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Mischief Comes in All Ages...My 90 year old Great Uncle and his Girlfriend!

There is a  wonderful scene in the movie Mr. Gregorian’s Wonder Emporium where a little boy walks by a glass wall where an accountant is working under piles of papers. I cannot remember it exactly but the interaction goes something like this…The little boy grabs a big notepad and writes, “DO YOU PLAY CHECKERS?” The accountant takes his notepad and writes, “I USED TO WHEN I WAS A KID.” The child writes, “DO YOU WANT TO PLAY?” The response, “CAN’T PLAY. HAVE TO WORK.” The child quickly responds, “HOW ABOUT WHEN YOU STOP WORKING?” The accountant responds, “I NEVER STOP WORKING.” The child responds, “OH.” Puts his head down and walks away.

This is SUCH an awesome message for adults wrapped up in a “kid’s” movie!!! It is BRILLIANT! Something happens to most of us where we think to be an “adult” and be “responsible” you have to be serious!!!! Know what I say to that?! BE SERIOUS!!! Are you joking?! You should be! 😉

In the photo above is my 90 year old great-uncle Antonio who was born in a small village in Portugal. My kids call him Bevou (short for great grandfather because fits that role in their lives). His life’s story is simply amazing! He never did anything worth writing about in the papers, he never attended one day of schooling, he never learned to drive or read yet he has such a deep, deep wisdom that is such a part of him that he does not even see it as being special. To see his gift one needs to step back and really be aware. Those is a RUSH or BUSY will miss the beautiful gifts that are our beloved Bevou. The way he lives his life is one of the reasons I stay as grounded as I am. I took him to the grocery once and noticed that he shopped the perimeter of the store getting mostly vegetables, then fruits, then fish, then meat and dairy. He only went into the middle of the store to get rice. A month later I was watching a TV program where they were taking about how this was the NEW way to stay healthy because all the processed foods are in the middle. Well, our Bevou has been doing that all his life!

In the photo he is sitting with his live-in girlfriend Fran. She does not speak Portuguese and he does not speak English but somehow they get along. Even at 90, Bevou is still full of laughter and very mischievous. It is that sense of fun through which Fran and Bevou communicate with each other. Everyone is dumbfounded how that works but it does. Now if they can do it NOT speaking the same “language” then where in your life can you build bonds to others who help unleash the LOVE that is all around you! 

FUN MISSION:  Here’s a fun little mischievous thing I do that makes me smile and giggle at the same time!

Every time I order a magazine subscription for myself or someone else  before the first name I put: “BEAUTIFUL” or to my husband who loves REAL SIMPLE magazine, I wrote “SEXY”. Put whatever word fits best and will get a smile! It is absolutely thrilling to get a magazine every month and be surprised every month when you the To the Beautiful Maria! It feels great and always makes me smile! Try it!

If you have your own tips let us know! Together we can all create a lot of “beautiful” mischief!!!

Great big hugs,


PS Find simple ways to add mischief to your today!


One of my biggest teachers in today's lesson!

Yesterday we went to Mass General in Boston for what we hoped would be my husband’s last appointment. He fell ill two years ago and after being hospitalized for a week, severe headaches, internal bleeding, surgery, going blind twice, joint pain, being on high level of steroids, losing weight (because he was sick) and then gaining weight (because of the steroids), getting chemo, getting chemo again, this was his last appointment!!! YAY!!!!!!!

We went with our two youngest girls to the hospital. Isabella, 2,  is still in diapers and after a weekend in NY where they sometimes forgot she was lactose intollerant, she now had raging diarhhea. To add to this adventurous story, because our minds were on something else (Doug’s appointment’s outcome), we also forgot the diaper bag! YAY!!!!!!! That is a BIG  I-N-C-O-M-I-N-G!!!! Doug had just changed her diaper before and that had been her third one that day so we thought we was safe…..maybe????!….PLEASE GOD, PLEASE! 😉

No such luck! As we were waiting for the doctor I noticed my lap was getting wet (I can hear your “uhhhhh’s” from here my beautiful ButterflyMoms because you know what is coming!)  So I excused myself and immediately shift into “CREATIVE SOLUTION MODE”! Now, because Doug is in with his doctor, I, of course, by default have both girls 4 and 2 to “ride” with me on this adventure! These are the moments when if you look hard enough you see that the universe has a very deep sense of humor! 🙂 So why not go with it!

