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Are You Blowing Off The Answers To Your “Prayers”?

Yesterday we ended with the question, “Do you trust the universe?” If the word universe is not your think you can substitute it for what fits for you (just like in life, it’s really all about what feels right to you – remember that because it is a key element to leading an aligned life.)

Well, do you? Do you trust the universe? Do you trust that if you jump a net will be there for you? I must admit that I’m still learning this one myself. This concept of SAFETY is something that is made up in the mind. We are ALWAYS SAFE, even if we were to die today, we are always safe. Take a moment, right now, to think how would you live your life knowing that you are always safe. Feel it. What would it look like? What would it sound like? How would you think? How would you be in the world? Close your eyes for a moment and just be in that place. Take in the information you get. Accept how good it feels. If it does not feel good there is a good chance you are blocking the exercise so there is a possibility that you feeling so unsafe that you cannot even do a pretend exercise. REALLY KNOW that you are safe. This is fun so go back and play with it again. This is when you would do well to remember the little kid inside of you! What a gift it is! Access that gift now.

Regardless of what you are inundated with by marketers and advertisers YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU are at the perfect place for what you need to learn right now. Whatever you need will appear even when it’s icky. (good news/bad news 😉 ) Whenever you run into someone who you react to strongly (especially in judgement) that is a message straight from the universe just for you. It is telling you that you are doing the same thing to yourself, judging, in some way that does not serve you.

CONNECT with Your JOY!

Today when you feel the Land of Should creeping in kindly show it the door. Pay attention to what you are feeling that very moment. It is your guidance system. By focusing on that you will get closer to your soul’s purpose which is joy. The alternative is to live in the Land of Should. Each moment we make that choice and those choices form the life we live. Are you happy with your life’s choices?

E N O U G H !

Yesterday I wrote about calling your energy back. That sounds like a good idea but what does that mean? It means that much that is happening in, around and to us is not registering. Most of us live unconsciously. In that state we are vulnerable because we are not FULL of our essence, of who we are. Most human beings spend their life listening to what others think about them or trying to fit into a mold that they “think” fits for them. This act means that while you are trying to be someone else no one is being you. Your energy is not grounded because you are not there. (You know, the lights are on but no one is home scenario 😉 ) The good news is that no matter how disconnected you are you can ALWAYS find your way back to you. Even more good news is that YOU never holds a grudge. It’s just always waiting for you to come home to where you are aligned with your essence.

That is all fine and dandy, Maria, but how do I get from here to there. Well, awareness is the first step. Starting to realize that you are living unconsciously and giving your energy away to things and people and situation you don’t believe in or even like is the very first step. Then comes the “YA, BUT” phase. We all know that one. 😉 I would LOVE to follow my heart BUT…..blah, blah, blah! This is when our STORIES come. The story of why you can’t or why it’s hard because of A, B and C.

Look, we are on planet Earth to play, love, learn. Many people believe that in hearts but their minds have taken over through the gift of fear and they are operating in “YA BUT I GOTTA PAY MY BILLS” mode. As we say jokingly to my son, “Is that how you want to go through life?”, REALLY?

This is a feeling universe. Whatever you come across will give you feedback. If it gives you joy you are on the right path. I was born in Portugal and have lived in Japan so I have been exposed to many different cultures. Much of the American culture is about forcing your way, fighting for your dream. This is not the way that you get there. I’m not saying it’s easy but it’s not about fighting, it’s about letting go and trusting….ahhhh, take that in for a moment. Do you trust the universe?

More about that tomorrow! 🙂

Side note: If you like what you are reading turn your friends on to it. Together we are helping make this a happier planet and YOU are a part of that magnificent process!


