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What’s the Biggest Secret To A Happy, Productive Day?

Hello Beautiful Coach Me Maria Babes!

TerenaI awoke this morning in the beautiful Alentejo region of Portugal. It is sooooo incredibly peaceful here. Because my friend’s property is very isolated last night we were able to see an unbelievable night sky, complete with an amazing view of Venus. We slept like happy babies because of all that inspiration!

This morning, I started off with some of my favorite morning rituals… yoga, meditation, journaling and hugging my kids. 😉 I love love love that I GET TO start my morning like this! It sets me on an attitude of gratitude for the rest of my day.

Maria for Self-Care videoblogIf you are looking for the easiest, funnest, cheapest, most-authentic way to start your day, listen to this week’s Coach Me Maria Video Blog. It will help you more than almost anything else to move your life in the direction of those pesky dreams that keep “bother” you! 😉

Here it is…

Great big hugs,



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Happy Tuesday Beautiful ‘Coach Me Maria’ Family,

Today’s video is something I get asked about a lot, depression. The amount of people I have noticed who are depressed is incredibly large. In the United States, even though we are only 4.6% of the world’s population, we take 80% of the world’s prescription drugs. There are many ways to treat depression, but before we treat it, I believe it’s important to “ask” why it’s shown up. Many people tend to want to treat the symptoms and not look at why they showed up.

Our life is always giving us feedback. At the writing of this blog there is a lot pain on the planet. We are told and mold-ed on how to live… I call it being conditioned in the “good girl/boy” mode. It’s about turning off your own GPS and following the rules that are designed to keep us “safe”. When you trap your natural flow, it causes a heaviness, sadness, sluggishness in your life. It is important to notice when this is happening because then you can use it as a feedback loop to get you back to your alignment.

Listen to today’s video blog and comment below. Sharing is caring!

Great big hugs,


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Spending the summer with my girls! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to hang with them in a way I cannot when they are in school.


Family time around the table is KEY! Also letting the kids prepare meals makes them feel like SUPERSTARS! All my kids love to cook!

Dearest Coach Me Maria Fans,

The world needs more HAPPY CHILDREN… whether they are newborns or 115 years old! I’m not only a transformation life and business coach but I’m also a mom. When I started coaching I was in my mid 20’s I ADORED kids but did not have any of my own. Having children has definitely expanded my ability to coach people. All the children I have mothered have been amazing teachers. Today’s video blog is dedicated to them… With LOTS “O LOVE! Being a mom is always a work in progress. We are doing the best we can. Learning how to focus on the LOVE and not on the JUDGMENT is the key! Here’s today’s blog…Today's COACH ME MARIA Video Blog...

Hope you adore this week’s blog and that it helps you bring more LOVE into your life!


A wonderful group of kids!


Having a strong male figure is so important! These are my living children as we celebrate my beautiful step-son’s 20th birthday.


Arriving for our summer in beautiful Europe… first stop Portugal!


Beautiful walk by the water in stunning Portugal!

Great big hugs,


Kids LOVE nature. We sometimes pooh pooh it because of safety or not wanting them to get dirty. Be open to adding more outside time for you kids! This is a very old amazing tree that you can only see a part of. The kids BEG me to be able to climb all over it… MAGICAL! <3






WHAT IS HAPPINESS ANYWAY?… Is anyone really happy, really?

What is Happiness?Beautiful Coach Me Maria Community…

Anyone else struggling with HAPPINESS? What is HAPPINESS anyway? Where do you find it? Where do you let it find you? Today’s short, yet sweet, video will help quickly re-direct you!

If you don’t know what facilitates or creates the by-product of happiness in your life you will never attain a life worth living. If you want to let go of your unhappiness check out this week’s Coach Me Maria video blog. It will help you light your way to your life’s purpose! Nothing feels better than that because your life is ALWAYS calling you! The pain you feel is not being able to answer the call. If you are reading this it’s time to answer it… Start today! Start here! Start now!… because you were born to live out your life’s purpose!

Great big hugs,




PS One way to find your way to your happiness… check out the HAPPY ME RETREAT… it is designed to challenge your fears and uncover your joys… WARNING: Following this formula leads to finding and living your life’s purpose. It is only for those who want to really live life out loud!



If you want to be happy…STOP Avoiding Self-Care!

