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How Do YOU Treat Your Inner Child?

inner childBeautiful CMM Lovers,

Here’s an amazingly simple way to get back into your alignment. Everyone starts off being a child and whatever coping mechanisms we learned often keep us stuck. Learn how to see how your magnificent inner child can set your life free!

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Great big hugs,


Do You Have A Problem With ASKING?

Maria Quote - Ask 2

Hello Beautiful Coach Me Maria Fans,

Ask for what you wantThanks for taking the time to come check out this week’s video. I am still in Portugal with a combined mission of relaxing/playing with my kids and working on making the HAPPY ME! Retreat the best it can be. In order for either to happen, the most important thing I’ve learned is that by asking I make life a lot easier for everyone around me…. Let me say that again… “I’ve learned that by asking I make life a lot easier for everyone around me.”

“How can that be?” you may be asking? Well, check out this week’s video to find out… 🙂 While you are there remember to click the share buttons and leave a comment. It’s a wonderful gift to give, especially if it helps you in your own life.

Maria Quote - ASK


Come back every Tuesday to feed your magnificent soul! I make the Coach Me Maria video blogs less than three minutes (or as close to that as I can) so that you can get a mega-dose of life coaching in a small amount of time.


Great big honkin’ hugs,



Have the courage to ask for what you want OPRAHPS Big announcement next week about the retreat, so check in here! Might be as soon as next Tuesday.

To watch this week’s Coach Me Maria Video go here… As always, the best discussions happen online after you see the video so leave your comments and questions there to join the conversation and be heard!

Are You Feeding Your FEAR OF MONEY?

Feeding the LOVE is the only way to grow your wings... wings give you the FREEDOM you seek... and that seeks you!

Feeding the LOVE is the only way to grow your wings… wings give you the FREEDOM you seek… and that seeks you!

Hello Beautiful Coach Me Maria Loves!

There is fear all around us. What happens when we are living mindless, unconnected lives, we think that fear is feedback. The fear becomes the BOUNDARY of our life. We don’t ever want to touch or feel it so we live deep within our life’s box…cramped, small, just within the “I’m ok.” limits. Everyone else around us does it too so we think this IS LIVING.

This is how you feed fear. You make it your master. The illusion is that if you stay within that ‘box’, you will be “safe”.

NEWSFLASH #1: There is no “SAFE” on planet earth! WE ALL DIE! Yup! We are all going to die and the kicker is that none of us knows when. HA! What a crazy ride this is, eh?  This is no new news but it is something most of us ignore or surppress. So knowing you are going to DIE ANYWAY what keeps you soooooo small?

This week I’ve been working a lot on the HAPPY ME! Retreat in Portugal that’s going on Oct 4-9th. It breaks my heart a bit that sooooo many people who need it say “no” but then spend money on other things that still keep them stuck and stagnant.

Click here to see this week's video.

Click here to see this week’s video.

NEWSFLASH #2: MONEY IS JUST ANOTHER FORM OF ENERGY. What you focus on show up stronger and bigger in your life. Money is one of the number one reasons why say most people don’t do something. Their lives are literally formed by what they think they can afford. What they think they can afford is directly linked to one’s idea of self-worth and value.

NEWSFLASH #3: NOTHING IS GOING TO SHIFT UNLESS YOU DO. The bottom line is that you get to choose the “channel” you live on. When something in your life comes up that ignites your soul, how open are you? Do you explore the idea? Do you truly consider it? Or do you resign yourself to not having enough money…. The wouldn’t it be nice, but I cannot afford that. Just notice when you do it. Notice where you are feeling the feeling. Notice and move through it. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS CONSTANTLY DESIGNING YOUR LIFE. Choose with intention, remembering that you are universal LOVE. The only time you are not flowing with abundance and love is when you block it out… thus feeding the fear.

Check out this week’s COACH ME MARIA video blog for more about feeding the fear! This one I recorded a while ago but it is being released fresh now because the content is so relevant to so many.

Great big hugs,


PS Many people have said they are interested in the HAPPY ME! Retreat in stunning Portugal BUT the money comes up as a typical stumbling block. If they came they have told me they know they would have INCREDIBLE LIFE SHIFTS, and yet they don’t give themselves that gift. If you are brave enough to come you’ll realize that the fear of the money is NOTHING compared to the AMAZING LIFETIME VALUE this trip will have on transforming your life into your alignment. I’ve updated the photos and added more information so check it out and open to the possibilities of raising the vibration of your life. Check it out at

When Your Life Sucks, Do This…


HERE’s TODAY’s VIDEO… Click Here!

Hello Beautiful Coach Me Maria Family!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to feed yourself again this week! Today’s topic is part of the research for my book. It is an incredibly simple tool that is what the most successful people in the world from Billionaires to Mother Teresa have used without even knowing it… ANCHORS. To find out what an anchor is watch the video.