First, to the bathroom where I clean both of us as much as possible. Luckily they had paper towels and not those blow dry machines. It would have been “challenging”, at best, o use those in this situation! I start eyeing extra new plastic bags hanging over the side of the trash can wondering if I can McGyver a diaper with that and paper towels but see almost immediately how that could horribly backfire.

Back in the hospital I ask some hospital staff where I can get diapers. “All I need is one, ” I say hoping they will let me know of a secret stash in the children’s wing, but instead they suggest the gift shop. “Ok,” I thought, I really like their gift shop. It is a very happy place for me. Although it’s small, they do a great job with it. I had used it many a time in the past two years to run away from Doug’s ICKY diagnosises to a land of pretty things. I never remember seeing diapers there but I was also not looking. I take my girls and head down the escalator.

At the gift shop I’m directed to go across and down the impossibly busy street to the nearest CVS. They would have diapers. The smell from the diaper is starting to waft again. I begin making a mental Mama calculation that attempting to cross might not be a safe idea with two very squirmy kids. As I head back into the gigantic lobby I instinctually begin looking for moms. I find one almost immediately with a cute little boy in a dark blue stroller. He looks like his diaper size would be too small but you work with what you have. I approach the mom feeling at first very uncomfortable like I’m asking her for her first born instead of just a diaper. When I realize how silly that is I relax.

She is a very kind looking woman probably in her early to mid 30’s (although I should not guess because if she ever reads this blog…trouble ;)) She pauses, asks if a 6 would fit and hands me her last diaper. Most of us could use practice in asking for what we want and even more importantly for Mamas is the receiving part. That is a whole other can of worms we will not open on this day but you know that it has to do with your feeling like you deserve to be here and that your needs are important.

I thanked this beautiful ButterflyMom profusely. I told her to check the blog because I was going to write about her. I hope she does because she is instrumental in the rest of us getting the message that we are connected. There is a vast and wonderful community made up of us, ButterflyMoms, that we are sometimes afraid to access. I felt happy and safe and connected to the world after our simple interaction. Look for these moments where you can both give and receive. Connect with other ButterflyMoms on that soul-full level. Share your experiences here. I can promise you it feels better than the even THE best slice of chocolate cake EVAHHHHHHHH!


"Practicing" the ART OF PLAYING!

Hello Beautiful ButterflyMoms!

Here is a gentle reminder that is here to help you get over the rough spots of mommyhood. Our blog reminds all of us how to stay in alignment with the beautiful Mama energy inside each of us. This is a vital ingredient to happiness.

Come get your daily dose for free…and share with others! It feels good!

Great big hugs,

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WHO are YOU?

Let Your True Joy Come Out!!! BE YOU!

The simple gift of connection. There are times in our lives where we don’t know why we are NOT  happy. Everything SEEMS to be ok, especially from the outside, but the way we feel seems “OFF”. We try and try and try to “snap out of it”. We buy stuff. We do more. We join stuff. We organize. We change jobs. We move. We end a relationship. We lose weight. We drink more water. We de-clutter. We order books. No matter what we DO, NOTHING seems to work.

The answer is precisely in the last sentence…NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK. It is about DOING LESS so that you can see the BEING that is different for each one of us.

I don’t know why the answer is so hard for most of swallow. There is nothing to buy, gain or attain. The answer (drum roll please) is simply BEING PRESENT TO WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU. It’s about not caring what other people say (including what the fear-full voices inside of us). It’s about being more YOU! Being open. Being more aware. Being ok with feeling whatever it is that you are feeling. When we run away from the pain we are running away from the message. We all know that on this planet no one ever gets to a place where they are “SAFE” from pain. If you did your life would be EXTREMELY boring.  Life is never about arriving at your destination. The best life is one in which you understand the laws of the universe so that you can better make choices in your life. Choice is all we have my beautiful ButterflyMoms!

Allow me to give you an example of what I mean. GRAVITY. Ever hear of it? 😉 Does it ever take the day off? Is it ever only 40% effective on some days? Do the laws of gravity ever change?  Does it matter if you drop a ball on a Friday night or Wednesday morning? Does it matter if you drop it in Japan or in Portugal? Does it matter if a woman drops it or a man? Does it matter if someone is 2 or 108? Does it matter if you BELIEVE in GRAVITY or not?

Regardless of our belief systems we know that GRAVITY is a constant on our planet. It has been by learning the principles of the Law of Gravity that we have been able to live more comfortably on this planet. If we lived ignoring them we would have a very chaotic society with almost no reliable shelter, for example.

