Happy Tuesday Beautiful ‘Coach Me Maria’ Family,

Today’s video is something I get asked about a lot, depression. The amount of people I have noticed who are depressed is incredibly large. In the United States, even though we are only 4.6% of the world’s population, we take 80% of the world’s prescription drugs. There are many ways to treat depression, but before we treat it, I believe it’s important to “ask” why it’s shown up. Many people tend to want to treat the symptoms and not look at why they showed up.

Our life is always giving us feedback. At the writing of this blog there is a lot pain on the planet. We are told and mold-ed on how to live… I call it being conditioned in the “good girl/boy” mode. It’s about turning off your own GPS and following the rules that are designed to keep us “safe”. When you trap your natural flow, it causes a heaviness, sadness, sluggishness in your life. It is important to notice when this is happening because then you can use it as a feedback loop to get you back to your alignment.

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