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Do You Have A Problem With ASKING?

Maria Quote - Ask 2

Hello Beautiful Coach Me Maria Fans,

Ask for what you wantThanks for taking the time to come check out this week’s video. I am still in Portugal with a combined mission of relaxing/playing with my kids and working on making the HAPPY ME! Retreat the best it can be. In order for either to happen, the most important thing I’ve learned is that by asking I make life a lot easier for everyone around me…. Let me say that again… “I’ve learned that by asking I make life a lot easier for everyone around me.”

“How can that be?” you may be asking? Well, check out this week’s video to find out… 🙂 While you are there remember to click the share buttons and leave a comment. It’s a wonderful gift to give, especially if it helps you in your own life.

Maria Quote - ASK


Come back every Tuesday to feed your magnificent soul! I make the Coach Me Maria video blogs less than three minutes (or as close to that as I can) so that you can get a mega-dose of life coaching in a small amount of time.


Great big honkin’ hugs,



Have the courage to ask for what you want OPRAHPS Big announcement next week about the retreat, so check in here! Might be as soon as next Tuesday.

To watch this week’s Coach Me Maria Video go here… As always, the best discussions happen online after you see the video so leave your comments and questions there to join the conversation and be heard!

Are You Feeding Your FEAR OF MONEY?

Feeding the LOVE is the only way to grow your wings... wings give you the FREEDOM you seek... and that seeks you!

Feeding the LOVE is the only way to grow your wings… wings give you the FREEDOM you seek… and that seeks you!

Hello Beautiful Coach Me Maria Loves!

There is fear all around us. What happens when we are living mindless, unconnected lives, we think that fear is feedback. The fear becomes the BOUNDARY of our life. We don’t ever want to touch or feel it so we live deep within our life’s box…cramped, small, just within the “I’m ok.” limits. Everyone else around us does it too so we think this IS LIVING.

This is how you feed fear. You make it your master. The illusion is that if you stay within that ‘box’, you will be “safe”.

NEWSFLASH #1: There is no “SAFE” on planet earth! WE ALL DIE! Yup! We are all going to die and the kicker is that none of us knows when. HA! What a crazy ride this is, eh?  This is no new news but it is something most of us ignore or surppress. So knowing you are going to DIE ANYWAY what keeps you soooooo small?

This week I’ve been working a lot on the HAPPY ME! Retreat in Portugal that’s going on Oct 4-9th. It breaks my heart a bit that sooooo many people who need it say “no” but then spend money on other things that still keep them stuck and stagnant.

Click here to see this week's video.

Click here to see this week’s video.

NEWSFLASH #2: MONEY IS JUST ANOTHER FORM OF ENERGY. What you focus on show up stronger and bigger in your life. Money is one of the number one reasons why say most people don’t do something. Their lives are literally formed by what they think they can afford. What they think they can afford is directly linked to one’s idea of self-worth and value.

NEWSFLASH #3: NOTHING IS GOING TO SHIFT UNLESS YOU DO. The bottom line is that you get to choose the “channel” you live on. When something in your life comes up that ignites your soul, how open are you? Do you explore the idea? Do you truly consider it? Or do you resign yourself to not having enough money…. The wouldn’t it be nice, but I cannot afford that. Just notice when you do it. Notice where you are feeling the feeling. Notice and move through it. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS CONSTANTLY DESIGNING YOUR LIFE. Choose with intention, remembering that you are universal LOVE. The only time you are not flowing with abundance and love is when you block it out… thus feeding the fear.

Check out this week’s COACH ME MARIA video blog for more about feeding the fear! This one I recorded a while ago but it is being released fresh now because the content is so relevant to so many.

Great big hugs,


PS Many people have said they are interested in the HAPPY ME! Retreat in stunning Portugal BUT the money comes up as a typical stumbling block. If they came they have told me they know they would have INCREDIBLE LIFE SHIFTS, and yet they don’t give themselves that gift. If you are brave enough to come you’ll realize that the fear of the money is NOTHING compared to the AMAZING LIFETIME VALUE this trip will have on transforming your life into your alignment. I’ve updated the photos and added more information so check it out and open to the possibilities of raising the vibration of your life. Check it out at

What Type of Anger Do You Carry?

Check out today's video blog and  share your Beautiful Coach Me Maria Community,

Anger is one of the strongest of human emotions. There are two types of anger. Listen to this week’s CMM video blog to learn the difference and see which one you actually need to move you forward.

Leave your comments and questions below.

Great big hugs,

PS For those looking for a major life retreat check out to the the details for the HAPPY ME RETREAT.

What’s the Biggest Secret To A Happy, Productive Day?

Hello Beautiful Coach Me Maria Babes!

TerenaI awoke this morning in the beautiful Alentejo region of Portugal. It is sooooo incredibly peaceful here. Because my friend’s property is very isolated last night we were able to see an unbelievable night sky, complete with an amazing view of Venus. We slept like happy babies because of all that inspiration!

This morning, I started off with some of my favorite morning rituals… yoga, meditation, journaling and hugging my kids. 😉 I love love love that I GET TO start my morning like this! It sets me on an attitude of gratitude for the rest of my day.

