Today’s blog will be short and sweet. Just a thought provoker to help you re-align with your magnificence and what is working for you! “Are you ready ladies? Then leave those umbrellas at home.”** 😉  

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, those good intentions… and then LIFE HAPPENS! I bet if we did a poll on what is the number one factor that affects you in your daily life. SLEEP would be at the very top of the list if not at the tippity top! Living in an age of lots of gadgets that use light (computers, cell phones, even alarm clocks) we are constantly bombarded with light. Light to the human body means WAKE UP! So there is a lot of mixed signals for our magnificent bodies.

Another factor is caffeine and sugar, ahhhhh sugar, one of the most powerful mainstream “legal” drugs. Cut that down or out (along with the caffeine) and you will need less plastic surgery 😉 and you will be much more pleasant to be around.

This week I’ve been losing my battle with sleep mainly because one of machines of light from our lives, actually now that I think about it, it’s two machines have been “helping” me stay up MUCH later than I should! The culprits are my trusty laptop and the dreaded TV, not just any TV but those bohemoth TV that take up an entire wall and that people can see across the street. I think it would be a great idea to invent cameras that you could load on your tv and film yourself watching TV to see how very silly we look. Have you ever noticed? Try watching TV with a mirror and every once in a while look up without changing your expression! TALK ABOUT AMERICAS FUNNIEST VIDEOS!!!

This wee I stayed up later and later each night. Yesterday I hit my limit and crashed. I’m aware and that is the first step. Baby steps towards living the life I have always dreamed about!

May you have much awareness in your life today and every day!

Great big hugs,



PS Yesterday was also an amazing day with almost 80 people coming to read the blog! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH for you loyalty. Please send suggestions and comments. Tell your friends and build our community of ButterflyMoms! MWAH!!!!!!!!!!!



**What quote was that from? ANYONE? ANYONE?