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Wake up to your life!

Hello Beautiful Butterfly Moms!!!!!

This week was full. I’ve made a huge shift from last year. This year I have picked specific days to do the activities that feed my soul. It feels sooooo much better. In the program I’m taking we are learning to take back our power. What that means is that you feel better (no, not perfect but “better” – much, much better). When you have more of your energy you get more intuition. It’s like getting better TV reception after years of getting nothing but static. It feels great!

Today I want to give you something wonderful. It is sooooo simple and sooooo lovely. Get ready to open your mind and take in this very useful tool that helps get your energy back. It’s just like looking at your finances. Seeing what you’re paying out and checking in with yourself if it is something that is worth the price is what we are talking about here. So many times we keep grudges that we are not even aware of. Even without conscious awareness they are draining our energy field. Bringing awareness is therefore key! How do you do this? Here’s one simple tool that is VERY powerful. Don’t pooh-pooh it because it is simple. It totally works!

First it is important that your brain is there to SERVE you. If you don’t lead it, the brain will FREAK OUT and start giving YOU orders. If you don’t have awareness or energy, you don’t even notice that you are no longer in charge, soon the behavior becomes a habit. As soon as it becomes a habit most human beings will see it as “normal’/ “the way it is” and will never question it again. This is the recipe for an unhappy life, the kind where you effort and effort and effort with no results and wonder why the world is so unfair.

So as you go through your day, you will begin having thoughts. Let’s say that the first person you  think of is your brother and something he is doing that you don’t approve of. Perhaps in your opinion he is too tight or too loose with his money. You worry about him. You talk to your other siblings about him. You think about him. Here’s the million dollar energy question…… Now take a deep breath. (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) Whose business is his money? (enter song from Jeopardy….ta-ta-ra-ta-ta-ta-ta)

Make time to smell the flowers

There are three types of business, your, another’s and God’s. Your brother’s money is HIS BUSINESS. (“full-stop” as the British say.) If you sit there and judge him, even if you think it’s for his own good, all you are doing is giving him your energy and depleting yourself. Is complaining about him to others giving you more or less energy? Is thinking about what he SHOULD do with his money giving YOU more or less energy? Is constantly bombarding him with your “helpful” advice (even if you are just thinking it) is that giving you more or less energy. How would you react if he did the same to you? We all mean well but we have never been taught that there is a line. The best “advice” we can give is to lead exemplary lives, meaning lives fully in our own power. Our own GPS system is only activated when we hit a certain energy level. This week I invite you to bring back more of your power. (oh and a little side note) Bringing back more of your power does not mean you are crazy-out of control. Being more in your power means feeling more grounded, connected, content, alive, happy, full. Enjoy playing with different situations. Remember it’s all about learning. When you know better you do better. Feel free to email me questions. Our entire planet’s energy is shifting, be a conscious part of this VERY exciting time!

Great big hugs,


PS What would help some of you even more is if you sent a few friends this to read and you worked on it together. Remember birds of a feather….not everyone will be open but for those who are you are gifting them the gift of themselves. There “ain’t” nothin’ bettah than that!

My Mother/My Self…My Goodness/My Ickiness!




Here is the next chapter in how to….UnClutterYour Life and Finding the Hidden Treasures

WARNING: The content you are about to read is soooooooo inspiring that it may cause tears and an uncontrollable urge to send this blog to others. DO NOT fight the urges. DO NOT adjust your computer. DO giggle and cry and ponder and share and breathe and write and draw and sing and whatever else feels good to you in the moment. What you are feeling is the AUTHENTIC YOU, reaching out of its shell. Feel free to TRY THIS AT HOME…AND OFTEN! “FEED YOUR SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!”  It’s soooooo easy! Start here…

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms!

My second year of healing school starts today and I’m THRILLED! It is the one place where I’m finally getting the answers AND tools to bring my life into the alignment of my soul. Some of those tools and nuggets of my enlightenment I’ve shared with you here in the Land of ButterflyMoms! Because of this journey I have a lot more peace, awareness and love in my life. I’ve been able to take some of the things that were sucking my energy (or rather that I was giving my energy to) and stopped “paying” those hefty fees! Do I hear an “AMEN!” gorgeous ButterflyMom “sistahs”? 😉


My Beautiful Mom and my "Little" Brother Who is Currently Serving in Iraq


One of my biggest energy drains was my relationship with my mom. The details don’t really matter. The “REALITY” is that I JUDGED HER and the SITUATION before she even entered the room. Although I’ve always LOVED my mom, I can’t honestly say I’ve ever had a REAL relationship with her because I was creating “the scene” and “the person” of her and then reacting to that instead of who she is. DEEP BREATH.

