD!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! (standing ovation!!!) We won the “IRRESISTIBLY BRILLIANT BLOG AWARD given by Rev. Melissa Bennett who writes the blog “Pen, Paper, Prayer”.This is our very first blog award and I am so thankful to Rev. Melissa for thinking of us. In the spirit of generosity, I have also been asked to confer this award upon ten blogs and authors whose work inspires and moves me. Next week I will post our top 10 list. If you have suggestions post them below so that we can promote people who are living their passions! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FEELS AWESOME!….like touching magic 😉

PPS  It has been three weeks since my BIG DREAM got delivered to me, the book I helped write called “Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire”!!! I sold FOUR books last week which was much better and zero last week. If you have been meaning to buy yours please do right now! My goal is to sell at least 300 in 2011. The people who have read it love it. I sign every book and wrap it with lots of love! You never know what magic comes to you when you create magic for others! To order now go to

Here is where the books have gone to ButterflyMoms…



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Rome, Italy     3

When you buy a book you represent your area. Let’s see where all the ButterflyMoms live!!! :)! This is FUN! To buy your copy Click here now…

PPS Lots of LOVE being sent to the ButterflyMoms of Wisconsin! :)!

…And Then There Is OPTION #3!

Good Morning Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

It is sooooooooooo wonderful to wake up EVERY Friday morning way before even the sun gets up knowing that I’m going to CONNECT WITH YOU! It feels wonderful knowing I’m feeding so many souls by just being myself! And for you, beautiful ButterflyMoms, when you CONNECT in this manner there is less DEFENSE because you can read slowly or a part of it and then come back to it later. In other words, you can process it at any speed you wish. I like to think of it like a “pitching fork” that is used for aligning notes. When you come to ButterflyMoms and let the words “tune your life” you re-align to your true life’s purpose…and that is why we are all here, after all! It’s as simple and luscious as that! So here we go…

Winter in New England...from my deck.

The last few months have been ovary-busters! WHEW-EW CHILD! Some seriously crazy stuff has been unfolding. Many people did not find it comfortable for me to be in that ICKY PLACE but I did not want to leave it because I had not processed what I was going through. I have not fully left this uncomfortable place but I have found some incredible nuggets of information. The biggest one right now is that I do not have to own what I cannot control.

Sometimes as Moms we put ourselves in the position of God/Goddess/Allah/ Buddha. By this I mean we take on EVERYONE’s issues and make it our own. This is an impossible task that has killed the life force of many of our ancestors. Think about that harsh reality!

I was doing a meditation in my energy medicine school last weekend and I realized that I was guilty of wanting to fix everyone’s problems so that they could be safe….so that I could be safe. My fear of not being safe was so big that I oftentimes did not even check in with the person to see if they wanted my help or not. HELLOOOOO REALITY CHECK! This summer I had three very strong (energetically speaking) individuals do that to me and I can tell you that from the receiving side, it does NOT feel good at all when others try to SAVE YOU WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION!! ICKY!!!! YUCK!!!!

My girls :)!

My childhood did not exactly teach me about TRUST so now in adulthood I’m sticking in my pinky toe to see if the waters of trust feel right to me. I know there is a large “reward”, amazing treasures, if I can open up, really open up to the magnificence that is all around. Being closed cuts us off from sooooooooooo much cool “stuff”!!! …..and I’m talking about experiences, not things. SIDENOTE: Author Dan Buetner studies real sources of happiness. He quoted a study that the impact of new material things only lasts 9 months but experiences add value over time. 🙂 (and THAT is why ladies and gentlemen that I LOVE to travel!!!!) 😉

So back to this idea of trying to fix everything (hope I did not give you whiplash just now by moving back to the topic from which we digressed 😉 MOMMY MARTYRS DON’T HELP ANYONE! It is a not-so-great way to use your energy and then when you get depleted you get VERY cranky, moody or both and then, much like Godzilla, unleash your wrath unto the closest unsuspecting victims. You and I both now it can get very, very icky because the anger gets so big that you either attack someone else or turn it against yourself. For many of us we don’t know there is a third option, YES my fellow BUTTERFLYMOMS!!! YES, there is a THIRD OPTION and that is to give it away!