When you combine an affirmation with a strong anchor you get…. pure hell… or pure magic… it all depends on what you FOCUS on. Most of us are domesticated into seeing the ICKY first. That is living out of alignment. It buries our dreams.

This short video will help you shift back into your magic and show you how you, your friends and your family can use the simple tool of an anchor to build the life you have dreamed about… because that is the life your heart is holding for you. How do I know? Well, how do you think that dream got to you? 😉

Click here to watch today’s  Coach Me Maria video blog

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Great big hugs,




1 lisbon-memmo-alfama-354417_1000_560PS Give yourself the gift of a lifetime! Check out the HAPPY ME RETREAT right by the ocean in Portugal. Finally spend time in Europe with a guide for the sites and also a guide for your life… the way you want to finally live it! … IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO FINALLY TAKE CARE OF YOU!!

How Do I Protect Myself From ENERGY VAMPIRES?


Click here for view TODAY’s Coaching VIDEO…

Hello Dear Heart!

Thank you so very much for tuning in! It’s been a while since I’ve done a video blog but so many have been asking that I’m starting them up again! These video blogs are FREE COACHING directly for you! Tune in every Tuesday for the summer to help keep you releasing the blocks and move into alignment with your dream manifesting and life’s purpose work. Now onto today’s blog…

dramatic out of nothingThe world is going through some major changes. It’s on most every level from individual to global. There is feedback everywhere that is getting louder and LOUDER! In the last month for example there’s been an increase in panic attacks, anxiety, ringing in ears, vertigo, etc. If you are paying attention we are definitely shifting.

We humans have been living as if we could exist outside of the natural flow of how the world works. As a species we’ve so focused on the fear of not having enough or of being safe that we are now in a HUGE pickle. The biggest problem seems to be that most people either feel completely powerless to do anything or want to argue that there is no problem… DUDE, IF YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE, doing nothing except arguing whether or not to call the fire department, will get you into a hot mess. 😉

Energy Vampires... I vant to suck your energyOn an individual level the way we use our energy is very important. Just like our physical body needs a constant flow of air, our energetic body needs a flow of energy. We get both of those flows naturally, unless we block it. The blocks in the energetic body cause people to look for energy from other people, and that is how energy vampires are created… Oh, and People either drain or inspire youdon’t fool yourself by pointing fingers at others! We are all energy vampires at some point because of how we have all been domesticated into a world that tries to shut off our intuition and tell us the “RIGHT WAY” to live life… How’s that worken’ for ya, eh? 😉

We’re in the middle of a huge wake-up call… Listening to these videos will help you shift your life more into living from your heart’s core, back to listening to your intuition, your internal GPS. The road is bumpy… HOWEVER…If you’re living out of alignment, it’s WAY harder to live like you are now!


Remember that life is rigged in your favor!

Great big hugs,



1 Estoril, tamariz_beachPS HAPPY ME RETREAT – in STUNNING PORTUGAL! Nothing traps more energy and keeps you stuck than putting off what your heart desires. If you are open to a life-shifting trip come to Portugal with me guiding you all the way in a trip of a lifetime! For how to bring this into your life click…

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Hello Beautiful!

I’m oh-so-delighted to be part of your journey back to the authentic you!!! No matter how bumpy it gets you will love how wonderful it feels to BE YOU in the world! What I know for sure is that I was born to help you get “there”!

As I write this blog, I’m at the amazing Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Newton, Massachusetts getting wonderful medical care for my beautiful husband Doug. I did not expect that this is where I would be writing it from but the universe has a “funny” way of “redirecting” us to where we need to be. FIGHTING makes it worse. NOTICING and LOOKING for the GIFTS in the moments, situations and places we find ourselves in gives us the vital FEEDBACK we need to navigate our lives, closer to our hearts.

Some people pooh-pooh western medicine. Some pooh-pooh eastern medicine. Some pooh-pooh energy medicine. There is a place in our big, beautiful world for all kinds of healing, regardless of where it comes from. The key is to be open to whatever is out there. From that place you can hear what path is best for you. Beware of lowering your energy when you JUDGE yourself, or others, in the path they have chosen. Lean into the uncomfortable and see what you find.

Today is the official launch of my video blogs. My goal was to make them short and sweet because I know your time is super valuable.

Today’s topic answers one of the most asked questions I get, “WHAT EXACTLY IS ENERGY HEALING?”

I ask that you continue spreading the LOVE by commenting, liking and sharing this video blog with those you LOVE the most in this world! We are creating a perfect storm for a passionate peace to reign in our lives! It cannot happen unless we share what makes our heart sing! Sharing is caring!

I look forward to your comments and to see how many people give themselves the gift of watching this very first COACH ME MARIA video!

The World Needs You To Be You!