Why? I was afraid of being hurt. It was a defense mechanism from when I was a child but with adult powers it is more intense. Unexamined, it starts blending in with the background and becomes part of your “normal” so it is harder to notice, even though it’s right there. It is a pure ENERGY DRAINER. You pay in energy dollars EVERY time you think about it. It’s like paying the mortgage (or investing) in a shitty ‘ole shack when you could have the perfect house for you! When you invest in “shitty” energy you know it when your life is showing up shitty. 😉 How many of us have been there, in the land of shitty and don’t know why?! Well now you know! TAH DAH!

If you asked me even a few months ago I would tell you that my Mom was “this” and she was “that” and not enough of the “other” but in reality she is, and always been, just her, maybe even with her own mask but I cannot tell because I have never really “met” her. The only way to “meet” her is to first “meet” me without all the defenses and force fields and protective gates around _________________(fill in the blank with whatever works for you: my feelings of not being enough, not being pretty/thin/young/coiffed/smart ENOUGH! When I’m in my “DEFENSE” how can she let her guard down?

Our moms are just people who did the best they could with what they had which is THE best that any Mom can do. The gift of being a mom is that you now get to see what it is like on the “other side”.  I’m noticing the Land of Shitty creeping up on my relationship with my six year old daughter. I’m seeing the “shitty shack energy investment” starting to show itself. I am thankful because I see it. I don’t know how this “ends” but I’m thrilled at having the knowledge and awareness to begin playing with it. I can already feel the pure LOVE shining through the cracks…..and it feels FANTASTIC!

Great big hugs,



Trading Grace For “That”…

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

I’m thrilled that my second year of my energy medicine school starts next week! There is a LOT of reading involved in the course which makes it even more powerful. One of the required readings is work by the incredible Byron Katie. In case you have not heard of her she is amazing. Her work is based on four simple questions she calls THE WORK. At first it seems too simple but it is incredibly POWERFUL!

One of my mentors, the beautiful Kathryn Prum from Simmons College School of Management first introduced me to her but I was not open to really hearing the message (back in the late 1900’s 😉 ) Last year I ran across Katie’s work again, this time on YouTube, so I decided to try something interesting. While I was cleaning out my basement I took down my laptop and played motivational YouTube videos. (I love using technology for spiritual growth like here! LOVE IT!) Katie has a lot of good ones. I have been studying “self-help/motivational” materials for a VERY long time and she is some of the best because it is so simple yet incredibly deep.

Because I know we all lead FULL lives, I’m including a FREE video from YouTube here for you to see what I mean about her work. She has a lot online that are free and they are all good but for today this one is the best for us right now because it is SUCH a serious topic.

In this one she does not CLEARLY state the four questions but you see the results. There are 3 parts. I had only listened to the first one until today. The first video is enough but you also can give yourself the gift of the others if you wish. They will most definitely help you feed your ButterflyMoms soul by making room in your life for your mind to stop being so “dramatic”.

Our minds are mostly about fear and doing this work allows your mind to serve you instead of being the one to guide you into a life of fear. This is the most perfect example for that…..I hope you grab your most favorite hot beverage and listen to this…

Great big hugs my loves!



PS Still don’t have my computer after a week so much of my technology is slowed down. No photos again this week. Sorry about that. Thanks for bearign with me. As always please keep reminding your friends to read ButterflyMoms. We are shifting the energy on this planet into a planet of Grace and Love….You are a part of this fun movement! YAY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now tell your friends!


Talk to you again next Friday!

What is “Working” In Your Life?

What is “Working” In Your Life?

Life offers full spectrum living! There are 360 degrees worth of options, like a huge circle worth of living. Everyone has those 360 degrees. Your life right now is based on what section of those degrees you CHOOSE to live in. I use that word “CHOOSE” because right now many of us are on automatic pilot with our lives and we don’t even realize it because we are making choices but they are within the small section we live in. So instead of living in the 360 degrees we are living in only 90 or 40 or even 10 degrees. How does this happen?