When you let go of what you cannot control all you have left is BEAUTY!

Now that I’ve totally confused you allow me to explain…Whenever we run across something that is too much to handle simply do the parts of it that you can, no matter how small or insignificant they feel, and then for the parts you cannot handle simply give them up to….here is where the fun begins. I did a mental exercise where I realized that I could give my ickies or the things that were too big for me to handle to rocks. Yes, you read it correctly, R-O-C-K-S, ROCKS!! In my exercise the rocks actually said “GIVE US YOUR PAIN. GIVE US YOUR HURT. WE LOVE EATING THAT STUFF.” Well, I did and know what? IT FELT AWWWWWWWESOME!!! Yes it did! I felt a huge weight being lifted. I found that it works MUCH better to stop acting like God and simply give it up to Spirit. Something happens where we think we need to do it all ourselves…(how’s that workin’ fer ya?)…..and that is simply not the case. THAT is why we feel so overwhelmed and why we keep trying to fill it with more STUFF!!! Do you see it? Take an aerial view of your life. Can you see where you have done this? Can you see where you do this? Here’s your chance to feed the rocks!!!

Welcome to Option #3! It's all around us!

Now my brain is scared that I just blogged that the rocks spoke to me but in this exercise they did so I’m going outside my comfort zone and letting you know too. Hope it helps some of you out there. I know it might seem silly but SILLY WORKED for me and it just may work for you, plus it’s 1. FREE  2. Does not hurt anyone and 3. No one knows that you are doing it….unless you put it on your own blog!!! 😉

I’m hearing little feet, gotta put on my “Mommy hat”.

Great big honkin’ hugs my lovelies,



ButterflyMoms founder…YAY!

Yes, and she only JUST turned 7!!! 😉


This week is the inauguration week for BFMs listing your events all over our planet. Send me your cool events that feed other ButterflyMoms’ Souls by Wed to have them included in Friday’s ButterflyMoms blog…


– From one of OUR ButterflyMoms, Nancy Senior in Worcester, MA…This Saturday, January 29th and Sunday 30th all day, it’s the Three Rivers Building Community Retreat! Come experience many different treatments demos including Reiki, Healings, Massage, Yoga, Raw foods and more. Affordable and fun! For more info: . I’m going with my girls Sat morning! Come join us!

– From one of OUR ButterflyMoms, Betty Ripley, Holliston, MASewing 101 Class. Come learn how to sew in a class environment that is supportive and fun. The way Betty knows how to teach a class it simply just another form of meditation. The four week class starts Monday, January 31, 7-9pm for $75. I’m taking the class too! For more details call Maria 617.877.3616. Betty is also teaching a quilting class and has kids’ classes.

– From one of OUR ButterflyMoms, Becky Geer-Linnell, Medway, MAKniting 101 & Beyond Class. Just like the sewing class this is an incredibly fun way to connect to yourself by doing something that human being have been doing for thousands of years. Come learn how to knit in a wonderful environment. The four week class starts Tuesday, January 31, 7-9pm for $75. For more details call me 617.877.3616.

ButterflyMoms ROCK! (get it?!) 😉

– From one of OUR ButterflyMoms, Maria Salomão-Schmidt, Holliston, MA AND ALL OVER THE WORLD!Stitch n’ Bitch Get Together at Doug Sent Me Green Cleaners in the downtown of an idyllic New England town called Holliston, Massachusetts. It was sooooo incredibly cathartic. It was so wonderful that the people who came asked if we could do it again in two weeks instead of a month. If you don’t live close enough to Holliston to come Thursday, Feb 3 from 6-8pm then join your own group. Building community is another way we feed our soul and it’s FREE! For more info go to their official site….

