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A wonderful friend of mine Karen Kilgore sent me one of those “I’m thinking of you chain emails”. A few years back these were VERY popular and everyone sent them out. Well, over the years people got sick of them and now the amount that most people get is minimal. This one caught my eye and it sparked something inside of me to write the one below. One of my goals as a human being mommy is to spread more love around the world. This is a very simple, cost-free, feel-good way to do it. I ask that you also share it with your friends. I have found that one of the biggest secrets that moms hold deep inside themselves is the fear that they are bad mothers. Receiving one of these emails might just get them to remember on what is real and important. I hope you are inspired to send out this love message to those Butterflymoms you adore!

Dearest ButterflyMoms,

There are no “accident”. I have been asked to pick 12 women who have touched my life and who will take 6 minutes out of her day to bring more love into another’s mom’s life. I think that if this group of Butterflymoms were ever to be in a room together, we would be reminded that EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE. I hope I chose the right twelve.

Girls playing princess
“I am part of the same gorgeous life energy that creates, flowers, babies, sunsets, and seasons. I am always safe. I am always whole. The “ickies” I feel are simply a reminder that I’m going off course. I smile, take a deep breath and get back into alignment without judging myself. How do I know how to align myself? This is a feel-good universe. What feels good is the right answer for me, even though it might not be the right answer for someone else. I am unique. I am loved. I am love. I am safe. I am whole. Nothing is put in my path that I cannot handle. I am beautiful. I am spiritual. I am connected. I am a good mother. I am a ButterflyMom!

Continue to grow that happy feeling and while you are feeling this LOVE send this email to twelve ButterflyMoms who could also use a little reminder that they are LOVED right now! Who to pick? Well this is a great exercise for learning how to listen to your instinct, that’s why we have it, right? 😉 Now, send this to 12 ButterflyMoms and remember that I count as 1… you’ll see why.

Suggestion: copy and paste rather than forwarding it..

If you feel inspired by this please feel free to visit the site that celebrates the spiritual evolution of Mommyhood… !  Post your comments there! Come learn more about yourself and be heard! Together we will all build the ButterflyMom glow on and heal this planet of ours, and ourselves!

Great big hugs,



My Mommy Is “BUSIER” than your Mommy!

A reminder that before you rush into reading this that you take a nice, deep, gorgeous breath so you can take it all in… (no cheating now ;)…..There! Doesn’t that feel “bettah”? Get ready to be inspired. You will feel lighter after reading this, promise!

I have one of the most fantastic neighbors in the world! Victoria is a very kind, funny soul whois always there when you need her and knows when to give space too. She is one of my biggest ButterflyMoms fans. Even though she lives next door and we have this amazing bond, I have not seen her in what could be weeks! Two days ago I sent her an email. It read, “Just so you know. I really, really love and miss you! I think about you all the time. Just not enough hours in the day for all that I’m trying to cram in so I’m uncluttering my time.”

When I read it back it shocked me. The words “crammed” and “uncluttering my time” hit me. What kind of life am I living here? What example am I giving my children? Here I was thinking I have a grip on my life’s flow and BOOM, sudden awareness of how I am not aligned with my desired life.

Moments like this are what life is all about if you want to live a happy one! Just like in meditation the goal is to focus on finding your goal(in this case wanting a happy, meaningful life) and then letting go. When your mind starts to wander GENTLY (Do not judge your behavior) bring it back. “Life” is the same way. When your life starts to wander GENTLY bring it back. Tomorrow I will write more about this topic because it is incredibly important!

In the meantime take wonderful care of yourself! Your children are learning how to treat themselves by WATCHING how you treat yourself!Red, Mama, Mia and Olivia

The BEST MEAL EVER!….Would YOU enjoy it?

Imagine that after an especially tough week one of your best friends  surprises you and says I’m taking you to your FAVORITE restaurant anywhere in the world! You pack your bags and head to the airport! Arrangements for your children have already been made so you are all covered there too. There is a beautiful limousine to pick you up and drop you off at the airport. You have a wonderful time on the plane catching up with your friend and feeling like a queen after the on-flight massage, pedicure and manicure (hey, we can all dream, right 🙂

When you land a limousine is waiting for you and your friend. It whisks you to your favorite restaurant. It’s the kind of place that has 8 courses of the most scrumptious food anyone has EVER tasted. Just reading the menu makes your mouth water. Take a moment to think of your FAVORITE foods. They have ALL of them, exactly like you like them! You and your friend order. As the servers begin bringing in the wonderful dishes you take each one and stick it in the blender in front of you. As soon as every dish is regally delivered to you, you turn on the blender and let it do its thing.  Drink up, right?