Find Happiness Tucked Between the Moments

Fitting in is one of the key factors as we are growing up. Being a mom puts a whole new dynamic on the term because we have other souls in the mix to protect and teach. I have recently experienced the “icky” feeling of being rejected from a group of mommies. It can send you right back to feeling like you are not “enough”just like you did when you were in junior high or high school. (breathe) :)! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

In a moment’s notice how you feel about the whole day can go south, very south and your mind starts trying to protect you by “figuring out” what is wrong with them or how you can avoid being hurt again.  This is a pattern many of us are familiar with because that is all we knew. Here is another pattern I recently read for my coursework that has helped me. It comes from the book “Anatomy of the Spirirt” by the wonderful Caroline Myss. You attract what you need to into your life depending on what you are sending out. She gives the example that was very similar to mine and says that if you get forced out of a job or group it is because it’s in your highest good to move on, partner!  We, as human beings don’t like change and we tend to “cling” a bit longer than necessary to situations that no longer serve us. It is NOT about the group of people liking or not liking or us being enough or not being enough. It is about energy and it’s time to move on. Think about how much energy you have put (can we say “wasted”) over the years “thinking” about why those people rejected you. It is like burning your energy dollars for the day, every day.

Today, make a fresh start! Part of why Mamas are so tired is that we give our energy to places that don’t reciprocate the energy back. It’s time to call back your energy! It’s done in simple ways that will have you feeling more grounded and happy. Tomorrow we will talk about how to do that…

Great big hugs ButterflyMoms!




Today is Sophia’s Birthday. Had she lived she would have been 5 today. Because she is the inspiration for ButterflyMoms, I wanted to reach out today to you, specifically, today and remind you of the gift of loss. The gift that loss gives you is the ability to see the value in the now. If things lasted forever they would have little value. Think about that. Most people who go through any loss say almost the same exact thing, “I wish I had”. In your own life there are many, many, many, many, many, many things that would make you thankful. You just need to know what they are, remind yourself. Savour what you have for when it is gone you will miss it. You will miss it less knowing that you lived it fully. May this serve as a gentle reminder from the universe to re-align with your passion by following the path of loving the simple things in your life.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA!!!!!!!!! PARABENS!!!!!!!! I hope you really do the exercise above to celebrate Sophia’s birthday the way she celebrated her entire life…full of love and more love, enjoying each moment for what it is, an opportunity to connect with others through her heart.


Whatever is on your schedule to do today take a moment to ground yourself. Once you are in it trying to shift might be a bit more complicated. Remember to breathe deeply. Remember to remember that you are made from the same elements that are in the stars and the oceans. You come from great beauty. Most of us forget that and get “stuck” in the thoughts of the memories of the ickies we have experienced. Those were experiences meant to teach not to hurt. The hurt is simply a sign that you are looping the thought of the experience. In other words thinking about it again and again and again thinking that you can change something. Ask what it came to teach you and breathe through the lesson. Welcome it. You are always safe. I repeat, YOU are always safe! Now go out there and have some fun! Don’t make me repeat that too sistah-friend! Go out there and have a blast!!!

Results of FINALLY Trusting Your Journey…

I’m writing to you from the tail end of one of the most fantastic experiences of my life, a Goddess weekend. A good friend invited me to an annual event where an inn keeper in VT invites the goddesses she knows to come and rejuvinate for a weekend. Even though I did not sleep many hours each night I felt like I had had a full night sleep the night before because of the energ work we were doing here. Here are some of the observations of what I did. I hope that you can do the same in your life…

1.  We did not gossip. Energetically gossiping about others is one of the strongest ways to take your energy and flush it down the toilet of life. In our world today it is epidemic so be mindful when it starts. Most of us get a temporary high when we first gossip because for a short time you align with the people around you but that is a temporary feel and what you are really doing is “donating” a lot of your energy to things that will give you no return on your emotions.

2. We surrounded ourselves with people who support us. Use your instincts for this one. Get out of the land of should and feel where you are. People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Make sure you don’t morph into what you think they want you to be. That is also a very simple way to give your energy away with no return. Surround yourself with people who support you! When you are with people who are grounded you will many times also be grounded without having to “do” anything. Simple living. What comes after that is your authentic self…..Mmmmmmmm, deliciously YOU!