Buy the book to feed your entrepreneurial soul!

PS  WONDERFUL NEWS!!! My first book “Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire” was shipped on Monday!!! For ButterflyMoms who order it online it is discounted to $19.99 for ButterflyMoms (down from $25). Please order a copy and recommend to your online friends. Click here to buy, and post the link on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, …. WHEW WHO!!!!!!!!

Being In Your Joy…Attracts Your Life’s Purpose!

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

OH YES! Magic is in the air! YES! YES! YES! And if you look at the routes your life has taken, you will find there have been a series of “mini” events that over time created major shifts. It’s what Dr. Wayne Dyer describes as the… you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know and suddenly you get it and it makes soooo much “sense” that you cannot imagine how you did not see it before! It’s the kind “A-HA moment” gift you receive from going with your intuition even when your brain does get it.

Back in April I got invited by my wonderful friend Corinne to attend my first Goddess weekend in Vermont at an Inn her friend owns. The Goddess Weekend is a very sacred event that started over a decade ago by a bunch of very cool women. The only way to go is if someone invites you. You can stay for a total of four days (probably more if you really wanted) in this idyllic Vermont inn but the whole time you do whatever you want, whenever you want – read, sleep, hike, eat, write, talk, play cards, shop… Even the food is prepared for us (you can volunteer to help but there is no obligation). As a mother of five, having three days just for me (with not even a husband) was something I had not had in years and years. That heart gift Corinne gave me lead to a major life shift for it was that weekend in the quietness of my shabby-chic room named “Kindness” I first began writing my ButterflyMoms blog. 😉 (Deep breath)

We picked Saturday to leave because of family obligations. My house was the meeting place. When everyone got here I suggested we go to the absolutely fabulous store, KAMALA DESIGNS, because I told the owner, Kate, I would stop by for her special sale. KAMALA is a very special place with a lot of soul, a lot, lot! On the way there we stopped at the wonderful Mudville Farmers Market that “Mayor” Blair also started with his heart and soul. Side note: From my house we can easily walk to these gems! It feels amazing to be able to live my dream of walking everywhere! Oprah says that your home should come up to meet you and the town of Holliston, especially Mudville does that for me, it comes up to great me and is always getting better and better. It was an AMAZING way to start the weekend!

Because I was swimming in my passion and doing the things that fill me, I felt very emotional that day. I was feeling deep gratitude and seeing beauty wherever I looked. I felt completely open and magical things kept happening. Like while at Kamala’s, Kate (the owner), came up to me and “randomly” and wrapped a string bracelet around my wrist. It had been blessed by the Dali Lama and been to several spiritual places in the world including Machu Picchu. It has a little copper charm with “BLESSED” written on it. It is a miracle catcher that you are supposed to wear until if falls off. Well, this past weekend at my energy medicine school, during a very powerful weekend it fell off!!!!

Since it fell off three days ago, I have attracted a new mission and a team of people to help me “birth” this amazing dream of “being the fire that ignites people’s souls”. As I was showing an incredible space to Rae of Cosmic Sister (another very cool shop/studio in Holliston), I started describing how it would be such a great space for a healing co-op/center or spiritual incubator. As I spoke I started “wearing” the vision I was describing. It was like it was something that belonged to me but my brain did not know how to take it or where to put it. From my training at the Rhys Thomas Institute I have learned to stay open even when my brain is wigging out. (Intuition does NOT come from the brain.) By staying open I found that people were literally attracted to me like a magnet. Suddenly I attracted an incredible videographer, world-class mind mapper, kind landlord, heart-led investor, and several health practitioners who want sacred space, (and I also got asked if I want to join a speakers’ bureau that focuses on peace) all in three days since the little string bracelet (that reminded me of my greatness and deservedness for the last 8 months) fell off.