WHAT?!!!! WAIT!!!! If someone gifted you with this experience is that how you would want to eat this fabulous banquet? NO???? Then why would you do it with the way you life your life? When we live a life without boundaries that is exactly what we are doing. Even if each piece is perfect, without limits and boundaries it becomes basically GUNK!

Ask yourself if you are living a GUNKY life! If the answer is yes then take your first step and acknowledge it. Being “mind-full” is paramount. Just like if you’ve ever meditated (or tried to ;), it’s all about GENTLY bringing your attention BACK TO AWARENESS. AWARENESS is your gate-keeper. It is built into you. It’s is one of the gifts you get when you are born. Those who use it have a much “fun-er-er” time on this planet! Don’t miss out on the fun! How are you feeling right now? Sit with whatever feelings come up. Never judge. Just feel. Just be. Wherever you are is exactly where you need to be. You are safe. Feel and let go. Feelings come from somewhere, bottling up or ignoring those feeling cause the death of your soul. Chew on that! 😉 (Pun intended!)

Right Now…what does that mean?

Isabella with my sunglassesRight now, take a deep cleansing breath. Start connecting yourself to the “now”. Nothing to buy, make, fix, borrow, shift…just being here and noticing what is around you. From the moment we wake up each day our brain replays the same questions over and over again. Many times these are the questions that we have picked up from family, society, and the Land of Should. It is in these “unserving” questions where many of us get “stuck”, much like a broken record. By noticing this and changing the questions you move your life into a collection of “nows” that when joined together create the life you always dreamed about but never thought you’d have (unless you won the lottery ;).

So today dust off your dreams. Get excited about living again! This is the EARTH SCHOOL! Your goal is to feel good, have fun, and learn. Imagine that! No, really imagine it! All it takes is being in the “now”. Want me to share something I’ve been doing that has really helped?

Over the past few days when I get up and put my feet on the floor I think of the ONE thing I want to accomplish that day. That’s right! I said “one”, not 10! I must admit that being a mom of four and business owner, only “one” was hard to come up with and actually it took me a couple of days to be able to do it. Picking only one is part of the exercise. It’s about trusting and not living a crammed life. We are always so “busy”. There is a quote out there that we are all rushing towards our graves. What is the big hurry? Where are we rushing to? It is in the non-rushing that we find joy. That is when you get to savor people, lives, food, books, children, gifts, moments.

At the end of the day I sit in the same position after I’m done reading and before I’m about to go to sleep. I think of the one thing in my day that I did that I’m most happy  about. It might have nothing to do with what I set out to do. This also helps because many of us go to sleep thinking about everything that went wrong in our day. When this happens all our negative thoughts “simmer” all night long in our brains and we wake up not-so-happy. By going to sleep with a happy feeling in our hearts and brains we re-align with the kind of life that gives us meaning and purpose and joy! After 10 days you will see a major happy shift. Beware though because if you collect enough of those shifts,  you are going to align yourself to a happy, meaningful life by default and before you know it will spread to your kids, friends, family and even total strangers! Joy is very contagious! You have been warned! 😉

Hello ButterflyMoms!

How do you know you are a ButterflyMom? You know because you feel that you are on a journey. For some of us we don’t know where we are going or what we are supposed to do to get there but there is a rumbling in our soul. You know that if you don’t “listen” to this uneasiness you will be dreadfully sorry. You don’t know how you know but you just know. The challenge may be that you have Pure Joy!not known where to start. If you are reading this take heart because it is a sign that you are definitely headed in the right direction! What are the chances that of all the things you could be reading or doing you are here, reading this. Oh yes it a sign that only you could have asked for. If we were playing that kids game where you yell out “warmer” or “colder” when you are blindfolded and headed toward your goal, well, you are in the “HOT” or “HOTTER” part in terms of finding out the answers to your questions. Trust that you are EXACLTY where you need to be. Trust that when you are ready the teachers appear. Trust that you are safe. You have a mission on this planet we call EARTH. Let’s find it together!!!! (It’s “funnerer” that way! 🙂

Pure Joy!

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