Maria for Self-Care videoblogHello Beautiful CMM Community of Hearts,

I just got back from an incredible weekend with an amazing group of women including Dr. Christiane Northrup! More to come about that in later weeks but for now it’s important that her message is about self-care. I highly recommend her book, Ageless Goddess.

As I’ve been having crazy ‘panic attacks’ that I realize are ‘energy surges/downloads’. They are helping take the necessary steps to slow down, meditate more, drink more water, take yoga, dance (Qoya), asking, sleeping, eating mindfully… It’s creating SUCH amazing miracles in my life… and life IS MIRACULOUS!

If you want to find your miracles, start by taking care of yourself because it is the number one way to:

1. Be Healthy

2. Be Happy

3. Live an Inspired Life

4. Influence Others in Positive Ways

5. Be Able To Here Your Intuition

Without taking care of yourself… Hold on. Do I really need to list those things? Hmmmmm? Just look around you. There’s an epidemic of lack of self-care going on out there, and sometimes, in here, in ourselves. If you don’t Set the Intention to take care of yourself you very easily slip into the Land of Normal, where most people are unhappy, numbing out and asleep in their lives (even though many have trouble actually sleeping, which is interesting.) May this video ignite your heart! …


Great big hugs,



PS It’s easier to practice self-care if those closest to you do too so share this video blog with them and help them live happier lives too!

When Your Life Sucks, Do This…


HERE’s TODAY’s VIDEO… Click Here!

Hello Beautiful Coach Me Maria Family!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to feed yourself again this week! Today’s topic is part of the research for my book. It is an incredibly simple tool that is what the most successful people in the world from Billionaires to Mother Teresa have used without even knowing it… ANCHORS. To find out what an anchor is watch the video.

When you combine an affirmation with a strong anchor you get…. pure hell… or pure magic… it all depends on what you FOCUS on. Most of us are domesticated into seeing the ICKY first. That is living out of alignment. It buries our dreams.

This short video will help you shift back into your magic and show you how you, your friends and your family can use the simple tool of an anchor to build the life you have dreamed about… because that is the life your heart is holding for you. How do I know? Well, how do you think that dream got to you? 😉

Click here to watch today’s  Coach Me Maria video blog

As always, if you love the Coach Me Maria video blog, share it with your friends!

Great big hugs,




1 lisbon-memmo-alfama-354417_1000_560PS Give yourself the gift of a lifetime! Check out the HAPPY ME RETREAT right by the ocean in Portugal. Finally spend time in Europe with a guide for the sites and also a guide for your life… the way you want to finally live it! … IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO FINALLY TAKE CARE OF YOU!!

GOT STRESS? Want to get rid of it?

Click photo to see hear/see today's STRESS BLOG and start melting away your pain! This is your starting point!

Click photo to see hear/see today’s STRESS BLOG and start melting away your pain! This is your starting point!

Hello Again Dear Heart!

Last week we talked about the world going through major changes. Those major changes are causing A LOT OF STRESS. Seems like instead of S-L-O-W-I-N-G  D-O-W-N we are trying to go faster and faster as we cram in more and more “stuff” into our lives! The signs are all around us but we ignore them by continuing the behaviors that cause even more stress.

This pressure cooker living leads to many negative things like lots of discord, feeling horrible, weight gain, rapid aging and insomnia. We in America are so stressed out that although we are only 4.6% of the world’s population we take 80% of the world’s prescription drugs! Wha-wha-what!?

Yes, we are indeed in the middle of a huge wake-up call… Listening to these fantabulous short but sweet COACH ME MARIA videos shifts your life more into living from your heart’s core! Going back to listening to your intuition, your internal GPS is the best way to create alignment with your life’s purpose. Stress is your body’s way of letting you know you are out-of-alignment and if you don’t hear the message, it will simply get “louder” and “louder”!

STRESS IS MEANT TO BE TEMPORARY! It runs your body in overdrive. This is not only not how the body was meant to be used, it’s also DANGEROUS! Give yourself the gift today of slowing down long enough to watch this 2 minute video so you can be reminded to claim your REAL LIFE back!


Remember that life is rigged in your favor!

Great big hugs,


1 Estoril, tamariz_beachPS  Want to eliminate the stress in your life and feel younger and happier! Let me teach you how!  Come to the HAPPY ME RETREAT – in STUNNING PORTUGAL! Nothing traps more energy and keeps you stuck than putting off what your heart desires. If you are open to a life-shifting trip come to Portugal with me guiding you all the way in a trip of a lifetime! For how to bring this into your life click…


PPS  Comment below & share to increase the LOVE and AWARENESS on our beautiful planet!  Watch today’s stress video at…

See you back next Tuesday!

