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Sometimes Pictures Are More Powerful Than Words..

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

Today I was going to write about something else but then I downloaded these photos and I felt the need to post them. They are of Doug, my life partner’s visit here to Portugal. If you look at the faces you see represented in these photos the deep love of a family. They show how two people who grew up in massively abusive homes can heal enough to come together… and learn to TRUST the world… then give back to it. They teach about FORGIVENESS, even we repeat old worn-out patterns that attract pain and discord. They are a reminder that WE ARE ALL MADE UP FROM LOVE. It is for certain that we NEED EACH OTHER. None of us is ever truly alone, except in our heads.

EVERYONE jump on Papa!!!!!!! Ouffff!

Olivia and Papa cooking 🙂

Dropping off Isabella at her pre-school.

Look at these photos and see what you need to GET INTO YOUR ALIGNMENT, YOUR joy! None of us knows how long we have to live. Don’t know why we all forget that but it is a MASSIVE EPIDEMIC OF FORGETFULNESS. It is ridiculous how much time we waste on CRAPolla, doing what we THINK we are SUPPOSED to do! I know that is not the “divine way” of saying it, but COME ON NOW!!!!

This is the backyard of the apartment in Lisboa where my mom grew up from 1947 until she married my father in 1964. My Tio Carlos (always beautifully dressed – pictured here in his tie and sports jacket) still lives here! Doug with my cousin's husband and my mom's brother. They are both Carlos Alberto as luck would have it! Pretty cool how that happens in life… O Freud! 😉


Great big hugs from beautiful Portugal,

PS Enough people have responded so I will be including some cool information about Portugal in the next blog. J


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√  Here is the magnificent ButteflyMoms interview on Nancy L. Cantor‘s Dream Factory Television Show… I hope you watch it and that it feeds your soul! !

Oftentimes after we picked up Bella at school we took her to the beach to make sand-angels!!!! Who knew a practically bald man could track in soooo much sand in his head! 😉

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Soooooo much LOVE that even when Doug went running along the Atlantic Ocean, he sweats in hearts… totally true photo. The second I saw it I asked him to hold his shirt and took the photo.

“Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire”


Anaheim 1
Fullerton 1
Sacramento 1
San Bruno 1

Cromwell 1
Greenwich 1
Yalesville 1

Fort Lauderdale 1

Seminole 1

Roswell 1

Louisville 1

Stops at small cafe's happened at least once a day… AT LEAST!

Biddeford 1

Chestertown 1

Lisboa at night is breath-giving!

Ashland 3
Blackstone 2
Bolton 1
Canton 1
Framingham 1
Holliston 17
Hudson 4
Medway 8
Millis 1
Millbury 4
New Bedford 1
North Easton 1
Rutland 1
Sherborn 1
South Grafton 1
Watertown 1
Westborough 1
Wrentham 1
Worcester 3
Wrentham 1

Stunning city of Lisboa!!!!!

Lee’s Summit 1

Laconia 1

Scarsdale 1
Stony Brook 1

Dublin 1

Newport 1

Waitsville (Mad River Valley) 2


Dinner party in Lisboa put on by our friends Trev (British & Portuguese) and Eileen (from Pittsburgh) and their daughter Dorothy… in Doug's honor. Also had two American students there and another couple. What a fabulous time! The food was out of this world!!!!! 🙂 THANKS TREV, EILEEN and DOROTHY! YOU ROCK!

 “Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire” BOOKS SOLD OUTSIDE UNITED STATES

Wien 2

Dublin, Ireland 1

Rome, Italy 3

Tokyo  1

Santa Maria (Azores/Açores)  1

Greenock 1

Madrid 1
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Can't get enough of our Papaaaaaaaaaa! While we took a walk around the corner from our house… Not bad weather for October, eh?!

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Mialotta ended running almost 5 miles with Papa along the coast WITHOUT STOPPING! This was her at the end!!!! She had never really ever run before…WOW!

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Local Food Market in Paco de Arcos, Portugal

Whose Business Is it?

Wake up to your life!

Hello Beautiful Butterfly Moms!!!!!

This week was full. I’ve made a huge shift from last year. This year I have picked specific days to do the activities that feed my soul. It feels sooooo much better. In the program I’m taking we are learning to take back our power. What that means is that you feel better (no, not perfect but “better” – much, much better). When you have more of your energy you get more intuition. It’s like getting better TV reception after years of getting nothing but static. It feels great!

Today I want to give you something wonderful. It is sooooo simple and sooooo lovely. Get ready to open your mind and take in this very useful tool that helps get your energy back. It’s just like looking at your finances. Seeing what you’re paying out and checking in with yourself if it is something that is worth the price is what we are talking about here. So many times we keep grudges that we are not even aware of. Even without conscious awareness they are draining our energy field. Bringing awareness is therefore key! How do you do this? Here’s one simple tool that is VERY powerful. Don’t pooh-pooh it because it is simple. It totally works!