Funny how gravity is all around us and we don’t even notice it until we see a baby crawling to the edge of the stairs or towards an open window. We don’t immediately think “gravity” because we have learned that principle so well that it has become second nature to us. Well, the universe talks to us the same way and if we learn the principles we can incorporate them to make our journey MORE of what we really want it to be.

Baby steps will get us all there! It worked for walking for most of us so now we can all use it for this part of our journey, the magical journey of being a Mother on this planet. 🙂

Great big hugs,


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

If ButterflyMoms has touched your heart please share it with at least four others today. Together we all make the world a better place! :)!!!!


“Oprah Winfrey Saves Woman From Drowning” is one of those headlines that would get  your attention! It’s a true story and the funny part is that Oprah Winfrey does not even know it happened!

Three of My Girls...Sophia is with us in spirit (literally). I LOVE THIS PHOTO!!!

When I was living in San Francisco I was learning to surf at the stunning, yet dangerous,  Ocean Beach. That year the rip tides were very strong and eight people had already died. Since I thought of myself as an “expert” swimmer I left my group and was now just swimming alone watching the stunning sunset.  Everyone thought I had left so I was basically on my own. The reason I thought I was an “expert” was because I had been certified as lifeguard in a little lake called Centennial Beach in Hudson, MA.  If you knew that lake you would still be laughing at how ridiculous my level of “expertise” was because it’s no match for the mighty Pacific Ocean! This is an example of EGO getting in the way and putting me in a life-threatening situation. But I digress…

So I was loving watching the magnificent sunset taking it all in fully enjoying every moment. When the sun set (it was still light out) I started swimming to shore. Now, it’s important to know that I’m barely in water over my head so I was completely unaware of what huge life experience I was about to go through. I swam and swam and swam and swam and after a while noticed I was not moving at all!  WHAT THE….! Then came the first of many powerful waves, seemingly out of nowhere, that throw me around like a rag doll. My mind tells me to dive at the incoming waves but I have already swallowed so much cold salt water and feel such a lack of breath that I don’t want to go under the water.     SIDEBAR: By diving directly into the wave it helps you CUT  THROUGH it. This action shifts the energy from the wave having the ability to throw you around to giving YOU the power to get through it – get the life analogy? Anyone???? I actually just got it now that I’m writing it! VERY COOL! )

I panic. Can’t breathe. Don’t dive. Get thrown around. Swallow more water. Totally lose my sense of direction. Panic more. Swallow more….a voice inside me “says” CALL FOR HELP and immediately it’s met by the voice of what I can only imagine is my ego. “YOU WILL NOT CALL FOR HELP! HOW EMBARRASSING THAT YOU ARE A CERTIFIED LIFE GUARD AND YOU ARE WANT TO CALL FOR HELP! WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY?” My two voices start battling it out and at the same time my life starts flashing before me. I think about my mom and my family and how they will get the news. At the time I had very strong goals and they all started flashing before my mind in middle of my disorientation, water swallowing and two opposing voices hashing it out. When I got to the realization that I was not going accomplish my goal of being a guest on the OPRAH SHOW I started screaming. I have no idea where it came from. I just started screaming in rage, sadness, hopelessness. When I did that all the other voices stopped. My screaming attracted the attention of two sufers who paddled over, put me on one of their boards and saved my life.

Every moment of every day is a brand new opportunity to GET INSPIRED!!!!!

Had it not been for the energy that is Oprah Winfrey I would not be here right now. OPRAH truly saved me from drowning by simply showing up in her life! She has been a powerful mentor to me for decades. Part of my journey involves shooting to be on her show. This near-drowning event happened close to 15 years ago so it’s safe to say that I have not taken the most direct path but sometimes courage takes time to develop. Just like in the movie RUDY, he believed in his dreams so much that he cut through everything (all his “waves”) and against all the odds lived to see his passion come true. Oprah is an example of how others benefit when you unleash your real self to the world. It has taken me my whole life to get to this point and I thank you for being on this journey with me, in whatever way you come to participate! Remember that life if all about playing, learning, loving, and letting go!

Great big hugs to you!



PS Tomorrow is my second Oprah influence story. Share it with others so that others can benefit from the lessons of Butterflymoms.

that helps you CUT through the wave so you go THROUGH it and it loses it’s ability to through you around – get the life analogy? Anyone???? I actually just got it now that I’m writing it! VERY COOL! )

OPRAH(‘s Very Good-Looking and Oh-So-Smart Producers)….Can You Hear Me?

