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Sidenote: The book is coming along beautifully! THANK YOU to those who have been asking! It is incredibly powerful and fun to write. I cannot wait to share it with you when it’s done!

So this week I’ve been riveted by the happenings around Ariel Castro, the Cleveland man who held three young women as sex slaves and a child. The entire week I fluctuated between emotional waves of everything from anger to gratitude. As I’m tuned into writing my book, I’m sensing a more focused shift on love in how I see the world. Even so, there were times, however, when I after hearing more of what Ariel had done that I got so damn pissed that love was very distant from where I was vibrating! In that abyss of the negative thinking, I did the hardest thing I could in that moment, I stepped out of the mob mentality zone of “lets string ‘em up and kill him” and simply sent him love. YUP! I did. I sent love to this man most everyone, including him, hates. It felt very weird at first, but then it felt magnificent.

Charles RamseyNow let’s talk about an authentic hero. When we think about heroes we have a certain image in our minds that may even include a cape… or at the very least bulging muscles, but Charles Ramsey blew all of that out of the water! Charles is the man who heard Amanda Barry screaming for help and helped her kick open the bottom part of the door for her and her six year old daughter to escape. If you have not seen Charles’ interviews you really should. He is the poster child for authenticity. He did not try to do anything but be himself. One of the most powerful things he said was he knew something was wrong when a pretty white girl runs into the arms of a black man she does not know. This kind of real speak is refreshing to me. I love him too because he blew up the stereotype of what a hero looks like! People can relate to Charles because you could tell he was speaking from his heart! AWESOME!

What Does 9-11 Have To Do With It?

Now all this got me thinking. For a black man in a street that everyone basically keeps to themself to “get involved”, especially with a white woman who is asking for help (and especially since at first he thought it was a domestic abuse issue), is something that almost never happens because quite honestly some people don’t want to put them selves in harms way… or at least that’s how it used to be.

ap_boston_bombing_inset_nt_130421_wgGo back a few weeks where at the Boston Marathon bombings we had three people instantly die and almost 200 injured. This was not the I-scratched-my-leg-injured. It  was the I-blew-my-leg-off-injured, yet not one more person died. Think about that! Out of all those injured and with the gravity of the injuries, not one more person died… and I know why!

It all has to do with a “little” event, we Americans like to call “9-11”, that drastically altered the way we see the world and our place in it. As soon as the second plane hit the towers people started calling their loved ones. The calls that the people on the third plane got changed our American way of thinking forever because even though they died, the passengers fought back, and in doing so created a massive shift in consciousness for our people.

september-9-11-attacks-anniversary-ground-zero-world-trade-center-pentagon-flight-93-second-airplane-wtc_39997_600x450Before 9-11, when there was a hi-jacking, the general way people acted was to be submissive and follow the orders until negotiations were done. Most times hostages would be released. 9-11 changed all that! I flew 10 days after 9-11. It was a pretty eerie feeling walking around the vacant airports with everyone on high alert. At one point while we were waiting at the gate to board, someone said out loud that if anyone was even thinking about doing anything that we would beat the shit out of them. Everyone was pretty much on board for that.

Something had shifted and from that point things were different. Below are just a few examples of catastrophic events and how heroes stepped forward to make a difference, even if it cost them their lives…

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating storms in US history. The damage hit some of our poorest Americans who had no money to rebuild. The US government and insurance companies abandoned many of the very people who needed the most help. Some people did have insurance money but contractors who had promised to do the work stole it. That is a story you hear over and over again so it was nice to hear that other contractors would simply pack their trucks full of supplies and go down to help as much as they could, and continue doing it year after year! We went down to New Orleans with our fabulous Unitarian Universalist Church after my daughter Sophia died, to help an elderly woman rebuild her home. Even though it was two years after the storm, the devastation was still immense! What struck me the most about the whole Hurricane Katrina experience is that the number of every day people, strangers, churches, groups still go down to help rebuild. They don’t get any medals or awards, or even recognition for what they do. Many have been going down every year since it happened, sometimes twice a year, to help rebuild one family at a time. Knowing this feeds my soul with such love! LOVE STRONG!