Most of us were “taught” from our family that the world consists only of one small sliver of that pie. We have very rarely questioned that world because everyone around us SEEMS to be living in that section too. We see that there are people outside that section, who live vastly different lives but we say they do that BECAUSE…..BECAUSE they had different circumstances, talents, support, abilities. “If I only won the lottery,” we say to ourselves that would solve everything. (Funny thing is that most of us who say this don’t even play the lottery! 😉 )

Today’s ButterflyMoms blog is a gentle reminder that will rock your world in the most wonderful way. You don’t need to win the freakin’ lottery because, baby, YOU are the lottery. For some of us just knowing that there is another huge section of the pie that we are not living in is enough for now. If that is the case then “swim” in that possibility that there is a huge, wonderful world that you shut yourself off to by habit but by doing so you have also cut out your connection with joy, ability and possibility. Ok, that was a bit too spiritual even for me so let me simplify. You have the wonderful gift of a whole full spectrum life, all 360 degrees already with you. You just were not given the “permission” to play with them until now.

You have just stepped into AWARENESS! Congratulations! The world will never be the same again…(enter evil laugh) 😉 Actually if you are feeling a little fear that is awesome because that shows you how over-protective your brain/mind have been all these years. We are just talking about a concept here not going to the moon…you see? Go with the feeling. Don’t squish feelings. Let it speak to you just as you do little children. Sometimes what they have to say is actually VERY important information but you have to be willing to give value to them without being consumed by it.

Bottom line is that we are SOULS who are having a BODY EXPERIENCE. For some reason when we enter planet earth (especially in America) many of us seem to think that if we IGNORE the soul side than we will live forever! So this becomes our pattern for dealing with things…..we ignore and hope it will go away. How’s that workin’ for ya?

Great big hugs,



My goal is to write every Friday (at least). I have found that now that we are back to school mode I need to carve out time to write and Friday mornings are the time I will dedicate to ButterflyMoms all over the world just like you! LOVE YOU! MWAH! MWAH! MWAH!


Dearest ButterflyMoms,

My journey of 1,000 miles (literally) begins with this email!

DEEP BREATH! Lots has been going on! I have found that the more I write the more I figure out stuff for myself, and bonus – for lots of moms and dads out there! It is SUCH a cool gift to share with the world! Well all this along with my finishing my first year of the Rhys Thomas Energy Medicine School has completely helped me hear my soul’s calling. Sharing with you is part of that wonderful gift! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)! Things can only hurt us if they are in the dark, festering. Thank you to all those who shared publicly and privately their deepest ickies and triumphs. We have been inspired by what people have written and it has fed our souls.

Well, this path has led me to a place I could never have imagined. I have shared it with very few because I’m been trying to give my brain time to process it. The “orders” came from my soul… J! I promised I’d let you know what big brewings were coming our way and now as Rafiki, the wise baboon in Lion King, says, “It is time.”

When I got back from my retreat, I sat down with Doug and watched an Oprah Show he had taped for me. Again I got that longing feeling to be ON the show.

SIDE NOTE: Key Point Here: When we a longing we don’t understand, we tend to divert our attention or numb out with TV/getting busy/cleaning/shopping/shop lifting/cheating/over-eating/drugs/alcohol…you get the drift. It happens to all of us. It is a coping mechanism when we don’t actively use it as a tool for bringing awareness to a feeling. The feeling feels icky so we numb out. Next time that happens, ask what that feeling has come to teach you. Take out the JUDGEMENT of yourself, just as you don’t judge how well a baby walks when she first starts. Think of how “silly” that would be. Be kind with yourself, as this is new to most of us because in this culture we are not taught how to hear our soul. Most of us are just learning that we even can!)

What I have learned is that LONGING to be on The Oprah Show was from my soul. My brain could care less if I get on it. I have a sneaky suspicion that it has even been blocking it because it does not want to feel the rejection if it does not happen. The soul feels no rejection because it just lives in LOVE and ALIGNMENT!

Now back to sitting on the couch with cutie pie Doug 😉 He suggested that I email the producer at The Oprah Show that I’ve been working with and get an update. I went right to my computer and did. The producer emailed me right back with the following message:

Hi Maria,

Everyone was touched by your story. Trying to find a show in which we can feature you.

Will keep you posted. Please keep checking with me.


I loved that he responded right away but it was not good enough, or rather I knew that was not FIT for me. I sat back asked the universe what it would take. I have found that this really works…you just have to be ready to listen to some “interesting” answers….The answer I got back was “If you really want to get on the Oprah Show simply start walking.” I immediately knew that meant LITERALLY walking to Chicago. I know that is the answer because I could hardly sleep all night! I was soooooooooooo energized by the thought. I have held it in for over a week. I even checked it out with my doctor and have started training

Ok, so, Chicago is 1,000 miles! So although I’m still playing with what this is going to look like I am planning on leaving October 5 after my beautiful niece Emily gets married in Key West. I will be biking and walking doing about 35-40 miles a day. I added the biking because it would normally take someone about 3 months to walk to Chicago. It is a HUGE sacrifice for me to be away from my kids, especially my youngest who is only two so I’m adding the biking and maybe even a ride on “THE DOG” (Greyhound bus if things get out of hand) so I can keep it to a month. Just like when you go into labor, you have a plan and then are open to what will happen.