3. We had no expectations. We simply went with what came. If we were hungry we ate. If we wanted to play cards we did. If we wanted to go take a nap we did. Now, I know this is a retreat and if you have little ones and/or work this might make it a little challenging but remember that each moment brings a precious opportunity to live your life the way you were put on this planet to do it. No one can do it for you. If you give up that power you will never feel true happiness, only emptiness and not-enoughness.

I’m getting to pack up the bargains I bought at the second hand store and a few other trinkets I found along the way before I go to my massage this morning! YAY!!!!!!!! If you are reading this you are in alignment. The universe is talking to you, as it always is, all you have to do is listen. It’s like being at a very loud party and trying to hear what someone is saying who just called you on your cell. The universe does not usually “scream” at you so the only other option is to create quiet, sacred moments in your day where you are fully listening. That is what (true) yoga, meditation, walking (with no headsets), are for. Have a simply fantastic day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ask that you spread the word to your friends about and that you come back often so that you can fill your soul with wonderful energy! Like fresh, cool water from a mountain stream it will re-energize you! MWAH!!!!!!!!!!

In the Flooding…HOLD ON…There’s A Gift In There….PROMISE!

I sometimes fall into a blissfull state of staus quo. I feel like there are soooooooo many things coming at me that I, in a sense, shut down parts of me. Yesterday I realized that our finances were much different than I thought. At first I raged, yelled, screamed, cried. I stayed with it though. I stayed present to the pain and “ickiness”. It helped me give me the focus I had been craving. It is just another simple reminder that life is always unfolding for our best and highest good. We are on this earth school to learn, play and love. Make sure you get your daily doses of those three vitamins (vitamin LE, P, L 😉

TO HAITI WITH LOVE Yard Sale Challenge…


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                 

Contact: Maria Salomão-Schmidt Founder





Holliston, MA (January 16, 2010) – In the wake of one of the deadliest earthquakes in history, is putting out a challenge to mothers around the world to bond our global community and help the families of Haiti. On January 30 and 31, 2010 simply hold a yard sale, or generously support someone who is having one, to raise money for the families of Haiti who are suffering deeply this very moment.

Like many of us Jill Roberson, a ButterflyMom, wanted to do something after the horrifying images coming from Haiti. “I could not just send money and turn the channel, said Ms. Roberson. “It was so massive, so heartbreaking. I felt powerless.” She started sharing her frustrations on Facebook and came up with the idea for a yard sale to raise money and awareness for Haiti. Very quickly people started coming out of the woodwork wanting to help. “It was almost like they were desperate to do something, anything, to help. That started us thinking,” said Maria Salomão-Schmidt, founder of “How can we spread this to others so that we all help each other heal from this tragedy?” They decided to turn it into a global challenge so that we could all stand together in an act that unites us and directly helps the people of Haiti.

THE CHALLENGE…An Invitation to Make a Difference!

You are cordially invited on Saturday and Sunday, January 30 and 31, 2010 to hold a yard sale to help raise money for the wonderful people of Haiti. Go through your “stuff” and the sell the items you no longer use. It’s a win-win because you get to clear your space to make room for abundance in your life and the money raised will help alleviate the kind of suffering most of us cannot even fathom. Do it the way you like-pick times, place, what you sell. Involve the kids, other moms, ask for spaces (most people will give them to you for free or a reduced cost). If you can’t do it “live” do it via the web. Sell your stuff on Craigslist or eBay. Be creative some people are even doing “hugging booths”. Call the local fire department, Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls’ Club, Rotary Club, PTA, Alumnae association, newspaper, news stations, neighbors, AMVETS, your church, your teachers, your kids, your boss, your employees, your co-workers, your mother….Get everyone involved. If you don’t have stuff to sell offer to pick up stuff or help set up or sell it. If you can’t, then just come and shop that day. Tell everyone. It will make people feel better because it is something we can all do to help, and we are doing it together. If we can spread the word fast enough (there is not much time) we can tap into the love that is in each and every one of our communities! When you raise the money send it into The Red Cross or any other reputable organization. The goal is to raise $1,000,013 so let us know how much you make! If you are having a yard sale post the details on the blog section of If you are on Facebook or Twitter go to the Butterflymoms group and post it there. You can also post it on What is going to be your first step? There is not a lot of time! is a group that helps focus our attention on the evolution and spirituality of motherhood. For more information go to