Maria for Self-Care videoblogIf you are looking for the easiest, funnest, cheapest, most-authentic way to start your day, listen to this week’s Coach Me Maria Video Blog. It will help you more than almost anything else to move your life in the direction of those pesky dreams that keep “bother” you! 😉

Here it is…

Great big hugs,



PS If you are looking for a huge life shift come to Portugal for the most amazing trip of your life!


Happy Tuesday Beautiful ‘Coach Me Maria’ Family,

Today’s video is something I get asked about a lot, depression. The amount of people I have noticed who are depressed is incredibly large. In the United States, even though we are only 4.6% of the world’s population, we take 80% of the world’s prescription drugs. There are many ways to treat depression, but before we treat it, I believe it’s important to “ask” why it’s shown up. Many people tend to want to treat the symptoms and not look at why they showed up.

Our life is always giving us feedback. At the writing of this blog there is a lot pain on the planet. We are told and mold-ed on how to live… I call it being conditioned in the “good girl/boy” mode. It’s about turning off your own GPS and following the rules that are designed to keep us “safe”. When you trap your natural flow, it causes a heaviness, sadness, sluggishness in your life. It is important to notice when this is happening because then you can use it as a feedback loop to get you back to your alignment.

Listen to today’s video blog and comment below. Sharing is caring!

Great big hugs,


PS Only a few spots left for the HAPPY ME RETREAT in PORTUGAL… <3 Ask me about it today at Check out the link at

Know Anyone in Berlin, Germany?

GermanyInternational ‘KNOCK YOU OFF YOUR BUTT…AND INTO YOUR HEART’ Life and Business Coach, Maria Salomão-Schmidt, who appeared as a guest on The OPRAH SHOW is presenting a workshop in Berlin, Germany this weekend!

THE RETURN OF THE HAPPY ME workshop Berlin, Germany on Saturday, July 11th from 9-10:30 is for those who want to learn powerful tools to STOP CHASING their own tail and START LIVING from the core!
This workshop is specifically designed to make you feel lighter, happier and freer.

Maria in fun-loving photoMaria loves and lives to help you, her clients:

Berlin Germany mapMaria, known as the “tsunami of love” has an incredibly intricate and deep personal and professional background. Professionally she managed accounts and divisions for large PR firms throughout the world, before starting her own Communications firm in Silicon Valley and Boston. Maria has an MBA and is also skilled in NLP (neurolinguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique), Reiki (Master Teacher), Chakras and Yoga.

When you meet Maria, you will see why so many have invited her to speak all over the world including Philippines, Italy, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Japan, Israel and all over the United States. “This woman is the answer to your prayers, even if your an atheist!”

Saturday, July 11th from 9:00-10:30
RAMADA PLAZA Berlin City Centre Hotel & Suites
Prager Str. 12
Berlin, Germany
Price is only €49.

Because seating is limited you may want to sign up now at Those who have confirmed seating will be notified within 24 hours. Registration closes on Friday at 17:00 (5:00pm). Questions can be sent to

Our world is at a critical time. Your life is at a critical time!. There is not a moment to lose!



Spending the summer with my girls! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to hang with them in a way I cannot when they are in school.


Family time around the table is KEY! Also letting the kids prepare meals makes them feel like SUPERSTARS! All my kids love to cook!

Dearest Coach Me Maria Fans,

The world needs more HAPPY CHILDREN… whether they are newborns or 115 years old! I’m not only a transformation life and business coach but I’m also a mom. When I started coaching I was in my mid 20’s I ADORED kids but did not have any of my own. Having children has definitely expanded my ability to coach people. All the children I have mothered have been amazing teachers. Today’s video blog is dedicated to them… With LOTS “O LOVE! Being a mom is always a work in progress. We are doing the best we can. Learning how to focus on the LOVE and not on the JUDGMENT is the key! Here’s today’s blog…Today's COACH ME MARIA Video Blog...

Hope you adore this week’s blog and that it helps you bring more LOVE into your life!


A wonderful group of kids!


Having a strong male figure is so important! These are my living children as we celebrate my beautiful step-son’s 20th birthday.


Arriving for our summer in beautiful Europe… first stop Portugal!


Beautiful walk by the water in stunning Portugal!

Great big hugs,


Kids LOVE nature. We sometimes pooh pooh it because of safety or not wanting them to get dirty. Be open to adding more outside time for you kids! This is a very old amazing tree that you can only see a part of. The kids BEG me to be able to climb all over it… MAGICAL! <3






WHAT IS HAPPINESS ANYWAY?… Is anyone really happy, really?

What is Happiness?Beautiful Coach Me Maria Community…

Anyone else struggling with HAPPINESS? What is HAPPINESS anyway? Where do you find it? Where do you let it find you? Today’s short, yet sweet, video will help quickly re-direct you!

If you don’t know what facilitates or creates the by-product of happiness in your life you will never attain a life worth living. If you want to let go of your unhappiness check out this week’s Coach Me Maria video blog. It will help you light your way to your life’s purpose! Nothing feels better than that because your life is ALWAYS calling you! The pain you feel is not being able to answer the call. If you are reading this it’s time to answer it… Start today! Start here! Start now!… because you were born to live out your life’s purpose!

Great big hugs,




PS One way to find your way to your happiness… check out the HAPPY ME RETREAT… it is designed to challenge your fears and uncover your joys… WARNING: Following this formula leads to finding and living your life’s purpose. It is only for those who want to really live life out loud!



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