While on the journey I plan on interviewing Moms asking them what they do to feed their souls. I will be sending at least daily updates of where I am. I am leaving my family so that I can follow one of my deepest dreams. It will be cold but I will have all of you to keep me warm! :)!

I used to be in public relations for almost 20 years so I will be sending out press releases with the help of my friend Heather. Another friend knows several very large media outlets and has even put in a call a friend of his, the governor of Illinois!!! Things are just falling into place. I can totally see this being something that is picked up which is awesome because it’s all about LOVE! WOW, I am in awe of all that is unfolding! Soooooooo cool! (and SOOOOOOO VERY SCARY TOO – just like when I jumped out of a plane at 10,000ft – the only way to do it is just go on instinct and turn the brain off 😉 FEEL the FEAR and DO IT ANYWAY!!!

I need your help beautiful ButterflyMoms. You have been sooooooooo instrumental in this whole journey! We have created an incredible community here and I love that. I call upon your intuition now. If you have any ideas, suggestions, contacts I’d LOVE them. I need someone to lend me an RV so someone can drive while I walk. If you know anyone who wants to buy/sell a house (for those of you who don’t know I own Brick House Realty). I need to make as much money as I can, so any leads (even out of state –where I could do referrals) would really help. If you know anyone in the sneaker or athletic apparel I could really use some donations there too. If you know anyone at Whole Foods or Trader Joes who could donate healthy food. If you know anyone who does bodywork and can help direct me in the best way to plan my walking/riding stretching, etc. If you know of any appropriate sponsors that would be awesome too! What am I missing? I’m open to seeing how it unfolds.

People have asked me if I will be supporting a cause. My answer is YES but not a monetary one. I want to remind Mommies from Boston to Chicago and all over the world to nurture their souls. My goal is to walk the walk, literally and figuratively. I will keep moving forward towards my goal of Oprah (walking/riding a bike) while doing yoga, reading, interviewing/connecting with people, blogging, doing interviews, eating nutritious foods. Part of the journey is to live life as I dream of it. It is to BE THE FIRE THAT IGNITES PEOPLE’S SOULS, especially moms. I will be sharing the stories of my adventures and those of who I meet with you. This is my warrior’s journey and I’m soooooo thrilled that you will be sharing it with me! (if you want to, of course!)

Great big hugs,



Unpacking My Summer

Rhys Thomas' New Hampshire Retreat

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

It’s been a very interesting summer full of adventure and even a little drama thrown in there. I have started a new thing I do and that is whenever I get home from a trip,  I unpack right away. I do this because I have noticed that  otherwise in my house piles of stuff tend to hang out for a whiiiiiiiiiiiiile. 😉  

All this thinking about unpacking made me think of our summer and what we would each unpack from our summers if we were asked.

For me I would unpack and keep the gift of RESOURCEFULLNESS.

It is important to note that I spent 2 months with my three girls and my aunt in a small (in American standards) condo almost 24 hours a day. Because we were on a very limited budget I had no cell phone, watch or car, and there were so many of us that I slept on the floor all summer. I must admit that I did spend a very insy-weeny tiny little bit whining to my beautiful husband Doug that I couldn’t do anything with three young kids, with no money and no car but once I SNAPPED OUT OF IT and let my resourcefulness in it was a blast.

It also  again gave me the gift of experiencing the fact that if parents are relaxed so are the kids (and vice versa, of course!) My kids got to see a more relaxed side of me that they don’t see on a consistent basis. To stay in budget we packed lunches  and had lots of picnics. We bought food and cooked at home instead of the normal dining out from past trips. We did “splurge” on three small balls for the girls which they kicked around in the park almost every day. The kids ran and jumped and climbed and had a total blast simply being kids.


The indoor space we had in Portugal this summer was definitely smaller than normal American standards but it also helped us all bond a lot more. They learned the gift of sharing and honoring space, even in tight quarters. As the founder of Brick House Realty I oftentimes show people houses that are MONSTROUSLY big with each kid having there own room. As a mother and business owner I believe that kids sharing rooms is one of THE coolest things you can do for your kids and your whole family because those bonds and experiences are priceless.

Feeding the giraffes at the zoo in Lisboa, Portugal. Same zoo I went to as a child! Felt awesome to be able to take my girls there too!

