Hello ButterflyMoms!

How do you know you are a ButterflyMom? You know because you feel that you are on a journey. For some of us we don’t know where we are going or what we are supposed to do to get there but there is a rumbling in our soul. You know that if you don’t “listen” to this uneasiness you will be dreadfully sorry. You don’t know how you know but you just know. The challenge may be that you have Pure Joy!not known where to start. If you are reading this take heart because it is a sign that you are definitely headed in the right direction! What are the chances that of all the things you could be reading or doing you are here, reading this. Oh yes it a sign that only you could have asked for. If we were playing that kids game where you yell out “warmer” or “colder” when you are blindfolded and headed toward your goal, well, you are in the “HOT” or “HOTTER” part in terms of finding out the answers to your questions. Trust that you are EXACLTY where you need to be. Trust that when you are ready the teachers appear. Trust that you are safe. You have a mission on this planet we call EARTH. Let’s find it together!!!! (It’s “funnerer” that way! 🙂

Pure Joy!