I don’t know exactly how this will turn out but I have a stronger intention than I did on Sunday because I’ve been reminded by the beautiful Christine to narrow my goals. If you say you are “open to anything” then that is what you attract. That is not what I really meant, I wanted something specific but had not given myself permission to say it. I am completely open to the abundance of making money doing what I really, really, really love…..and that is being the fire that ignites people’s souls!

I hope that I inspire you to do what is feels right to you, big or little steps are irrelevant for when you reach you ”tipping point” not even the ocean can stop you! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! LOOK MOM I CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!! 😉

Check back in next Friday for our next ButterflyMoms update! You might just be bearing witness to the birthing of The ButterflyMoms Healing Co-op/Center. You are a part of this magnificent dream!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! See how powerful you are! OH YES! Magic is in the air! YES! YES! YES!

Great big hugs beautiful ButterflyMoms! I LOVE YOU!



 More info about two wonderful local, woman-owned businesses with lots of soul…

Kamala Designs –

Cosmic Sister Art Studio & Resale Shop –

PS  PS I’m sooooo thrilled that my dream of writing a book is finally come true!!! Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire is the amazing wisdom of 21 entrepreneurial moms who are passing on their knowledge to those who don’t have time for beating around the bush! We all need to make money NOW and live our lives well NOW. This book will definitely help in a very profound way! It’s coming out at the end of January. It will be $25 but if you pre-order it now you get it for only $19.99. Of course I will autograph it for you too! J Send me an email at and I will send you the order form. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!

Life has a “funny” way of feeding your soul….especially when you least expect it!

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

I feel compelled to start today’s blog with a cute give-us-perspective story. It’s a total mommy story! I put my two youngest in the bathtub and as I got to the doorway of the bathroom and slipped on something wet on the floor. My youngest started giggling. When I took off her diaper off earlier Isabella went to the corner and peed there! (sigh) Only with our kids can we start giggling together over almost breaking my neck by slipping on urine!!! It’s all about how you look at the situation, don’t cha think? 😉

We are all full into fall and that what I’m noticing is that we are deep into “BUSY”.  For me at least my heart cries out for things I want to do. Some of the things that have popped up are, wanting to go to visit a museum, wanting to hang out with heart friends or even getting a massage. As summer ends we enter the hustle and bustle of autumn’s ushering the new school year. We begin to mindlessly “fall” into schedules, feeding our souls less. It gets darker. Might be Mother Earth telling us to sleep more but instead, for me, at least, I’m sleeping less. Pushing the envelope more and more.  Fighting the “tired” feeling because I feel like after my kids go to bed if I go too all I have left is my never ending to do list. I stay up and watch a movie or read or eat….oh, who am I kidding, it’s not “or eat”, it’s “and eat”. I feel empty in many ways as a person because I have fallen into that whole again. You know the one. It’s the one you have fallen into, especially as a Mom, a million times and you still “go there” even when you realize what it does to you and your family. (deep breath – “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”)

We tend to categorize our lives as either a success or failure. Most of us think it’s all going well or totally sucks. Very few of us stay even on that. Just as I thought things were “sucking” I noticed the universe sent me some wonderful angels. I’d like to share three interactions that touched my heart this week.

I had a showing to do for my company Brick House Realty in Marlborough, MA and on my way home I go through Southborough. There is a little playground by the water I always pass but have never stopped at. Well, I had my too youngest with me (my bathtub babes from the story above 😉 and since it was soooooooo unseasonably warm I thought it would be awesome to let them run free! It also took me back to our summer when we went to the park almost EVERY day and how we had gotten away from that  back here stateside. I met the most AMAZING woman. Her name is Suzanne and she lives in Ashland. She had had a similar calling to the park as I had. We hit it off like fireworks. It felt sooooo sensational to connect with her. I started speaking to her about Sophia and she listen with an open heart. I long for opportunities to speak about her life and not her death and I got that chance from Suzanne. It filled my heart with such joy! She felt the same thing. Before we “accidently” ran into each other we were both feeling empty we both left feeling FULL! I LOVE how if you allow yourself the room the world is always ready to offer you solutions of LOVE! YAY WORLD!!!