Another cool perk of choosing to be resourceful is that because we had no car, it also gave us the gift of experimenting with public transportation, like trains, subways, buses, even a tram. Living in Holliston, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston we don’t get access to a lot of that type of full on public transportation so it’s wonderful fun for them, and me too! More cool memories for them! Yay Mommy Points!!! 😉

Resourcefulness is what I’m unpacking from my summer to use this autumn. What are you unpacking from your summer?

Great big hugs,




Dearest ButterflyMoms,

Yesterday we started speaking about inspiration and then the subject evolved into another AWARENESS lesson. There must be a lot of growth going on because the subject of AWARENESS is popping a lot here for my intuitional writing! 😉 Go with the flow!

So today’s blog is going to be short and sweet so that you have time to really SEE YOURSELF today. (DEEP BREATH) Truly SEEING YOURSELF will unlock all that MAGNIFICENT TREASURE you have inside of you! It is WAYYYYYYYYYY bettter than any lottery you could win, promise!

So today, close your eyes (after you finish reading this, of course 😉 ) and picture yourself in 20 years if you have followed your best and highest good paths in life. Where are you? Is there anyone around you? What is the future you like? Let her give you a hug, a big one. She LOVES YOU! She wants the best for you. She sees how you are making choices that bring you a lot of suffering. She has been through all that. SHE IS YOU. No one knows you better than she does. What name will you give her so that you can easily identify her energy in your life? Mine is TAWANDAH!!!!! 😉 Will you be open and listen to what she has to say to you? Give yourself that gift. You are completely SAFE with her. SHE WANTS THE BEST FOR YOU. What advice does she have for you? (DEEP BREATHS)

Take a few moments to be with her and see what she shows you. We see time as linear but it is not. You have deep, deep wisdom there at your fingertips from your TAWANDAH. She wants to share with you the same way you would want to share if your younger self showed up in your life asking for advice. Reap the rewards of deep wisdom. Swim in the wonderful feeling of being around her. Feel her hugs. Feel free to ask her whatever you like. You might want to keep paper handy in case you want to write. You will forget this wisdom over time even if you have the best intentions, writing will help you remember.

If you feel comfortable share the nuggets of truth and wisdom you find. Be open to whatever kind of experience you have. This is fun! You are safe!

Great big hugs,


PS Spread the love….


I’m trying not to start off saying “WOW!”again but YOU have been SOOOOOOOO AMAZING that I just can’t stand it….(so I’m writing this sitting down! 😉 ) Yesterday was AGAIN another day that 200 people came to feed their souls at OUR BUTTERFLYMOMS blog buffet!!! YAY!!!!! The feedback that I’m getting is that those who come LOVE it, it’s just a matter of getting people to CUT THROUGH the “NOISE”, “SHOULDs” and “HAVE TOs” of their day long enough to CONNECT HERE to the ButterflyMoms blog.

I ask that you leave comments at the end of the blog because otherwise it’s like I’m writing in the dark. It sometimes takes hours to write them and with a 2, 4, 6 and 15 year old in tow that is a lot of fending off. Your comments really help me so please reach out so we can complete the energetic circle of light that has been created! And a little AWARENESS INTUITION that just came up for me…. If you are not connecting by writing in something that feeds your soul, than most likely you are also not connecting to the things in your life that FEED YOU or CONNECT YOU. No judgment – just think about it and see how that FEELS FOR YOU. We live in a “feeling universe” but in a “cover-up-your-true-feelings society”. I’m learning more and more HOW to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE THE FEELING UNIVERSE! 😉

My mom with her two oldest, me and my brother João in Hudson, MA about a year after we immigrated to the States 🙂

So, yesterday’s blog felt AWESOME to write and then I hit a bunch of “technical difficulties beyond my control” and POOF three hours went by! YIKES! Ok, so today let’s see it we can get a good flow going energetically all the way around. That is my intention! I’m proceeding with gusto! 🙂

The word that kept coming up for me yesterday (and that I promised to write about today at the end of yesterday’s blog) is INSPIRATION. It is SUCH A POWERFUL WORD! I took the liberty of looking it up for us. The word, or some form of it, is at least over a thousand years old….think about that for a second. The fact that human beings have been saying it for that long is amazing. There are many definitions and word derivations that are interesting so I’ve include two of them below for you to explore, if you wish. Being CURIOUS and EXPLORING are forms of PLAYING!!! If you want to get jiggy with it knock yourself out (translation, if you want to play with the info have at it)….