How Do I Protect Myself From ENERGY VAMPIRES?


Click here for view TODAY’s Coaching VIDEO…

Hello Dear Heart!

Thank you so very much for tuning in! It’s been a while since I’ve done a video blog but so many have been asking that I’m starting them up again! These video blogs are FREE COACHING directly for you! Tune in every Tuesday for the summer to help keep you releasing the blocks and move into alignment with your dream manifesting and life’s purpose work. Now onto today’s blog…

dramatic out of nothingThe world is going through some major changes. It’s on most every level from individual to global. There is feedback everywhere that is getting louder and LOUDER! In the last month for example there’s been an increase in panic attacks, anxiety, ringing in ears, vertigo, etc. If you are paying attention we are definitely shifting.

We humans have been living as if we could exist outside of the natural flow of how the world works. As a species we’ve so focused on the fear of not having enough or of being safe that we are now in a HUGE pickle. The biggest problem seems to be that most people either feel completely powerless to do anything or want to argue that there is no problem… DUDE, IF YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE, doing nothing except arguing whether or not to call the fire department, will get you into a hot mess. 😉

Energy Vampires... I vant to suck your energyOn an individual level the way we use our energy is very important. Just like our physical body needs a constant flow of air, our energetic body needs a flow of energy. We get both of those flows naturally, unless we block it. The blocks in the energetic body cause people to look for energy from other people, and that is how energy vampires are created… Oh, and People either drain or inspire youdon’t fool yourself by pointing fingers at others! We are all energy vampires at some point because of how we have all been domesticated into a world that tries to shut off our intuition and tell us the “RIGHT WAY” to live life… How’s that worken’ for ya, eh? 😉

We’re in the middle of a huge wake-up call… Listening to these videos will help you shift your life more into living from your heart’s core, back to listening to your intuition, your internal GPS. The road is bumpy… HOWEVER…If you’re living out of alignment, it’s WAY harder to live like you are now!


Remember that life is rigged in your favor!

Great big hugs,



1 Estoril, tamariz_beachPS HAPPY ME RETREAT – in STUNNING PORTUGAL! Nothing traps more energy and keeps you stuck than putting off what your heart desires. If you are open to a life-shifting trip come to Portugal with me guiding you all the way in a trip of a lifetime! For how to bring this into your life click…

PPS Remember to comment below & share to increase the LOVE and AWARENESS!


Hello Beautiful Coach Me Maria Peeps!

Welcome to the fourth video blog of this exciting CMM series! Today’s topic is one that drives most of us C-R-A-Z-Y!!! Today’s question is… WHY-OH-WHY-WHY DO WE KEEP REPEATING THE SAME PATTERNS… OVER AND OVER…EVEN WHEN THEY ARE PAINFUL… OR MAKE NO SENSE!?

This is one of those topics that can drive people insane. If it were only a matter of doing what made sense then it would be easy to adjust, but that’s not the case with most people. This is when lots of blame happens because people BLAME and SHOULD all over themselves. A bit of kindness, letting go and forgiveness goes a long way in these circumstances. I specifically make this and the other videos in this series short so you can get a lot in a short amount of time. Take a moment now to find out how your patterns are making you stuck by watching today’s video.

For those who want more information about coming to a Coach Me Maria event or retreat you can get more details at

THANK YOU! I’m oh-so-delighted to be part of your journey back to the authentic you!!! Your WAKING UP is exactly what the world needs right now! No matter how bumpy it gets you will love how wonderful it feels to BE YOU in the world! What I know for sure is that I was born to help you get “there”! If you have been struggling and want things to shift, coaching is a really great solution! Call or email me for a life-shifting session! <3

In the meantime, continue spreading the LOVE by commenting, liking and sharing this video blog with those you LOVE most! We are creating a perfect storm for a passionate peace to reign in our lives! It cannot happen unless we share what makes our heart sing! Sharing is caring! I look forward to your comments!

Remember: What the world needs most is for you to be YOU, not some version of what you or others think you SHOULD BE!

Great big hugs,

PS Every year I do two VERY SPECIAL events called THE ‘HAPPY ME’ RETREAT.  In 2015 they will be EXTRA special! I will be holding one in April at Cape Cod, Massachusetts and the other in October in Lisbon, Portugal. Come delight yourself!



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