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2011? Same SHIT Different Year? What’s YOUR Plan?

“Waking up this morning, I smile.  Twenty-four brand new hours are before me.  I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.”  –Thich Nhat Hanh    

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

First one of my biggest loves in this lifetime…Today is my youngest’s birthday, Miss Isabella turns THREE today. Her spirit is such a fascinating mix of knowing and standing firm with what she wants WITH a deep sweetness/and connection to people. She is definitely an old soul and I’m soooooooo honored to be her Mama! “PARABENS BELLA-JELLA MEU AMOR!” 

We have hit a “bump”. A “blog” is technically supposed to be about 400 words. It is SUCH a passion to write that I end up writing over 1,000. It also takes me about 8-9 hours to write. The feedback I get is that you put off reading it because it’s so long and you don’t want to miss reading all of it. I hear you and my intention is to make the ButterflyMoms blog “closer” to the 400 so that we can both have more bite-size pieces for our souls. All that other energy that is left over will then naturally flow where it needs to…I will announce “where” at the end of today’s blog…a little suspense keeps things “interesting”. 


As we all stand here on the “cliff” of 2010, many of us start to check in, sort of. Unfortunately checking in for a lot of us means a fruitless act of WISHFUL THINKING. We put our (disconnected from our soul) goals on paper and then are disappointed that we don’t get the house, lose the weight, get the money, or find the soul mate. How many years have you done this, been really hopeful about making a shift and then *BOOM*, it all falls apart!

THIS YEAR you have the choice of doing it differently. How? Simply add the equation of yor soul. Here are four things you can do to help make your life more satisfying, more you in 2011!

1.   Schedule actual time (even if it’s only 15 minutes) to sit down every week and schedule three fun events that honor the kid in you. One is for you to do alone, another is for you to do with your friends/family and another for only your kids. This might sound like a big thing but one of the biggest complaints is that we don’t make enough time for the people we love. Be creative, ask for their input, even start traditions that will add more fun into your life. After about six weeks of doing this it will become a habit. It will take a lot of stress off your plate too because you have already have time set aside for meeting with the people you oftentimes feel guilty about not seeing. Guilt be gone!

 2.  Think of a place where you are really happy. Close your eyes and let yourself go there! Change your breathing. Allow your shoulders to drop. Feel your body and move around like a cat does when it is stretching. Breathe in. Breathe out. Picture it in your mind. Stay there for a while and really feel it. Breathe in. Breathe out. Know that whenever you get stressed out or need to escape you don’t need to eat, drink or even take drugs (even if they are over-the-counter), all you need is to take yourself back to your special place.

3.  Isolation is the great dream killer. If you have a goal and you keep it to yourself there is almost a 99.999999123% chance that you will never birth that dream! Why? The ego will get a hold of it and kill it. The ego is afraid of “change”. When you to others, even strangers you will find that people have an incredible compassion for others. Even these strangers want you to succeed more than your ego does. 

Feeling Safe

4. Every morning ask to see the world with new eyes. EVERY icky situation you have will completely shift if you simply see the world with a new perspective. You have the power. It’s there for you to activate ANY time you want, just bring your awareness to it. 

Big things are happening for 2011!!! YAY!!!!!!

My first book will be coming out at the end of January. It’s called Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire. If you would like to pre-order a copy please let me know. They are normally $25 but I am including a special price for ButterflyMoms for $19.99. If you buy two I will also include the shipping! This is an extremely proud and happy event for me because I’ve been trying to do it for 20 years!!!

I am also opening up my own healing practice called The Sophia Center starting January 1. If you have something in your life that you need help shifting either body-wise or life-wise I am here to help you. For the month of January I will be reducing the rate of $80 for 50 minutes to only $60 for a 50 minute session. Buy a five-pack of sessions and get another $25 off (only $275). If interested please me an email to so you can book an appointment and start the year off with someone who has your back!! It would be a total honor to work with you!

Great big honkin’ hugs,


Being In Your Joy…Attracts Your Life’s Purpose!

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

OH YES! Magic is in the air! YES! YES! YES! And if you look at the routes your life has taken, you will find there have been a series of “mini” events that over time created major shifts. It’s what Dr. Wayne Dyer describes as the… you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know and suddenly you get it and it makes soooo much “sense” that you cannot imagine how you did not see it before! It’s the kind “A-HA moment” gift you receive from going with your intuition even when your brain does get it.