Great big hugs,

PS Every year I do two VERY SPECIAL events called THE HAPPY ME! RETREATs.  The photo above is of the last retreat we did at the Cape. In 2015 they will be even more EXTRA special! I will be holding one in April at Cape Cod, Massachusetts and the other in October in Lisbon, Portugal. Come delight yourself! For more details check out

PPS Do you like the wacky photo of me on the video of my nose all curled up? Looks like I just smelled a really bad fart or something! 😉 Well, I was going to have the film director change it but then I thought why deprive the world of some really good giggles! Maybe it will make you want to send it out even more! 😉



Sign Up For Amazing 2014 Workshops & Retreats!


RETURN OF THE HAPPY ME! –                                                                  CAPE COD RETREAT FALL 2014

Come to Life Coach Maria Salomão-Schmidt’s special retreat weekend specifically designed to jumpstart your life to a new level of HAPPY! This retreat is specifically designed to get you ready for 2015 by giving you the necessary time, space and tools to create a plan, direction and systems to start January 2015 more authentic than ever before!

One of the most amazing things about the retreat is the people you will meet. So far women who have come to at least one of Maria’s six retreats include: California, Oregon, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Kentucky, Vermont and Illinois <3. We attract some truly magical women who form strong bonds with each other based on the authentic energy this retreat brings out in all of us.

October 10-12, 2014

Arrive at 3:00pm on Friday, October 10. Leave by 3:00pm on Sunday, October 12. Also this retreat is strictly limited to 22 people so sign up today to ensure your spot! It will be the last retreat in 2014!

This all-inclusive retreat is only $699, which includes all meals, accommodations (shared), linens, towels, retreat supplies and surprises!

Click here to sign up now! Spread the LOVE by sharing this event with friends! <3


Friday, September 19, 2014…7:00-9:00pm


Medway MA

 You already know you’ve got sooooo many things to be thankful for… You know you SHOULD be happy, but you’re just going through the motions. Something is missing. You have tried to figure it out but can’t. If you’re sick of living this way, this workshop is for you! When – Friday, September 19, 2014, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Where – Enchanted Fox, 174 Main St, Medway. FREE PARKING in the back! Only $39. Space is limited so best to book your spot now by simply calling Rose or Paul at the wonderful Enchanted Fox at 508.533.4440. Here’s to making 2014 one of the best years of your life…. so far!


So far this year we’ve had some incredible events…

  • Sat, Jan 25…WHY IS MY LIFE NOT MAKING SENSE?! Workshop on Martha’s Vineyard, MA
  • Sat, Feb 1… Mother-Daughter Self-Esteem Workshop, Newfound Farm, Holliston, MA
  • Sun, Feb 2…WHY IS MY LIFE NOT MAKING SENSE?! Workshop at Enchanted Fox, Medway, MA
  • Sun, Feb 9…Book Signing at A Little Common Sense, Upton, MA
  • Tues, Feb 11- March 11… Group -Life Coaching, Holliston, MA
  • Sun, Feb 16…WHY IS MY LIFE NOT MAKING SENSE?! Workshop,  A Little Common Sense, Upton, MA
  • Sun, Feb 23…WHY IS MY LIFE NOT MAKING SENSE?! Workshop, Bloomfield, CT
  • Sat, Mar 1…Book Signing at Holliston Public Library, Holliston, MA
  • Thurs, March 6…ENERGY 101 workshop, The Alchemy Room, Holliston, MA
  • Monday, March 24, 31 and April 7… REIKI I Certification, The Alchemy Room, Holliston, MA
  • Saturday, March 29… REIKI I Certification, The Alchemy Room, Holliston, MA
  • Sunday, April 6… THE ALCHEMY ROOM LAUNCH PARTY, The Alchemy Room, Holliston, MA
  • Friday-Sunday, April 11-13…’FINALLY TAKING CARE OF MYSELF’ RETREAT, Cape Cod, MA
  • Sunday, April 27… REIKI I Certification, The Alchemy Room, Holliston, MA
  • Sun, May 4…WHY IS MY LIFE NOT MAKING SENSE?! Workshop at Enchanted Fox, Medway, MA
  • Mondays, May 26 to June 16… IGNITE YOUR LIFE 4 Week Group Coaching, Holliston, MA


DSCN5505A bit more ’bout Maria…

Maria Salomão-Schmidt, MBA was one of The Oprah Show’s very last guests!!! Maria’s gift is to cut through the bullshit and get right to the heart of the matter, odd thing is that she does it through her unique brand of humor, intuition and zaniness. She is a powerful international life coach, speaker, author who helps ignite her clients’ life purpose. Maria is a graduate of Boston College, Simmons College Graduate School of Management and the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Healing. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and expert in several other modalities including NLP, EFT (tapping), Chakra Balancing and Full Spectrum Healing. Her next book WHY IS MY LIFE NOT MAKINGS SENSE comes out this spring.


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