Secondly, today I just got off the phone with a wonderful woman Adrienne from Arlington. She is looking at one of my listing and we quickly got on the subject to spirituality, Mama lessons, etc. I nearly fell of my chair when I mentioned my blog and she said, “NO WAY! I was feeling really down last week and found your blog. It made me feel so much better! You’re ‘her’?!” Now how cool is that? The world is always working in “mysterious” ways -that means ways we have not figured out the why but trust that EVERY, EVERY, EVERYTHING is working in divine order! Think about it NOTHING can happen in a vacuum. Everything is connected to everything else. There is always a cause and an effect (even when your five sense don’t pick it up!!!) HEY I JUST HAD A MOMENT OF INSPIRATION! WHAT DO YOU THINK…. “Which came first, cause or effect?” Ok, reaching a bit? But think about it isn’t a cause just an effect of something else???? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm….

Finally, a few weeks ago I wrote a blog about a young woman who was crying in the airport. (I highly suggest going back to that blog. It might deeply help you on your journey.) Well out of the blue she wrote to me today. I had given her my card at the airport in case she needed something. She was all alone with an infant and too many carry-ons on her way to missing her flight to NY from Miami and then flying to Russia!!! (WITH AN INFANT!!!) YIKES!

This is the email Anastasia sent me today… Hi, it’s me – crying girl with a cutest baby boy from the Miami airport.) Thank you very much for helping me out. I’ll always remember you! I feel so grateful for your support and help. I’m so lucky I met you at the right place at the right time!) We got in New York on time and I caught my flight to Russia thanks to you and that nice lady at the register- she did a great job and got me a ticket at the very last minute – I actually had to run to get on my air plain on time. Now I’m in Russia, Omsk, with my family and friends. Hope you got on time at the wedding. Wish y’all doing well happy and healthy.     -Anastasia

When I got this I just cried and cried because I felt sooooooooo much love for having stood up for LOVE that day, not caring what others thought. It still feels so powerful. It is an example of being in one’s power! In your own life when do you feel POWERFUL? Look for those moments when you are in your zone!!!!

Thank you again for allowing me to write to your heart. My hope is that you have had a DELICIOUS BUFFET for your soul!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you have visited ButterflyMoms today! I graciously invite you to come every Friday to partake in the yummies for your soul. Together we are all making our lives flow better and that affects everyone around us. We are all making the world a better place one life lesson at a time!

Great big hugs,


PS Only three more months until my book comes out! It’s called “Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire: Top experts share strategies for success. ”  I will keep you posted! New York Times Best Sellers list here I come!!! 😉

My Mother/My Self…My Goodness/My Ickiness!




Here is the next chapter in how to….UnClutterYour Life and Finding the Hidden Treasures

WARNING: The content you are about to read is soooooooo inspiring that it may cause tears and an uncontrollable urge to send this blog to others. DO NOT fight the urges. DO NOT adjust your computer. DO giggle and cry and ponder and share and breathe and write and draw and sing and whatever else feels good to you in the moment. What you are feeling is the AUTHENTIC YOU, reaching out of its shell. Feel free to TRY THIS AT HOME…AND OFTEN! “FEED YOUR SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!”  It’s soooooo easy! Start here…

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms!

My second year of healing school starts today and I’m THRILLED! It is the one place where I’m finally getting the answers AND tools to bring my life into the alignment of my soul. Some of those tools and nuggets of my enlightenment I’ve shared with you here in the Land of ButterflyMoms! Because of this journey I have a lot more peace, awareness and love in my life. I’ve been able to take some of the things that were sucking my energy (or rather that I was giving my energy to) and stopped “paying” those hefty fees! Do I hear an “AMEN!” gorgeous ButterflyMom “sistahs”? 😉


My Beautiful Mom and my "Little" Brother Who is Currently Serving in Iraq


One of my biggest energy drains was my relationship with my mom. The details don’t really matter. The “REALITY” is that I JUDGED HER and the SITUATION before she even entered the room. Although I’ve always LOVED my mom, I can’t honestly say I’ve ever had a REAL relationship with her because I was creating “the scene” and “the person” of her and then reacting to that instead of who she is. DEEP BREATH.