Back in April I got invited by my wonderful friend Corinne to attend my first Goddess weekend in Vermont at an Inn her friend owns. The Goddess Weekend is a very sacred event that started over a decade ago by a bunch of very cool women. The only way to go is if someone invites you. You can stay for a total of four days (probably more if you really wanted) in this idyllic Vermont inn but the whole time you do whatever you want, whenever you want – read, sleep, hike, eat, write, talk, play cards, shop… Even the food is prepared for us (you can volunteer to help but there is no obligation). As a mother of five, having three days just for me (with not even a husband) was something I had not had in years and years. That heart gift Corinne gave me lead to a major life shift for it was that weekend in the quietness of my shabby-chic room named “Kindness” I first began writing my ButterflyMoms blog. 😉 (Deep breath)

We picked Saturday to leave because of family obligations. My house was the meeting place. When everyone got here I suggested we go to the absolutely fabulous store, KAMALA DESIGNS, because I told the owner, Kate, I would stop by for her special sale. KAMALA is a very special place with a lot of soul, a lot, lot! On the way there we stopped at the wonderful Mudville Farmers Market that “Mayor” Blair also started with his heart and soul. Side note: From my house we can easily walk to these gems! It feels amazing to be able to live my dream of walking everywhere! Oprah says that your home should come up to meet you and the town of Holliston, especially Mudville does that for me, it comes up to great me and is always getting better and better. It was an AMAZING way to start the weekend!

Because I was swimming in my passion and doing the things that fill me, I felt very emotional that day. I was feeling deep gratitude and seeing beauty wherever I looked. I felt completely open and magical things kept happening. Like while at Kamala’s, Kate (the owner), came up to me and “randomly” and wrapped a string bracelet around my wrist. It had been blessed by the Dali Lama and been to several spiritual places in the world including Machu Picchu. It has a little copper charm with “BLESSED” written on it. It is a miracle catcher that you are supposed to wear until if falls off. Well, this past weekend at my energy medicine school, during a very powerful weekend it fell off!!!!

Since it fell off three days ago, I have attracted a new mission and a team of people to help me “birth” this amazing dream of “being the fire that ignites people’s souls”. As I was showing an incredible space to Rae of Cosmic Sister (another very cool shop/studio in Holliston), I started describing how it would be such a great space for a healing co-op/center or spiritual incubator. As I spoke I started “wearing” the vision I was describing. It was like it was something that belonged to me but my brain did not know how to take it or where to put it. From my training at the Rhys Thomas Institute I have learned to stay open even when my brain is wigging out. (Intuition does NOT come from the brain.) By staying open I found that people were literally attracted to me like a magnet. Suddenly I attracted an incredible videographer, world-class mind mapper, kind landlord, heart-led investor, and several health practitioners who want sacred space, (and I also got asked if I want to join a speakers’ bureau that focuses on peace) all in three days since the little string bracelet (that reminded me of my greatness and deservedness for the last 8 months) fell off.

I don’t know exactly how this will turn out but I have a stronger intention than I did on Sunday because I’ve been reminded by the beautiful Christine to narrow my goals. If you say you are “open to anything” then that is what you attract. That is not what I really meant, I wanted something specific but had not given myself permission to say it. I am completely open to the abundance of making money doing what I really, really, really love…..and that is being the fire that ignites people’s souls!

I hope that I inspire you to do what is feels right to you, big or little steps are irrelevant for when you reach you ”tipping point” not even the ocean can stop you! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! LOOK MOM I CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!! 😉

Check back in next Friday for our next ButterflyMoms update! You might just be bearing witness to the birthing of The ButterflyMoms Healing Co-op/Center. You are a part of this magnificent dream!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! See how powerful you are! OH YES! Magic is in the air! YES! YES! YES!

Great big hugs beautiful ButterflyMoms! I LOVE YOU!



 More info about two wonderful local, woman-owned businesses with lots of soul…

Kamala Designs –

Cosmic Sister Art Studio & Resale Shop –

PS  PS I’m sooooo thrilled that my dream of writing a book is finally come true!!! Entrepreneurial Moms Extraordinaire is the amazing wisdom of 21 entrepreneurial moms who are passing on their knowledge to those who don’t have time for beating around the bush! We all need to make money NOW and live our lives well NOW. This book will definitely help in a very profound way! It’s coming out at the end of January. It will be $25 but if you pre-order it now you get it for only $19.99. Of course I will autograph it for you too! J Send me an email at and I will send you the order form. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!

Reaching for the STARS with a Broken Heart!!!!!!


Hey Beautiful ButterflyMoms!

First I want to apologize for being M.I.A. for a couple of days. The blog software was acting VERY funky. I wrote an entire blog and when I tried to download photos it would not let me. I tried for hours (yes, I’m stubborn that way) and then the software glitch of the photos “ate” my blog (YUP! That is the technical term for it ;)) Needless to say I was bit bummed, especially because I had no time left to do another one. (These blogs take at least a couple of hours to write each time.) Now onto the real part of the blog…

