When A Mother-Artist Loses Her Beloved Son…

When I worked in real estate, the number one issue people had with their homes was CLUTTER!¬† Much of our clutter comes from the crazy low prices that allow us to buy too much CRAPPY STUFF… that is made with energy of those who work in slave conditions for slave pay… ūüôĀ

The energy of how things were made… stays with a thing… and then comes to live with you. These are also low-quality so when it breaks you throw it out… adding to our pollution to our world. Additionally, most of the money goes to very large corporations that have no connection to your local community or the communities who make the products. All this activity is adding to our dire climate change problem. This is NOT sustainable! It’s a very UGLY WAY TO LIVE.

There’s a simple and wonderful solution… BUY FROM LOCAL ARTISTS & ARTISANS! There’s a growing movement of people who are supporting their families by creating more-meaningful¬†quality items that are locally made.

The solution is simple… Start buying from local artisans… Here is one who is a LOVE, the beautiful Andi Schroeder… Check our her WHY… and how the death of her beloved son inspired her!

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