Why? I was afraid of being hurt. It was a defense mechanism from when I was a child but with adult powers it is more intense. Unexamined, it starts blending in with the background and becomes part of your “normal” so it is harder to notice, even though it’s right there. It is a pure ENERGY DRAINER. You pay in energy dollars EVERY time you think about it. It’s like paying the mortgage (or investing) in a shitty ‘ole shack when you could have the perfect house for you! When you invest in “shitty” energy you know it when your life is showing up shitty. 😉 How many of us have been there, in the land of shitty and don’t know why?! Well now you know! TAH DAH!

If you asked me even a few months ago I would tell you that my Mom was “this” and she was “that” and not enough of the “other” but in reality she is, and always been, just her, maybe even with her own mask but I cannot tell because I have never really “met” her. The only way to “meet” her is to first “meet” me without all the defenses and force fields and protective gates around _________________(fill in the blank with whatever works for you: my feelings of not being enough, not being pretty/thin/young/coiffed/smart ENOUGH! When I’m in my “DEFENSE” how can she let her guard down?

Our moms are just people who did the best they could with what they had which is THE best that any Mom can do. The gift of being a mom is that you now get to see what it is like on the “other side”.  I’m noticing the Land of Shitty creeping up on my relationship with my six year old daughter. I’m seeing the “shitty shack energy investment” starting to show itself. I am thankful because I see it. I don’t know how this “ends” but I’m thrilled at having the knowledge and awareness to begin playing with it. I can already feel the pure LOVE shining through the cracks…..and it feels FANTASTIC!

Great big hugs,




Dearest ButterflyMoms,

Yesterday we started speaking about inspiration and then the subject evolved into another AWARENESS lesson. There must be a lot of growth going on because the subject of AWARENESS is popping a lot here for my intuitional writing! 😉 Go with the flow!

So today’s blog is going to be short and sweet so that you have time to really SEE YOURSELF today. (DEEP BREATH) Truly SEEING YOURSELF will unlock all that MAGNIFICENT TREASURE you have inside of you! It is WAYYYYYYYYYY bettter than any lottery you could win, promise!

So today, close your eyes (after you finish reading this, of course 😉 ) and picture yourself in 20 years if you have followed your best and highest good paths in life. Where are you? Is there anyone around you? What is the future you like? Let her give you a hug, a big one. She LOVES YOU! She wants the best for you. She sees how you are making choices that bring you a lot of suffering. She has been through all that. SHE IS YOU. No one knows you better than she does. What name will you give her so that you can easily identify her energy in your life? Mine is TAWANDAH!!!!! 😉 Will you be open and listen to what she has to say to you? Give yourself that gift. You are completely SAFE with her. SHE WANTS THE BEST FOR YOU. What advice does she have for you? (DEEP BREATHS)

Take a few moments to be with her and see what she shows you. We see time as linear but it is not. You have deep, deep wisdom there at your fingertips from your TAWANDAH. She wants to share with you the same way you would want to share if your younger self showed up in your life asking for advice. Reap the rewards of deep wisdom. Swim in the wonderful feeling of being around her. Feel her hugs. Feel free to ask her whatever you like. You might want to keep paper handy in case you want to write. You will forget this wisdom over time even if you have the best intentions, writing will help you remember.

If you feel comfortable share the nuggets of truth and wisdom you find. Be open to whatever kind of experience you have. This is fun! You are safe!

Great big hugs,


PS Spread the love….

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