Lucia Zambrini “The word comes from Late Latin ispiratio, -onis (Late Latin started approximately in the third century; before that Latin used words such as inflatus or instinctus in their metaphorical meanings to express the concept of inspiration). In its turn this word derives from the past participle of the verb inspirare, «to blow into or upon; to breath into» formed by the verb spirare «to breath» with probably an onomatopeic origin, and the preposition in, that in composition, connected with a verb of motion, conveys the idea of motion, direction, or inclination into or to a place or a thing. In 1308 Dante used the variant inspirazione referring to suggestion, prompting; by 1560 it also meant creative power. ”

Encarta World Dictionary Inspire—[14th century. Via Old French enspirer, from Latin inspirare, from spirare, ‘to breathe’ (source of English SPIRIT).”


My favorite translation from all that I read about the word INSPIRATION is how Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of my favorite people on this planet, describes it, TO BE IN SPIRIT, CONNECTED TO YOUR SOURCE. So when we say someone or something is “INSPIRING”, what that means is that they help YOU by connecting to the BEST and HIGHEST part of you. When I do energy healings on people, I let them know when we first meet that there is one VERY important point to remember, that I’m not “doing” the healing. Contrary to popular belief, NO ONE CAN HEAL YOU. NO ONE has that power over you! YUP, it’s “twoo”! It’s a version of “you can lead a horse to water, BUT….” The lesson is in the “BUT” part of that equation. I’m just simply bringing that person energy to areas that are not “FULL”. I am offering his/her body the chance to take it in, if that is what it chooses. That is the good news and bad news. You are in control of you, YOU HAVE THE POWER. With great power comes great responsibility! There is no one else to BLAME for your life. Not the father who abused you, not the guy who killed your child, not the mother who did not love you, not the boss who abuses you. It is your life and all these things are there as feedback for how you are feeling inside. It is about AWARENESS but most of us make it about SELF-WORTH. YOU ARE FROM SOURCE. I AM FROM SOURCE. EVERYONE YOU KNOW IS FROM SOURCE. You are always safe! I need to devote more time to this subject and today is not that day. Know that this information is all being shared with you because you are ready to start processing it. If a piece is too big, take it out, cut it into smaller pieces and try again, that is all part of the journey! Enjoy it!

This belief that we have CHOICE is a hard concept for some to get because we, as people, have for many, many, many, many generations bought into the SAVE AND BLAME GAME: He did this to her so then she did that to them so they did the other to him…….and so on. We have long bought into the “someone” is going to come and “save” me. Not to get on the Christian train like yesterday but it looks like my intuition just bought a ticket so pack your bags y’all we are going on this ride! 😉 One of the basic premises of Christianity is that Jesus will come again to save us all. As children our “PRINCE” in shining armor is going to come to our emotional rescue. (Thanks to Mick Jagger for his contribution to today’s BFM blog). In politics we pick people to “lead” and sometimes even “save” us. Once we find that person we (as a society) CHECK OUT. People who don’t check out and start asking for ACCOUNTABILITY are attacked because those who are not open to AWARENESS cannot “see” why someone else would “cause trouble”. Because they don’t understand, they attack what is not in ALIGNMENT with where they are in their journey. It’s as simple as if they knew better they would do better, even with something like this.

Me and my two oldest, Christophino and Mialottie-Ishkabootie in Porto Portugal

Once people have their leader picked out (whether they like person or not) most people then to check out and don’t check in again. This is a “dangerous” aspect of human beings because oftentimes their level of AWARENESS is off and things have to get to some very dark places for AWARENESS to be turned back on! EVERYTHING in NATURE is based on accountability. Let me repeat that again, EVERYTHING IN NATURE IS BASED ON ACCOUNTABILITY, EVERYTHING! Anything that does not have accountability goes haywire. If too many lions are born and there is not enough food then they don’t reproduce and/or some die. There are endless examples of how nature has accountability because NATURE IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE. EVERY ACTION/EVENT REVERBERATES throughout everything around it in perfect balance. There is NO action that happens in a vacuum. We as humans seem to forget that, especially when the action in question 1. Inconveniences us.   2. Involves money or more money than we wanted to spend. (DEEP BREATH. AGAIN.) We are not here to judge or fix right now. We are building up our AWARENESS muscles. AWARENESS WILL SET YOU FREE!

We are hitting upon a time in our history where we have taken what is and put together combination of chemicals that separately are harmless but together create a consequence that the human mind cannot possibly think through. My beautiful husband Douglas told me the other day that EVERY piece of plastic that was EVER made that has not been burned is still somewhere on the planet. EVERY plastic bag, Tupperware our moms had, toys from cereal boxes, EVERYTHING. WOW! (Bring BREATH. BRING AWARENESS.) In the movie, ALIENS (the 2nd one 😉 ), Ripley, the strong main character, who just happens to be a woman! YAY!!!!, comments about the “aliens” to the Burke, the character who represents runaway capitalism…

Aliens Poster

Burke: This is so nuts. I mean, listen – listen to what you’re saying. It’s paranoid delusion. How – It’s really sad. It’s pathetic.
Ripley: You know, Burke…You don’t see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage.

