Checking In With Other ButterflyMoms… How are YOU feeling?


Don't Worry Mama We Can Drive Ourselves to Pre-School!

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

I am taking the three year Healer Program at the Solstice Healing Center in Medway, Massachusetts and this is the last weekend of the first year. If you are looking for wonderful place to go to do energy work, this place is the real deal. There are people from my class who come from five different states to attend and lucky me I live right next door! Attending this year was a huge example of the universe providing the solution and a convenient one too. You can’t beat the 10 minute ride to my life’s dream! 🙂

I have wanted to write a book literally for over 20 years!!! I wish that was an exaggeration but it’s not. 🙁 I never let go of the dream though. It just needed time to perculate. 🙂 I have been gathering wisdom, knowledge, and experiences so that I can be a better writer, mentor, mother, friend, daughter, wife, busines owner….(you get the idea). Then I created a Wishcraft group based on the book written by Barbara Sher with the same name. Those are VERY powerful at manifesting what you want in your life. When I lived in San Francisco, during the fabulous DOT COM era, I used to have two or three going. Bottom line, done properly, they work beautifully. From the group I got the courage to write the blog which will lead to my book. You are part of my dream so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting this blog! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I have been getting a lot of private emails from ButterflyMoms who love reading the posts. There are a lot of mommies out there thinking that they are the only ones who are drowning. The good news/bad news is that you are not drowning. You are simply focusing on things that are not in alignment with your core being. In order words it is feedback from the universe that you are off your track and so you are experiencing a BUMPY ride. We live in a FEELING universe with INSTANT FEEDBACK.  When we don’t like what we are hearing many of us fight or ignore what we know is our next step. Like me, many of you have put off your dreams. Here is a exercise that will help you get some clarity…

FIRST EVER (or if you live in MA you would say “EVAH” ;)) BUTTERFLYMOMS BLOG EXERCISE…( feel free to applaud from wherever you are :)) Side note: Much of my writing involves GIGGLING. Yes, you heard me correctly, GIGGLING! It is my instant feedback mechanism (that I did not actually realize until I started writing this- sooooooooo cool!) from the universe! Giggles when they come from your childlike self help connect you back to yourself. They also give your body more oxygen without your even knowing it. Giggle often and create giggle situations whenever you can. 🙂 GIGGLE ON BUTTERFLYMOMS!!!!

Ok, so back to the FIRST EVAH BUTTERFLYMOMS EXERCISE (YAY!)…Take three minutes RIGHT NOW. Create your “WHEN I” list by answering the following question: WHEN I_________________________then, I will live my life the way I really want to live it. You will have a lot of answers. Allow the answers to come and write them all down.

We will review this exercise tomorrow. If you feel like sharing your answers send them into to me either privately or on the blog. Other ButterflyMoms love reading your posts (as do I) so please always leave feedback.