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ENERGY FACT: What happens in the “micro” (small) happens in the “macro” (large). When things happen on a small scale, that energy reverberates until it’s occurring on a larger scale. So as we are individually SHIFTING as we witness the bigger changes happening around us…because it’s happening to so many of us… it’s shifting us all as a whole too!


ENERGETICALLY it is a VERY POWERFUL time right now. This week there was the Solstice full moon and in the US Tuesday was an incredible day… DOMA was defeated (giving equal rights to millions of people), CT Governor Malloy signed the GMO Labeling Bill and then one HUGE thing where a 50 year old single mom, Senator Wendy Davis, who took on the entire political system and was able to do the impossible, defend the rights of Texas women against the conservative powers that be!

Princess Diana Shrek(personagem)WHAT DO PRINCESS DI and SHREK HAVE IN COMMON?

We LABEL our roles in the world as what Carolyn Myss calls ARCHETYPES. These are always shifting, as are the archetypes for women. When our planet starts to energetically shift as a whole you can see it in the news stories that capture our attention. For example, as soon as Princess Diana died it energetically signaled the official end of the fairytale belief of being a “traditional princess” and soon movies like Shrek took off because it was no longer about “getting rescued by a prince”. If that movie had been made 10 years earlier people would not have related to it because that archetype was still one people wanted to own as their own.


Today, we have a wonderful story that will help you see how things are shifting. So grab yourself a tall glass of water, take a big refreshing gulp and enjoy this very powerful energy lesson…



Statistically, the southern United States is one of the most conservative places. To those of us who read energy the energy there is very ‘dense’. Because of this culturally heavy energy, things like women and non-white’s rights are not something that has traditionally been supported by the mainstream. To survive in this density you have to work your spiritual muscle. Maybe that is why the women of the south are also known for their strength.

Senator Wendy Davis, might be small and thin but she showed the depth of her courage and strength this past Tuesday, even in the face of some major bullies, defenders of the Land of Density. Senator Davis is one of those Texas women who exemplify the woman warrior archetype.

Wendy's binder full of womenHER STORY: Once upon a time (actually it was Tuesday 😉 ) there was a 50 year old single-mom who took on the entire political system and saved the rights of women! For almost 11 hours straight, little-known Texas politician Senator Wendy Davis stood on her feet and spoke passionately about a woman’s right to choose and ignited the world! She radiated authenticity!

ISSUE BACKGROUND: Abortion is an issue that divides America, where doctors who perform the operations have been murdered while campaigners picket clinics in a bid to get pregnant women and girls to change their minds. In the UK, England, Scotland and Wales are covered by one abortion law where the procedure can usually be carried out up to the 24th week of pregnancy. But in America, though the US Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide in 1973, more and more conservative states have quietly and continuously imposed restrictions on the law. Democratic state Senator Davis was not about to let that happen in Texas.

Sen Wendy Davis yes yes yesTHE DANGER: The mostly white old men who make up the Texan Republicans were proposing a bill that, if passed, would effectively shut down almost all abortion clinics in the second most highly populated US state. All, Republican say, to protect women’s health. The majority of representatives are conservative Republicans who were not listening to the people.

THE PLAN: When all else failed Senator Wendy Davis took the matter into her own hands. A day before her speech in Austin, she tweeted: “Stand with me tomorrow and share your story with me so I can tell it from the Senate floor.” And she did. She started her marathon oration by saying she was “rising on the floor today to humbly give voice to thousands of Texans” and called Republican efforts to pass the bill a “raw abuse of power”. The plan was to derail the vote by staging a filibuster – whereby politicians speak until the voting deadline passes. The challenge is that rules state the lawmaker must speak without sitting down, leaning on furniture for support, straying off topic or even having a break for food or to go to the bathroom. Can you imagine not even leaning on anything for 11 hours?!!! Senator Wendy Davis did just that… from around 1:15pm to minutes before midnight! Wearing pink trainers, Davis whittled away chunks of time by reading the life stories and messages from others protesting against the legislation, and drew on her own experiences as a single mother at 19. She then held the floor for almost 11 hours to deliver her momentous speech to obstruct the final vote.

All the supporters who heard about what was happening and showed up! This is WE THE PEOPLE... SHOWING UP!

All the supporters who heard about what was happening and showed up! This is WE THE PEOPLE… SHOWING UP!

HOW YOU GROW A HERO: Senator Davis began working at the age of 14 to support her single mother and three siblings. By 19 she was divorced and raising the first of her two daughters in a trailer park. Despite all this, she went on to graduate first in her class at Texas Christian University. Before and during college, Senator Davis worked as a waitress. After becoming the first in her family to graduate from college, Senator Wendy Davis went on to earn her law degree with honors from Harvard Law School. In a state dominated by Republicans, she scraped a Texas senate seat at an election in 2008.

WHY SHE CARES: Senator Davis said the bill would have choked off her own access to a local Planned Parenthood Clinic. “I was a poor, uninsured woman whose only care was provided by the facility. It was my medical home,” she said. Twice within the first six hours, she was questioned by anti-abortion lawmakers about the bill. Davis answered their questions but did not give up the floor.

Texas abortion voteTHE ENERGY IGNITED: As the hours passed and she kept passionately maintaining her ground, word spread throughout the world and her Twitter followers surged from 1,200 to more than 100,000 within hours. Hundreds of supporters who wore orange shirts started streaming into the public gallery of the state house to encourage her, many hailing her as a superhero. Even President Obama said, “Something special is happening in Austin tonight.”

FINAL STRETCH: All the while, Republicans were watching for any slip-up that would allow them to end the filibuster. At one point, supporters of the bill complained she had received help to adjust her supportive back-brace. Eventually her marathon effort came to a halt when Republican Senator Donna Campbell suggested Davis had strayed off topic. After much discussion the Republicans voted to end the filibuster minutes before the midnight deadline to allow the vote to take place. This provoked a raucous response from the public gallery, shouting for Davis to be allowed to speak. Republicans insisted the 19-10 vote was done before the deadline, but computer records showed the vote took place after midnight. Senator Wendy Davis had done it! Afterwards she said: “My back hurts. I don’t have a lot of words left. It shows the spirit of Texas women.”

The final word with Davis: “An incredible victory for Texas women and those who love them.”

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