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Hello Beautiful!

I’m oh-so-delighted to be part of your journey back to the authentic you!!! No matter how bumpy it gets you will love how wonderful it feels to BE YOU in the world! What I know for sure is that I was born to help you get “there”!

As I write this blog, I’m at the amazing Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Newton, Massachusetts getting wonderful medical care for my beautiful husband Doug. I did not expect that this is where I would be writing it from but the universe has a “funny” way of “redirecting” us to where we need to be. FIGHTING makes it worse. NOTICING and LOOKING for the GIFTS in the moments, situations and places we find ourselves in gives us the vital FEEDBACK we need to navigate our lives, closer to our hearts.

Some people pooh-pooh western medicine. Some pooh-pooh eastern medicine. Some pooh-pooh energy medicine. There is a place in our big, beautiful world for all kinds of healing, regardless of where it comes from. The key is to be open to whatever is out there. From that place you can hear what path is best for you. Beware of lowering your energy when you JUDGE yourself, or others, in the path they have chosen. Lean into the uncomfortable and see what you find.

Today is the official launch of my video blogs. My goal was to make them short and sweet because I know your time is super valuable.

Today’s topic answers one of the most asked questions I get, “WHAT EXACTLY IS ENERGY HEALING?”

I ask that you continue spreading the LOVE by commenting, liking and sharing this video blog with those you LOVE the most in this world! We are creating a perfect storm for a passionate peace to reign in our lives! It cannot happen unless we share what makes our heart sing! Sharing is caring!

I look forward to your comments and to see how many people give themselves the gift of watching this very first COACH ME MARIA video!

The World Needs You To Be You!

Great big hugs,

PS Every year I do two VERY SPECIAL events called THE HAPPY ME! RETREATs.  The photo above is of the last retreat we did at the Cape. In 2015 they will be even more EXTRA special! I will be holding one in April at Cape Cod, Massachusetts and the other in October in Lisbon, Portugal. Come delight yourself! For more details check out

PPS Do you like the wacky photo of me on the video of my nose all curled up? Looks like I just smelled a really bad fart or something! 😉 Well, I was going to have the film director change it but then I thought why deprive the world of some really good giggles! Maybe it will make you want to send it out even more! 😉


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