When Burke gets confronted (the light shines on him) he begins to attack the source of light because he is out of alignment with Ripley’s truths. His alignment is with money. Alignment to JUST money brings forth un-alignment with other areas in your life. Ripley is speaking from an authentic place, so she is invincible, even if everyone around her had not been on her side. Initially, the others were not on her side but their AWARENESS GREW and once the lights were on, it was all over for darkness/un-alignment.

I lived in NYC when I was a flight attendant (yes I’ve lived many lifetimes in this one! 😉 I shared a one bedroom flat with thirteen other flight attendants (we were never all there at the same time ;). (Too bad they did not have reality TV back then! ;)!) Like many people in NY we had cockroaches. What I learned is that cockroaches don’t like the light. If they are in the dark they thrive, the second you add light they disperse. Think of this when you are confronted with darkness and you will get to a point that even when you are meditating in the dark there is a light, a light that has always been there but you had not noticed, these are some of the gifts that AWARENESS brings us!

I could keep writing all day so I will continue on this subject tomorrow. Come back for you daily dose of food for your beautiful SOUL!

Adeus my BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLYMOMS!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Great big hugs,


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Dearest ButterflyMoms,

WOW! WOW! WOW! Yesterday was another day of OVER 200 ButterflyMoms coming to partake in our wonderful feast of words for your soul! We are close to 1500 for the week y’all! WOW! THAT BREAKS ALL OUR PRIOR RECORDS! LEAVES THEM IN THE DUST! WHEW WHO!!! Energetically this is such a glorious thing because the more people come the more we help shift our world into a better place! YAY! Thank you for ALL YOU do to help spread the word about ButterflyMoms! It makes me tear up writing this because I’m sooooo humbled (and delighted) that I get to serve in this VERY magical way! Since my mission is to be the FIRE THAT IGNITES PEOPLE’S SOULS, I want to see you find your true self which is the only way to see you truly happy! It fuels my writing to know that my words can help feed your soul. WOW!

If you find ButterflyMoms useful leave your comments below, tell your friends and join our group on Facebook (Butterfly Moms) or Twitter (mybutterflymoms). It helps motivate my writing so that I channel source energy from a purer place. The more you show up the stronger the “signal”. It’s like we all have antennas and the more of us that SHOW UP, the better the signal, the better reception we all get! YAY! TRUE WIN-WIN!!!!!!!!

It’s a wonderful ride and I’m honored that we are all sharing in it together. Feel free to post your questions and topics too! The more feedback, the more we get to the heart of the matter….NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!

Look on the INSIDE....that is WHERE YOU will find YOUR "HAPPY"!


Most of us who are experiencing the incredible journey of being a HUMAN BEING realize somewhere along the way that they have lost track of WHO THEY REALLY ARE. The breadcrumbs you left to mark the trail have long been eaten. Many of us feel lost. We try “this” and then “that” and then more of “this”, but that deep, uncomfortable empty hole at our core only wants one thing, the “missing” piece that COMPLETES you! (Makes me think of the movie JERRY MAGUIRE when he says, “YOU COMPLETE ME.” Really he should have been talking to a mirror because that is the only way you are truly completed….but I digress 😉 )

Regardless of where you are (or where you think you are not) in your life, you can “find” this piece BECAUSE this piece never left you. YUP! Read that again, this “piece” which is really just the “COMPLETE” YOU NEVER LEFT! The TRUE YOU has ALWAYS been there. The LIE is that “IT” is outside you, that you need to go find, buy, be more, look, learn, think, plan, steal, study, negotiate, barter, sacrifice, trick, work harder, etc. POPPYCOCK! You will find millions of people who have failed to find themselves because they were looking in the WRONG DIRECTION. They were looking for answers on the OUTSIDE instead of INSIDE. (DEEP BREATH HERE – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, ON THE INSIDE, YESSSSS! THE ANSWERS ARE ON THE INSIDE!!!! DEEP BREATH AGAIN! – in tomorrow’s blog you will know why! 😉 )

So when you watch, The Princess Bride (one of my fav movies) and you hear the following dialogue you will have a different perspective now 😉

Buttercup: You mock my pain!
Westley: Life is pain! Anyone who says different is trying to sell you something.