Today is my 43rd birthday! WHEW WHO!!!!!!!!!! I’m in Chicago at the Sheraton overlooking the river as the sun rises and I write today’s blog. I’m here because tomorrow I have the deep honor of becoming my beautiful little niece’, Kaia Marie’s GODMOTHER!

Today is very different than others days and not only because I don’t have the pitter patter of little feet all around me but because I have a new mission, a deep-rooted one, for which I will need your help! Feel like going on a fun adventure with me? Are you up for some fun?

Being Bold With One's Goal Is Key! I Feel This Goal With Every Fiber of My Being!

Here is my bold statement…

(drum roll please) With EVERY fiber of my being, I can see myself FINALLY being on the Oprah Winfrey Show as a GUEST SPEAKER before she ends her show ends next year!

How this came to be… This has been brewing for two decades. I have had a deep calling within me, almost a knowing that this would happen but it never seemed like the right time or that I had something of value to share.  Well, yesterday was my AHA DAY! I did not just have one moment it was THE WHOLE DAY!

We started in NY where we left the kiddies with their amazing Aunt Di in Long Island and we flew to Chicago in the wee hours of the morning. We did not rent a car but took the train. SIDENOTE: Any time you can take public transportation do so. YES, it slows down your day and what you can get done but that is the whole point. When you slow down to take notice you live a richer live because you get to actually SAVOR what is going on. It’s that cheesy (but true) saying that works so well, “The PRESENT is the present!”

As soon as I landed something in me shifted (it was not a thinking thing but more of a feeling that arose from within). I began to take it all in by being present. I noticed that what people where doing around me related to my own life as I shifted from my usual default of JUDGEMENT to that of asking, “What can I learn from this?” I was open to it, even the ICKY stuff that came up. Once I did I kept having to (gently) remind myself that NOT JUDGING goes for me too. Too often we judge ourselves. We are downright cruel. Hear this! YOU WILL NEVER FEEL COMPLETE WHEN YOU JUDGE YOURSELF. (take a deep breath) (feel that statement deep inside) (take another breath) If you are hearing these little “I-know-but-needed-to-be-gently-reminded”s than you have asked the universe for help and this is one way that you can receive the answers you have been seeking. Spiritual growth is contagious! Once someone around you SHIFTS it affects you (and everyone around them) directly because it has the potential to remind us that we came from spirit! We are made of the SAME things are the most beautiful scenes nature has to offer.  Remember that you come from that and are conected to that for you to access whenever you desire. The challenge is to get out of our own ways. We over think and try to control. Just let it go. When you get intuition hits act on them. If you do not know what an intuition hit is start noticing how things feel. Stay with it even when they feel ICKY. You are always safe! The pain comes from being out of alignment with your joy. Truly! Get back to YOUR joy and watch how your ICKIES go BYE-BYE!

I have seen Oprah live only once at the Simmons Conference in Boston a few years back. In person she exudes a peace that is not apparent (to me) from watching her on TV. My goal for the last two decades is to not only be ON the Oprah Show but to also be on her speed dial. I don’t even know if the woman carries a phone but when that goal came to me in my 20’s that is what came. 😉

Oprah has literally saved my life twice. Once from drowning and again when the doctor told me that my baby Sophia was dead. Come back tomorrow for some more insight…

I ask that you take this as an invitiation to help me on my quest for my dreams. Share this site. Ask people if they know:

-Any publishers/book agents

-Any of Oprah’s producers

-Any way to get ON the Oprah Show

-Any ButterflyMoms who could use this site

Think it of it as if you were on a reality show and this is a fun contest to see how far you can go even if right now you don’t think you know anyone. Just ask and expand your space in the world. The laws of attraction will help you to get closer to your loves too! It’s a fun win-win! This is going to be our BEST YEAR! Today is truly my BIRTH day!!!!!!!!!

Great big hugs,



Getting Together With Family....Priceless Lessons/Endless Love 🙂

Today I’m writing from Long Island, New York (I’m saying it with the LI accent as I write it because it’s sooooo much fun to “tawk” like that! 😉 Doug, my hubbie, is from Long Island and most of his family still lives here. He has three stunningly beautiful and intelligent sisters (in case they are reading this ;)) and each time we come it is a wonderful mix of celebration, remembering and love. Of course there are the occasional mis-communications but those are very rare. Each time we see each other it is more fun than the last. Maybe it’s the distance because we know our time together is short-lived. It might also be that we all have very powerful memories of our childhoods and we realize that these are the memories we are making for our children. Whatever it is we dig each other!

