My Sleeping Beauty

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms!!!

I LOVE TALKING TO YOU EVERY DAY! Thanks for showing up my dears! It means a whole lot! Here’s today’s blog. Hope you LOVE it!

When we were growing up our parents had a lot of respite (time away from their kids). Once we got home from school everyone pretty much went outside and played until it was dark outside. The street lights coming on is a childhood symbol of many people which meant that it’s time to go home – where you will wash your hands and sit down to dinner. Those are happy memories for most of us. We got to play with our friends, hang out outside and move our bodies.

Now, with the FEAR of “WHAT IFs ” that has prevailed this generation most children don’t have that same experience. Instead, as you all well know, it’s the AGE OF THE  PLAYDATE! Many moms have their own calendars and one for the kids. Social pressures tend to push people to fill their children’s lives chock full of interestingly named classes. All this fueled by the fear that if we don’t, our child will somehow be left behind. 🙁 Add to that pressure the feeling that it seems like everyone is doing it. The FEAR VOICES flood our heads. We feel a tightness in our chest, jaw, and stomach when we think of our kids in pain. So even though we are exhausted and/or cash-limited, we find a way to add “just one more” thing to the kid calendar, in the hopes that this will be the thing that will make his/her life that much better.

A fact that is hardly ever discussed or observed by our society is that if you are raising children in America you have absolutely NO support unless you have family/friends around who can help you, or cold hard cash. This puts many moms into very challenging positions. If you find yourself in this position, step back and check in with yourself. Activate your “HOW DOES THAT FEEL? button” and your “WHAT GIFT DOES THIS COME TO TEACH ME? button. Remember to access your breath to help you connect. You will start getting INTUITION HITS. They will be “vewy”, “vewy” quiet at first. Nurture them. Give them breath. Believe in them. They will grow louder and stronger and over time it will be easier (and FUNNER-ER ;)) to hear!!!

Be kind to yourself. Being a parent is an incredible journey! If you don’t give yourself the space to BE and LISTEN and NAP, you are going to hit the BUMPS! REPEAT AFTER ME…WHEN I HIT THE “BUMPIES” I will immediately take a nap OR at the very least start using my breath again. BREATHE BABY BREATHE!!!!

Go out there and have an absolutely delicious day! I MEAN IT! Your day is a complete reflection of the thoughts you are sending out! Remember that!

Great big hugs,


PS I’m filming my three minute audition for the talk show competition for the Oprah Winfrey Network. This is different from what they called me about but my goal is strong and I am taking all roads I can to get to MY promised land! I have a dream! I hope it inspires you to follow yours! The world would be a MUCH better place if you did.