First it is important that your brain is there to SERVE you. If you don’t lead it, the brain will FREAK OUT and start giving YOU orders. If you don’t have awareness or energy, you don’t even notice that you are no longer in charge, soon the behavior becomes a habit. As soon as it becomes a habit most human beings will see it as “normal’/ “the way it is” and will never question it again. This is the recipe for an unhappy life, the kind where you effort and effort and effort with no results and wonder why the world is so unfair.

So as you go through your day, you will begin having thoughts. Let’s say that the first person you  think of is your brother and something he is doing that you don’t approve of. Perhaps in your opinion he is too tight or too loose with his money. You worry about him. You talk to your other siblings about him. You think about him. Here’s the million dollar energy question…… Now take a deep breath. (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) Whose business is his money? (enter song from Jeopardy….ta-ta-ra-ta-ta-ta-ta)

Make time to smell the flowers

There are three types of business, your, another’s and God’s. Your brother’s money is HIS BUSINESS. (“full-stop” as the British say.) If you sit there and judge him, even if you think it’s for his own good, all you are doing is giving him your energy and depleting yourself. Is complaining about him to others giving you more or less energy? Is thinking about what he SHOULD do with his money giving YOU more or less energy? Is constantly bombarding him with your “helpful” advice (even if you are just thinking it) is that giving you more or less energy. How would you react if he did the same to you? We all mean well but we have never been taught that there is a line. The best “advice” we can give is to lead exemplary lives, meaning lives fully in our own power. Our own GPS system is only activated when we hit a certain energy level. This week I invite you to bring back more of your power. (oh and a little side note) Bringing back more of your power does not mean you are crazy-out of control. Being more in your power means feeling more grounded, connected, content, alive, happy, full. Enjoy playing with different situations. Remember it’s all about learning. When you know better you do better. Feel free to email me questions. Our entire planet’s energy is shifting, be a conscious part of this VERY exciting time!

Great big hugs,


PS What would help some of you even more is if you sent a few friends this to read and you worked on it together. Remember birds of a feather….not everyone will be open but for those who are you are gifting them the gift of themselves. There “ain’t” nothin’ bettah than that!


My Sleeping Beauty

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms!!!

I LOVE TALKING TO YOU EVERY DAY! Thanks for showing up my dears! It means a whole lot! Here’s today’s blog. Hope you LOVE it!

When we were growing up our parents had a lot of respite (time away from their kids). Once we got home from school everyone pretty much went outside and played until it was dark outside. The street lights coming on is a childhood symbol of many people which meant that it’s time to go home – where you will wash your hands and sit down to dinner. Those are happy memories for most of us. We got to play with our friends, hang out outside and move our bodies.

Now, with the FEAR of “WHAT IFs ” that has prevailed this generation most children don’t have that same experience. Instead, as you all well know, it’s the AGE OF THE  PLAYDATE! Many moms have their own calendars and one for the kids. Social pressures tend to push people to fill their children’s lives chock full of interestingly named classes. All this fueled by the fear that if we don’t, our child will somehow be left behind. 🙁 Add to that pressure the feeling that it seems like everyone is doing it. The FEAR VOICES flood our heads. We feel a tightness in our chest, jaw, and stomach when we think of our kids in pain. So even though we are exhausted and/or cash-limited, we find a way to add “just one more” thing to the kid calendar, in the hopes that this will be the thing that will make his/her life that much better.

A fact that is hardly ever discussed or observed by our society is that if you are raising children in America you have absolutely NO support unless you have family/friends around who can help you, or cold hard cash. This puts many moms into very challenging positions. If you find yourself in this position, step back and check in with yourself. Activate your “HOW DOES THAT FEEL? button” and your “WHAT GIFT DOES THIS COME TO TEACH ME? button. Remember to access your breath to help you connect. You will start getting INTUITION HITS. They will be “vewy”, “vewy” quiet at first. Nurture them. Give them breath. Believe in them. They will grow louder and stronger and over time it will be easier (and FUNNER-ER ;)) to hear!!!

Be kind to yourself. Being a parent is an incredible journey! If you don’t give yourself the space to BE and LISTEN and NAP, you are going to hit the BUMPS! REPEAT AFTER ME…WHEN I HIT THE “BUMPIES” I will immediately take a nap OR at the very least start using my breath again. BREATHE BABY BREATHE!!!!

Go out there and have an absolutely delicious day! I MEAN IT! Your day is a complete reflection of the thoughts you are sending out! Remember that!

Great big hugs,


PS I’m filming my three minute audition for the talk show competition for the Oprah Winfrey Network. This is different from what they called me about but my goal is strong and I am taking all roads I can to get to MY promised land! I have a dream! I hope it inspires you to follow yours! The world would be a MUCH better place if you did.


One of my biggest teachers in today's lesson!