Love is the main ingredient in all relationships. Now if you are like me you might think well what about the ICKY ones.

SIDEBAR: The word ICKY is a very important one. Most things are only “GOOD” or “BAD” if you judge the situation, however, when something feels “off” or “uncomfortable” the word ICKY is a great one to use. It allows you to stay neutral so you can get better intuition hits. Teach it to your kids too! It’s a fun word to say!

The ICKY relationships are the ones that come to teach us the most.The key is to not fall into the old human habit of feeling VICTIMIZED. EVERYONE who comes into our life if a reflection of us. They come to teach something if you are willing to be present. Always knowing that you are safe, always! We are on planet Earth to PLAY, LEARN, LET GO, LOVE. Now go do your fair share of those things!




Playing in New York


Today’s blog will be short and sweet. Just a thought provoker to help you re-align with your magnificence and what is working for you! “Are you ready ladies? Then leave those umbrellas at home.”** 😉  

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, those good intentions… and then LIFE HAPPENS! I bet if we did a poll on what is the number one factor that affects you in your daily life. SLEEP would be at the very top of the list if not at the tippity top! Living in an age of lots of gadgets that use light (computers, cell phones, even alarm clocks) we are constantly bombarded with light. Light to the human body means WAKE UP! So there is a lot of mixed signals for our magnificent bodies.

Another factor is caffeine and sugar, ahhhhh sugar, one of the most powerful mainstream “legal” drugs. Cut that down or out (along with the caffeine) and you will need less plastic surgery 😉 and you will be much more pleasant to be around.

This week I’ve been losing my battle with sleep mainly because one of machines of light from our lives, actually now that I think about it, it’s two machines have been “helping” me stay up MUCH later than I should! The culprits are my trusty laptop and the dreaded TV, not just any TV but those bohemoth TV that take up an entire wall and that people can see across the street. I think it would be a great idea to invent cameras that you could load on your tv and film yourself watching TV to see how very silly we look. Have you ever noticed? Try watching TV with a mirror and every once in a while look up without changing your expression! TALK ABOUT AMERICAS FUNNIEST VIDEOS!!!

This wee I stayed up later and later each night. Yesterday I hit my limit and crashed. I’m aware and that is the first step. Baby steps towards living the life I have always dreamed about!

May you have much awareness in your life today and every day!

Great big hugs,



PS Yesterday was also an amazing day with almost 80 people coming to read the blog! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH for you loyalty. Please send suggestions and comments. Tell your friends and build our community of ButterflyMoms! MWAH!!!!!!!!!!!



**What quote was that from? ANYONE? ANYONE?


Each Moment Has Both Humor And Reprimand Wrapped In It - You Get to Choose! Those choices over time create your life.

It is an silent epidemic! Mothers all over world, especially in industrialized countries like ours, are DROWNING!! Take that in for a moment. Think about what drowning is. Take a deep breath and really be present in this because there is a huge lesson here for you. Drowning is the act of sooooooooooooooooooo much coming in that you cannot even take a simple breath to stabilize yourself. Well, if you are just trying to live your life YOU are most likely drowning.  Why? Because if you don’t give yourself a message you automatically default into the program that is around you which means you will start living life the way most people do. That brings to mind the Beatles’ words, ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE WHERE DO THEY ALL COME FROM! We as moms in this day and age are supposed to do it all. Cram more in! “You’re not trying hard enough!” “Don’t you love your children?”  “Who needs sleep anyways”, you joke to your friends but inside your body is first whispering, then screaming, I DO!!!!!!!!! This was the case for the generation before BUT many key factors were different. Technology, mass production and improved systems of transportation have all greatly shifted the bar of expectation. This gives us fodder for many comical incidents! I hope you can laugh at yourself, which is ABSOLUTELY VITAL unless you plan on going insane!  Go ahead and laugh at how funny the universe is it will help you breath better and catch the lessons that are around us every second of every day guiding us to the land of being joyous with our journey! I call that our JOYOUS JOURNEY, might have some “bumps” along the way but I’m just happy to be playing!

Here is an example that your moms never had to deal with….If you have younger children and you want to (need to) go run an errand (or 50 errands) you have more seat belts buckles to click than a flight attendant on a 747!!! I counted one time that I had 17 clicks before we could leave because once they were all in the car one of them needed to go to the bathroom. Everybody out. Everyone back in (again!;)) An hour later we are on the road….but now later than before. Sound familiar to anyone? (Take a deep breath here 🙂 – I had to so you might need to too!)