WOW! I am completely humbled by the outpour of love and support a couple of days ago at the four year anniversary of our Sophia’s death. It was an emotional few days. Each year I never know what “flavor” the day will take. This year I wanted to ride the energy of this time of year and do something I’ve been dreaming of doing since I was a child. It all started when I got an email from a friend saying I should apply to the Oprah contest for having your own talk show. I was busy. I get a lot of emails. I added it to my TO DO PILE where things go to die. 😉 That same day I get another email from another friend about the same thing. Wow! Two in one day! That was cool and I wanted to do it but my screaming kids and work were still pulling me harder than my dream. The universe, forever patient, kept at it. Over the next three days four more people (who don’t even know each other) emailed me the Oprah contest with a chorus of “YOU should do this!” or “This would be perfect for you!” or “I can totally see you do this!” Six people!  How could I resist, I ask you? I decided then to unpack a dream I had kept deep inside of me, cocooning until all the right circumstances would arise. In these moments you want to pinch yourself because there were days when you could not picture your dreams coming true. Since I was a little kid I had dreamed about having my own talk show. I love the camera. I love people. I had no idea how I would do that. You don’t exactly go to talk show university so other things got in the way and my life played out the way it has. I started realizing when I was in Chicago a few weeks ago that many of the careers I had were all to prepare me for this. That thought was a WAVE OF KNOWING that washed over me as I was in the lobby of the Chicago Sheraton. It felt wonderful!


The whole process/journey together seemed overwhelming so I broke it down into steps. First, I tried to find out how much it cost to get it professionally done. It was WAY too expensive, especially just for a 3 minute video. Plus, I would have been disappointed had I not done it myself. I think creativity is a vital part of this journey.  Our spiritual side is made from ENERGY and CREATING is what energy does. It loves doing it! If you are not doing creative things in your life you are cutting off your “spiritual oxygen”.

BTW, your mini assignment today is do something CREATIVE. You must use items you already own and that are around your office or home. Paint, glue, color, cut, Lego, draw…pick your creative outlet and have at it. If you are having trouble starting just tell yourself you will only do it for 15 minutes and see what happens! Give yourself some extra FUN energy! It’s even more powerful than caffeine!!! J

Second, I had to find and HD camcorder (translation: HELLO WORLD! HERE ARE ALL MY LINES & WRINKLES!!! HOORAY!!!! ;)). I was reminded of the power of ASKING for what we want. Out of the blue three kind souls offered they magic creating machines to me!

One of my number one fans!!! 😉

Thirdly, I requested/begged a designer friend of mine to film at Brick House Realty’s office. Now the cool thing is that I have been on a few television sets, been on TV and done modeling so I understand a bit about what one needs to bring. I had a little MARKETBASKET plastic bag with two simple changes of clothing, two necklaces, mascara, eye liner, lipstick and my Italian red patent leather hoochie mama shoes. I have not worn make-up in a year or more but learned the basics a long time ago! I had forgotten that and it felt good. Since I don’t usually wear make-up when I do people think I got a facelift or something! It’s very funny! J

Next, the contest rules are VERY specific about lighting, sound, etc. We filmed for about two hours. When I reviewed the tape I was disappointed to find that the lighting was not the best and the street sounds were picked up during the filming. We realized we could not film there. We asked a local photographer friend of ours if we could use his photo studio and he agreed. The four hours of film footage we got there (two cameras rolling simultaneously) was awesome as was the sound.

There were many side roads and tribulations in this whole process so far, times when I just thought that maybe quitting was my next direction. I knew I’d regret that so I kept on keeping on, as they say in American folk songs. 😉

This whole process was about asking for what I needed. It was a wonderful series of exercises about going with the flow of what is there and not what I wanted to be there. I realize that part of being happy on this planet is to know WHEN it’s a good time to PUSH ON and NOT ACCEPT what is going on AND WHEN IT’S TIME to GO WITH THE FLOW!

Two nights ago I pulled an all-nighter so I could edit the video. This entire process has been an act of L-O-V-E!!! You are now officially a direct part of making this dream come true because you have been so supportive! Oprah is having a contest for people who want their own talk show. I made a video that just went up two days ago Tuesday night and therefore we are way behind the others who have millions of votes because they started in May!  I worked really hard to create this video and now comes the stage where I need help promoting it. I know you are super busy but I humbly ask for your help in making this miracle happen! Here’s how:

The Opera Winfrey Network (OWN) contest is designed for people to vote multiple times at once (like 101) so please go back & vote as many times as you can every day July 3! REALLY NEED YOUR HELP to continue the momentum of the SNOWBALL WE HAVE CREATED so please:

  1. Vote as many times as you can-at least 101/day would be awesome 😉 (BTW, they only update votes every hour so when you vote the number won’t change to you but it is being counted)
  2. Send friends an email offering them to be a part of this adventure 😉
  3. Post it on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.
  4. Make it a game and involve others. We only have a few days to attract this miracle! :)!

THANKS for helping me live my dream! This is FUN…thanks for being a part of it!!!! Let’s build the momentum of our SNOWBALL but reaching out to others and voting! Our goal is 2 million votes by July 3.

My friend Corinne wrote, “Please read below, view clip, VOTE-VOTE-VOTE… FWD-FWD-FWD to others striving to achieve their goals and PRAY-PRAY-PRAY.”

Here’s the link….

If the link doesn’t work go to “ to” “your own show” and look up “THE MARIA SHOW” by “Maria Salomao-Schmidt”!

Thank you for being part of this MIRACLE!

Great big hugs,






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