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane 2012 season as well as the second-costliest hurricane in United States history. At least 285 people were killed along the path of the storm in seven countries. The severe and widespread damage the storm caused in the United States, as well as its unusual merge with a frontal system, resulted in the nicknaming of the hurricane “Superstorm Sandy”. During the storm, parts of NYC were left with no electricity. There were hundreds of stories of people offering food, letting people re-charge their phones and even offering shelter. There were tons of heroes who emerged from this natural disaster, many whom we will never know about but they got their intuitive hit to serve and they answered it. Little or big, it all matters… all of it matters!

Heroes at Sandy Hook Elementary

The level of violence perpetrated on such young children ripped our hearts out. Even so there are countless examples of human beings working together for the common good. Many of these amazing women sacrificed their lives to safe others. They are true heroes of the heart. They are warriors of love in my book. Here is a small description of just a few of them.

*At the shootings at Sandy Hook in Connecticut, Principal Dawn Hochsprung, school psychologist Mary Sherlach, lead teacher Natalie Hammond were in a meeting when they heard gunshots. Instead of hiding, these heroes rushed to the source of the sounds, and encountered and confronted the shooter. The three brave women called out “Shooter! Stay put!” which alerted their colleagues to the danger and saved their lives.Two of the women died and the other was shot several times.

*The beautiful Victoria Leigh Soto, a first grade teacher hid her children and managed to save 11 of her children. She put herself between her students and the shooter, who then fatally shot her. Six surviving children from Soto’s class and a school bus driver took refuge at a nearby home. Police found the five children she hid in the closet unharmed thanks to her bravery when they entered the classroom.

*Beautiful Anne Marie Murphy, a teacher’s aide who worked with special-needs students, shielded six-year-old beautiful Dylan Hockley with her body, trying to protect him from the bullets that killed them both.

*Teacher’s aide Rachel D’Avino, who had been employed for a week at the school to work with a special-needs student, also died trying to protect her students.

*School nurse Sally Cox, 60, hid under a desk in her office. She and the school secretary Barbara Halstead called 9-1-1 and hid in a first-aid supply closet for up to four hours.

*Custodian Rick Thorne ran through hallways, alerting classrooms.

*Other teachers, parents and even strangers helped lead children to safely. If these brave heroes had not acted, many more magnificent children and adults could have died.

boston-bombing-adrianne-haslet-davis-running-dancing-marathon-amputee-foot-loss__oPtTHE WHY

Earlier I asked why more people did not die at the Boston Marathon even though there were almost 200 very injured people. The reason is that AMERICANS are now trained to be heroes. Being a hero has entered the national psyche and is common to see heroic acts only a daily basis. We are shifting out of our by-stander mentality and into the hero mentality. When the bombs went off, every day people ran towards the injured, not away to save their own lives. The fact that these common, every day people, stepped up to the plate immediately, saved many, many more lives.

Charles-Ramsey-Caricature-Cleveland-Hero-Bearman-CartoonsWatching Charles Ramsey’s interviews helped me piece this all together. He was just a simple, every day guy, eating his burger on his day off… until he was abruptly called to serve. In America, you will see more and more examples of people answering the call to do exactly that, to serve.

When 9-11 happened people wanted to DO SOMETHING to help. Instead we were told to just go shopping. That did not sit well with us and we, Americans, of all economic levels, shapes, ages, colors and sizes are starting to really get the hang of this hero “thang”! I hope that as you read this that you are inspired to be hero to someone. Remember sometimes the best way to be a hero is to simply show up for others. It’s not always about jumping into a burning building, sometimes it’s watching someone’s kids who really needs a break or anonymously mowing someone’s lawn. So I ask you… How will you serve? Where will you put your drop of love today?

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I invite you add your comments below about what your dream is and how you can do one thing to move it forward. This whole process is about connection and moving forward.

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