So I invite you to come here as many or as few times that your heart wishes. Know that if you feel stuck in your life the support system we are building here will support you and if someone has an issue by showing up you might be able to help them unlock something for them. That is how the universe works! It’s a VERY cool place and we are all card-carrying members! Don’t let your membership go to waste!!!! As one of my favorite mentors Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Cemetaries are filled with people with their music still in them.” SING MY BUTTERFLYMOMS, SING!!! If you have found this wonderful little blog that is not advertised anywhere that means you are on your path. You have asked for a change in whatever way works for you and this site is part of your answer. Come share, ask, learn, play, hear, love and giggle here!!! It’s fun and honey it’s free!!! 🙂

Great big hugs,


PS I am in awe of how this dream of mine has unfolded. I started writing EVERY morning for at least 15 minute because a “Wishcraft” group (based on the work of Barbara Sher with the same name) I’m in, asked me to. I LOVE my assignment because writing is one of the ways I get to be totally me. Being a mom of five does not really call for a lot of writing in general. Well in the first six days of writing every day I got just over 100 people coming to the site. The 7th day alone I got 70 and the 8th day (which was yesterday) I got 80!!!! This might seem small to you but this is my heart’s calling and in that moment of deep gratitude all I could do is cry for joy and awe. I thank you for showing up here and ask you to share this site with your friends and with yourself often! LOVE YOU!

THE PEOPLE YOU RUN INTO TODAY….missed lessons or precious information?

First, yesterday we had more hits than EVER before, almost 70 in one day! Thank YOU for helping this precious information get out to the people who can use it. Ultimately I’ve even gotten emails from men and women with no children who get something out of it and that is wonderful! No matter what we are all human beings who want to be seen, heard and understood. Now onto the good stuff y’all….

There is a woman, let’s call her Caroline, that I have run into several times and each time she sounds incredibly stressed. She asks for unreasonable things (like impossible deadlines), calls last minute for things, always speaks very fast, is always rushing/late, complains a lot,  and seems like she is out of breath most of the time. Caroline is an ADRENALINE JUNKY. That usually means that there is a lot of drama at home. After an incredible weekend at the Solstice Healing Center I felt extra grounded around her because she felt so ungrounded.

Be Open To Life's Little Unexpected Adventures

Our relationship has always been professional so I did not know anything about her except of how she appeared to me in the world. Yesterday when she rushed in I stopped her, hugged her, looked into her eyes and shared that she seemed extra stressed out. Caroline burst into her story which described a woman who lives in a very mentally abusive relationship. The example she gave were stomach turning. I listened with an open heart. I believe she felt heard because she calmed down signifcantly and no longer seemed to be in flight or fight mode.

Caroline had given her power to someone else. Even the creative outlet she had, the one thing that made her happy her husband had treated to “cause more trouble that she could ever imagine” if she even just MENTIONED it to him again. Let’s call her husband Patrick. Caroline lives in fear.

I shared that her children were watching and one day they would imitate the same behavior. True enough she said that had already happened. Her daughter is in her mid-twenties bi-polar and weighs over 300lbs “because of the abuses she suffered by her dad”. (breathe now. you are safe.)

Here is the pivotal point of our own development. At this point in the process we can do one of three things, judge, ignore or learn. Those are the options. This woman is going through her own development. It is her journey. I let her know that it was not ok to put up with that kind of treatment, that no one deserves that, that this planet is not about being miserable but ultimately this is her choice. “YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER BUT YOU CANNOT DROWN IT TRYING TO MAKE IT DRINK.”

Also if you run into someone like that in your life one of the options is to learn from it so the question to ask is: “What has this situation, woman, man, child come to teach me?” A key element here is not only to ask but also to be open to getting the answer in whatever form it comes. Many of us either don’t or when an answer comes it is not in the form we expected so we reject it waiting for the answer we do want……I know you never do that right 😉

Ahhhhhhhh, fellow ButterflyMoms, the world is such a wonderful place! As I’m writing this the birds are singing in the trees, the sun is shining, my girls are playing with their toys, I’m writing in my precious writing nook surrounded by our family’s art supplies and some of my favorite books, I am breathing, I am happy. I feel grounded because I’m doing my heart’s calling.

Today as you walk, run, crawl, sit, lie, roll, fly, ride on your journey today notice all the messengers who come into your life, even those for a brief moment. Our tendency is ignore or judge, today be open to learning and sending more love into the world.

Wishing you a day filled with wonder!

Great big hugs,


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