Dear Beautiful ButterflyMoms,

Last week I shattered my cell phone’s screen so that every time I call some one now I get very small papercuts on my fingers and ears. 😉 Two hundred dollars to get it fixed is the best option but there are complications ( I will not bore you with here but suffice it to say that they cannot download the information on my cell phone -except for contacts- unless I personally do it on my computer. Well, this week, my 15 year old son Christopher spilled water next to my laptop which killed the motherboard. It will not even turn on……(deep breaths – maybe more for me than for you 😉 ).

I find myself WANTING to find BLAME. I saw the whole thing and there was none, really in this situation. It was an accident. I OBSERVED in my life how quickly I switch to blame. HE DID THIS. SHE DID THAT. THOSE ASSHOLES!!! (didn’t think you’d be seeing that word here today did ya now? SURPRISE!!! 😉 )

Since today is Earth Day let’s talk about ENERGY…YOURS! 😉  Do you know what happens when you BLAME? You are literaly setting up an energy mortgage that you pay out to them EVERY time you think about that person or situation. For example, if you don’t like your boss or work, EVERY time you think about it, you PAY THEM from YOUR VERY OWN ENERGY BANK. Most of us think we are JUST thinking but HOW DO YOU FEEL when you do this? Do you feel full of energy or drained? Feelings are INCREDIBLE FEEDBACK mechanisms that many people ignore. It would be the same thing as if when you drove you decided to ignore EVERY SIGN you came across. What would happen? What if EVERYONE did that? That is basically what is happening all over this planet. We are colliding into each other because we are not paying any attention to the signs. I can help you see them! YES I CAN!!! :)!!!

Most of us pay these ENERGY MORTGAGES to many, many, many, many people and events. AWARENESS is the KEY here! JUDGING is what most people do but that will only get you “STUCKER-ER”!!! OBSERVE INSTEAD. NOTICE how ICKY it FEELS to GIVE AWAY YOUR PRECIOUS ENERGY to things that do not matter to you. If you had a garden it would be like you give all your water and fertilizer to the weeds and let the flowers and veggies die. Seems SILLY but how many times in one hour do you do it…..GOODNESS no wonder we are all tired!!!!

We are at a CRITICAL time on EARTH! It is an AWESOME time to be alive (even though for most of us it does not feel like that often – but that is because you are giving your energy to the weeds, dammit!!! ;)!!! To call your energy back is soooooooo easy you might miss it so pay extra close attention… Simply image that every time you have a negative, blame, hate, worry THOUGHT about someone IMAGINE an invisible cord forms between you and her and that is how your energy leaves. Simply imagine cutting that cord, releasing that person with as much love as you can muster and feeling the energy come back to you. Sometimes you need to do it several (million) times but if you do this every time you notice instead of INVESTING in “judging” or “blaming” you will start seeing a noticeable difference in your life.

What difference? To get WAY COOL experiences on this planet you need to have a certain amount of energy. For example, scoring that killer parking spot only mostly happens when you have enough energy to PAY for that experience. I have found that since I’ve started doing this work I get cooler and cooler experiences. Life is not perfect but it is imperfectly perfect for me! 🙂

There is no better day to start calling your energy back than today…April 22, 2011 EARTH DAY!!!! Let EARTH’s healing BEGIN with you dear ButterflyMoms!

At Ernest Hemingway's house in Key West last year at my beautiful niece Emily's wedding 🙂

This is something that works great if you share it with others. Share ButterflyMoms with your friends. We have a whole planet of humans to help shift their energy BACK to themselves! It started with you reading this blog today! YAY! Now pass it forward…


Great big hugs,



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