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Third, being interviewed by WCVB (ABC) today at 1:30pm. :)!

Now onto today’s blog….BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! WOW! WOW! I have just read the first paragraph of my last blog on May 13 just seven days ago. I have lived a whole lifetime in these last seven days! I’m bringing lots and lots of BREATHE REMINDERS to today’s blog because it is surreal in many ways how this has all happened and putting it on words, well, I don’t know if I can turn something so AMAZING into linear thought, quite honestly!!! :)! I’m in a world right now where my whole energy level has shifted. The dream I had for 20 YEARS!!!!, that of being on The Oprah Show, finally came true in the grandest of scales!! I am in a state of awe, shock, gratitude, disbelief, amazement….you get the idea! Every time I think I’ve “identified” a feeling it shifts to something else. I am a wave of emotions!

I also feel like this experience has opened me up into a whole new level of being. If I had to describe it I would describe it as my soul just expanded. My energy feels bigger. It is a magnificent feeling!  Yesterday as I worked the counter of our family’s dry cleaning business, I could feel how I was igniting the souls of the people who walked in. It felt AMAZING! I know that is my life’s calling and whether I do it on a stage or one-on-one it feels like total alignment of my soul when I’m doing this. To see people’s faces and energy dramatically shift in a short time leaves me feeling incredibly grateful and joyous! I sometimes even jump up and down and clap my hands kind of happy!

For those who need an update I will give you the quick rundown.

Last Thursday, May 12 would have been Sophia’s 6th birthday. The Oprah Show had only 3 shows left. Every actor, musician, therapist, author’s PR people were doing anything and everything to get their clients on the show. I used to do PR I know how that goes. I had been trying to get on for 20 years, people so I knew that if it was going to happen I simply needed to completely surrender because it was out of my hands. All I could control was my ENERGY ATTITUDE. I let go again of my expectation and embraced gratitude. I sent a final email from my heart to the producer I had been working with letting him know it was Sophia’s birthday and thanking him for answering my original email, working with me throughout the year and giving me soooo much hope!

Friday, May 13, write my ButterflyMoms blog to the reception of one of the highest number of readers ever. Same day a new producer calls me an interviews me. About five more calls that day. I’m asked if I can fly out to Chicago for an interview or have a crew come here. (I hope for them to fly me out but am open to whatever comes.) They call me back and say someone is flying out to film me, “Are you free at noon?” After a few phone calls I was 😉

Me and the Oprah Show camera crew who came to our house in HollistonWhat a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 14 the producer Alex flew directly from Harpo Studios to Providence with not even enough time to change his clothes. He was interviewed someone in Providence at 8am and came to my house at noon. He brought two cameramen and one sound guy extraordinaire. Of course one of them was Portuguese from São Miguel.  😉 (love how the universe works!) Alex says it might not even air. They have to still approve the content. They film for 2.5 hours and leave. I’m thankful for the whole experience and that my kids get to see what a production team looks like. It is a beautiful sunny day.

You KNOW when things get too serious I have to collaborate fun... 🙂

Sunday, May 15 it’s a rainy day.  Finish an open house on a new listing. Get lots of interest and two offers above asking. Doug finished his open house at the same time so since we had a babysitter we met at Bertucci’s for a quick lunch. Alex calls. They loved film and will use it. Yay!!! And they have two tickets for me if I’d like to come to Chicago for the final taping? It hits me that I’m not only going to be ON the Oprah Winfrey Show but that it’s going to be one of the very last shows!!!! Suddenly Sophia feels very, very, very close to me! I KNOW this is a gift from her! I’m having the same out-of-body experience I had when she died but this time it’s oh-so-joyous!!!! WHAT A GIFT!!!!! One snafu… They cannot pay for the flight because their budget is shot but will pay for hotel and food. It’s been a rough couple of years for us financially but I know that if I’ve come this far nothing is going to stop me so I reached out to my class (I’m in my second year of Energy Medicine School) and asked if they had any frequent flyer miles. To my heartfelt joy, my classmates got together and chipped in to buy us our airplane tickets!!! AMAZING! (Learning to receive is SUCH a huge part of all this.) My friend Karen Knight-Detering sprung into action as one of my many fairy godmothers who appeared. Karen  offered to drive me to airport, take care of my Mia and called our wonderful hairdresser Meredith from Willow Salon for an emergency appointment. Meredith opened up the salon for just me at 6am on a Monday (day they are normally closed) right before she got her root canal! AMAZING! Thanks for my mom for watching my two youngest just days after surgery. Thank you Vicki, Raquel, Heather, Arden, Gregg, Alex, Andy, Alberto, Sandy, Linda, Doug, Nancy, Karen, Meredith, my class at the Rhys Thomas Institute for Energy Medicine and everyone else who had a hand in me going to Chicago!