# # #


I just had to share this email with y’all. It is a simple reminder that we are all connected. There is no such thing as total strangers!! Let me set it up for you. I was doing a showing on a condo in Boston and was sending out really great vibes because it was a stressful situation (too long to explain here). I had my lucky Butterflymoms necklace on. I was meeting another friend who is also an agent who was hours away from having his first baby so I stopped at a store to get flowers. I took a moment to be totally present and appreciate that I was in Boston, could afford the flowers and was feeling happy when this happened….

Hi Maria,

My name is Tina.  This is going to sound very strange (or maybe not), but I think I remember you from about six months ago.  I work at the candy store on Mass ave in Boston called BonBon (Funny enough, I know Damon very well since he worked at Floyd’s next door).

If I’m correct, you came in one day wearing a beautiful butterfly necklace and we had a conversation about your lovely daughter who passed.  If this is not you, then I’m going to sound like a crazy person, but if it IS you then I have such a story to tell you!

That day I commented on how your necklace was beautiful, and I mentioned that I collected butterflies.  You said it represented your daughter who passed away from cancer.  And when I told you my boyfriend passed away from cancer a few years ago, you gave me a great big hug.  You talked about how your daughter was “the butterfly” and she always watched out for people and you also smiled at me and said that my luck was going to change, I was special, and something wonderful was going to happen and i should enjoy every minute of it.  Well, I think you were right, and I wanted to say thank you.

It’s a little unbelievable, but amazing.  Just a few days after you came in, my mom called me right when she stepped off the dock of her Norwegian cruise ship vacation.  She and my dad go once a year.  This year they had met someone, a young man, who was singing in a group on the cruise ship (I should also mention that I am a singer and musician).  My mom wouldn’t stop gushing about him!  She said she thought he was “perfect for me,” and even though she only talked to him for a total of less than ten minutes, she insisted that he and I get in touch.  I told her she could give him my facebook and myspace information if she was that insistent on me seeing who this “amazing guy named Paul, who lives in Las Vegas” was.  So she emailed the manager of the cruise entertainment and had the email forwarded to Paul.

Paul responded to my mother’s email with his email information and told her that he would love to “meet” me online since he thought we would get along well as friends.  After a few days of chatting with him for hours and hours through instant message, we decided to use the video conference on our computers to “see” each other.  I knew my mother was right about him.  I liked him from the minute we started talking.  But then something funny happened…something too coincidental to JUST be a coincidence…

Paul was giving me a virtual tour of his house in Las Vegas.  When he was passing through the living room, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  On his walls he had photo frames filled with real BUTTERFLIES!  The same types of butterflies I had hanging on the wall of my bedroom!  I asked him to go back to that wall with the camera to make sure I saw them correctly…he told me that his friends always wonder why he has “dead bugs hanging on the walls” and he told me not to laugh at him for being weird.  He had no idea I was “weird” too, until I showed him mine and he couldn’t believe it. He had never known anyone else who collected them and neither did I!

I didn’t think anything of it until a few weeks later when I was falling asleep.  All of the sudden I remembered you, and your necklace and your words about how your daughter watches over people.

It has now been six months, and I am moving from Boston to Las Vegas!  I got a job singing out there, and Paul and I have seen each other, in person, once a month since we met.  He’s amazing, handsome, and so sweet.  I don’t know what else to say besides thank you for the hug that day, and thank you to your daughter if she is really watching out for people.  I thought you might like to know the story.

I hope you are well, and I wish you all the best luck and happiness!

Thank you again.



Hope you put yourself out there and experience all of life’s amazing adventures! Remember you are always safe! Remember that you never know when your time will be up. You will never know a deeper pain than losing someone who love deeply and not having said what you need to say to them. Do it! Live life in the moment. Forget about the saying, “Seize the day”. I say “Seize this moment’ – it’s the ONLY thing you control.

Send me your comments! I love to hear from you!

Love, Love, Love,




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