Yesterday we went to Mass General in Boston for what we hoped would be my husband’s last appointment. He fell ill two years ago and after being hospitalized for a week, severe headaches, internal bleeding, surgery, going blind twice, joint pain, being on high level of steroids, losing weight (because he was sick) and then gaining weight (because of the steroids), getting chemo, getting chemo again, this was his last appointment!!! YAY!!!!!!!

We went with our two youngest girls to the hospital. Isabella, 2,  is still in diapers and after a weekend in NY where they sometimes forgot she was lactose intollerant, she now had raging diarhhea. To add to this adventurous story, because our minds were on something else (Doug’s appointment’s outcome), we also forgot the diaper bag! YAY!!!!!!! That is a BIG  I-N-C-O-M-I-N-G!!!! Doug had just changed her diaper before and that had been her third one that day so we thought we was safe…..maybe????!….PLEASE GOD, PLEASE! 😉

No such luck! As we were waiting for the doctor I noticed my lap was getting wet (I can hear your “uhhhhh’s” from here my beautiful ButterflyMoms because you know what is coming!)  So I excused myself and immediately shift into “CREATIVE SOLUTION MODE”! Now, because Doug is in with his doctor, I, of course, by default have both girls 4 and 2 to “ride” with me on this adventure! These are the moments when if you look hard enough you see that the universe has a very deep sense of humor! 🙂 So why not go with it!

First, to the bathroom where I clean both of us as much as possible. Luckily they had paper towels and not those blow dry machines. It would have been “challenging”, at best, o use those in this situation! I start eyeing extra new plastic bags hanging over the side of the trash can wondering if I can McGyver a diaper with that and paper towels but see almost immediately how that could horribly backfire.

Back in the hospital I ask some hospital staff where I can get diapers. “All I need is one, ” I say hoping they will let me know of a secret stash in the children’s wing, but instead they suggest the gift shop. “Ok,” I thought, I really like their gift shop. It is a very happy place for me. Although it’s small, they do a great job with it. I had used it many a time in the past two years to run away from Doug’s ICKY diagnosises to a land of pretty things. I never remember seeing diapers there but I was also not looking. I take my girls and head down the escalator.

At the gift shop I’m directed to go across and down the impossibly busy street to the nearest CVS. They would have diapers. The smell from the diaper is starting to waft again. I begin making a mental Mama calculation that attempting to cross might not be a safe idea with two very squirmy kids. As I head back into the gigantic lobby I instinctually begin looking for moms. I find one almost immediately with a cute little boy in a dark blue stroller. He looks like his diaper size would be too small but you work with what you have. I approach the mom feeling at first very uncomfortable like I’m asking her for her first born instead of just a diaper. When I realize how silly that is I relax.

She is a very kind looking woman probably in her early to mid 30’s (although I should not guess because if she ever reads this blog…trouble ;)) She pauses, asks if a 6 would fit and hands me her last diaper. Most of us could use practice in asking for what we want and even more importantly for Mamas is the receiving part. That is a whole other can of worms we will not open on this day but you know that it has to do with your feeling like you deserve to be here and that your needs are important.

I thanked this beautiful ButterflyMom profusely. I told her to check the blog because I was going to write about her. I hope she does because she is instrumental in the rest of us getting the message that we are connected. There is a vast and wonderful community made up of us, ButterflyMoms, that we are sometimes afraid to access. I felt happy and safe and connected to the world after our simple interaction. Look for these moments where you can both give and receive. Connect with other ButterflyMoms on that soul-full level. Share your experiences here. I can promise you it feels better than the even THE best slice of chocolate cake EVAHHHHHHHH!


Getting Together With Family....Priceless Lessons/Endless Love 🙂

Today I’m writing from Long Island, New York (I’m saying it with the LI accent as I write it because it’s sooooo much fun to “tawk” like that! 😉 Doug, my hubbie, is from Long Island and most of his family still lives here. He has three stunningly beautiful and intelligent sisters (in case they are reading this ;)) and each time we come it is a wonderful mix of celebration, remembering and love. Of course there are the occasional mis-communications but those are very rare. Each time we see each other it is more fun than the last. Maybe it’s the distance because we know our time together is short-lived. It might also be that we all have very powerful memories of our childhoods and we realize that these are the memories we are making for our children. Whatever it is we dig each other!

Love is the main ingredient in all relationships. Now if you are like me you might think well what about the ICKY ones.

SIDEBAR: The word ICKY is a very important one. Most things are only “GOOD” or “BAD” if you judge the situation, however, when something feels “off” or “uncomfortable” the word ICKY is a great one to use. It allows you to stay neutral so you can get better intuition hits. Teach it to your kids too! It’s a fun word to say!

The ICKY relationships are the ones that come to teach us the most.The key is to not fall into the old human habit of feeling VICTIMIZED. EVERYONE who comes into our life if a reflection of us. They come to teach something if you are willing to be present. Always knowing that you are safe, always! We are on planet Earth to PLAY, LEARN, LET GO, LOVE. Now go do your fair share of those things!




Playing in New York


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