Mateus and Tia Milu :)! LOVEFEST!!


Monday, May 16 Within 24 hours we were in Chicago and getting debriefed on what to wear and some of the basics. My brother Pedro meets me because he now lives in Chicago. He brings his son Mateus who is a total cutie pie! What a total treat it is to play with him! I hardly sleep that night knowing what’s coming!

Amazing vibration when you have 13,000 people around you who are sooo thankful to be there!

Tuesday, May 17  It’s the big day. Trying to stay in my body. I get up SUPER early. Can’t sleep. Too excited! Spend lots of time answering people’s questions. My email is still sporadic and my computer still not working right so I’m hobbling along technologically speaking. I chant and meditate to calm down. I do Reiki to calm down. The fear/worry wants to come in. When this happens I want to start controlling things. I am observing as if I’m outside my body. I’m shifting and I don’t know what I’m feeling from one moment to the next. We go for a walk. The air feels great. It’s a little past three and we meet downstairs for our limo bus with the other ULTIMATE VIEWERS who will be featured on the show. As we start heading towards the United Center, we start getting more details. There was a lot of secrecy prior to this point.

My VIP Badge which gave me the access to my dreams! PRICELESS!

Danielle one of Oprah's stylists...amazing!

One of The Oprah Show's make-up artists Robert. He is FANTASTIC and phenomenal at what he does! WOW!

The representative tells us that it’s going to be two shows instead of one with over 30 stars and lots of surprises. Still not sinking in. We are told we will be there until around 11….ended up being more like 1am!!! 😉 When we get there we come in through the security entrance that all the stars take. It was AMAZING! Incredible energy. Everyone was EXTREMELY grateful to be there!  A “funny” thing happened where I heard a Madonna song and danced over to see what was going on and there was Madonna standing there practicing her part of the show! I wish I could tell you I acted cool but I did not! That is the first of many stars I would see and mingle with that night! People ask if I met Oprah.

Tamika and Carrie incredible women with heart-opening stories!

One of the many times Oprah walked next to me this time with Jerry Seinfeld and Jaime Foxx. Surreal!!!

Very Grateful to Be Able to Share this AMAZING experience with Doug!




This is not the typical show she does because these two shows were for her. Oprah did not have a microphone during most of the show because she was “receiving” not “giving”. She sat four people away from me and passed by me all night long because they kept moving her (she wore heels and by the end of the night you could tell her feet were “barking” – after 12 hours of dancing and standing in heels mine were too!!!!)

Front Row Seating to Oprah in an Audience of 13,0000!!!

We had VIP seating and I sat behind Stedman and Gail for a part of the first show. Cameras were not allowed but I did sneak in my phone and so did a lot of people. After a while everyone was taking photos. It was hard though because the phone does not have zoom. This place WAS MASSIVE! I’m going to have to make this a two part blog because it’s getting too long. There is lots and lots still to talk about!

Make sure you watch THE OPRAH SHOW, Monday, MAY 23 on ABC! I’m in a video in the first few minutes and you will probably see me again in the audience shots because the camera crews were all over us!

I am deeply grateful and deeply humble by that LOVE!

Great big hugs,



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