SIDENOTE: Reading about history especially from many different sources helps us see why things are the way they are today. Treat yourself by going to the library or going online and reading about something that interests you. Let your intuition guide you. You will find information that will help you unlock what you could not unlock without more information. Have fun, be open minded and let go of expectations. What happens then is a trip!!!! (and no airplane needed….unless that is what you desire, of course!)


Ok, but why and how did it “de-evolve” that way? In the book THE SECRET they shared ONE of the universal laws that can help you get to happiness, the law of attraction. In the movie/book they talk about how some people trying to keep this particular universal law a secret so that could control others and basically get their money. That is how it was for a long time. In the Catholic Church, for example, they set up rules where THE ONLY WAY to CONNECT to “God” was to go through the church itself. They made laws/rules of what “sins” were and if you committed them you had to PAY, literally pay money. On one of my amazing tours of Rome I found out that noblemen and those with wealth would even PRE-PAY for sins they knew they were going to commit so they did not have to bother doing it after! HELLO? WHAT?!  

The masses for thousands of years were living at the level of chakra one where it is all about basic survival and tribal mentality. You learned how to be from watching your parents and they learned from watching their parents and so on and so on. Under these conditions it is very easy to control people with FEAR, even just the hint of it.

The world before the Christians came was pagan. I know that word, “pagan” scares a lot of people but if you study the history there was a time when Christianity did not exist and people honored the simple things around them like the moon, the earth, the ocean, the seasons. In a way we are coming back to that same basic way of living again. Many of us now realize that we have a DIRECT CONNECTION to source, whether you call yours God, Earth Mother, Allah, Buddah, Christ, Goddess, Shiva,….it does not matter. What matters is that YOU CONNECT to YOUR SOURCE for that is where YOUR INSPIRATION comes from! (DEEP BREATH and read that last line over again.)

Tomorrow we will talk about INSPIRATION and how you can better connect to that part of you that has been invisible! GOOD STUFF ALL FOR YOU and YOUR AWESOME SOUL!!!!!!

Great big hugs,


PS  Gentle reminder to write in your gratitude journal today because it FEELS GOOD! Over time you can go back and read some of your entries and that will also give you more energy to uncover YOU! You can also feel free to what you are grateful for here in the comment section below.


Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms!

Having you come here to get your daily dose of soul food helps build my ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE muscle! It seems to be working for other ButterflyMoms too because we again go almost 200 people to the site yesterday. We are now over 1,000 ButterflyMoms (and ButterflyDads – who sneak in under the radar ;)) PER WEEK!  We are the new FOODBANK FOR THE SOUL! Everything we serve is organic…and directly from the heart! SWEET!

The "DIRECTIONS" to your Happy Life have always been there - just take the time to listen!

Yesterday’s blog was about getting your journal and writing. Today, I want to give you the gift of a gentle reminder. What I have learned with this summer trip to Portugal with my girls (2, 4 and 6) is that EVERYTHING we want is already right there. We oftentimes IGNORE what is right there under our noses and GO FOR “BIGGER” and “BETTER”. Bigger and Better usually involves a lot of to do listing, efforting, non-recyclable packing, driving, waiting, cluttering. Over time this lack of AWARENESS gives us the feedback of living cluttered lives.

Today’s blog is a simple one that is allowing you to work your AWARENESS muscle. ALL starts with this amazing little concept! NOTICING what is leading you to the life you want and what is leading you away from it helps you EFFORTLESSLY LIVE the life the little girl inside of you sees, feels, hears, tastes.

Grab your closest piece of paper, whether it is bond or unbond. WRITE SIMPLY what you are noticing about you, your environment, how you feel RIGHT NOW. AVOID entering the LAND OF SHOULD. That will just activate your TO DO LIST brain and our goal is to get to a space of LISTENING and HEARING YOUR ESSENCE. Your soul is speaking to you all the time. It is the LOVE of your LIFE. Take a few moments to get re-acquainted. The way your life will unfold from that point on will tickle and delight the core part of your HAPPINESS. Do it right now. Like the song says, FREE YOUR MIND AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW……who knew that while I was shaking my butt in the 80’s I was also getting material for you and other ButterflyMoms! WOW! Nothing is truly wasted! NOW THAT IS RECYCLING! 😉

Go explore yourself! Feel free to share with us what you find if you wish. By being AUTHENTIC and having the courage to share what we find, we unlock things in each other.

Great big hugs,



PS Here is today’s link to share on your FB, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and just plain ‘ole email. It’s cheaper and more powerful than even sending the most fragrant roses!  MWAH!

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